2 night breaks for couples

2 night breaks for couples

Is this your first break as a couple? Or a anniversary break? Or perhaps you have been going away for years. What ever the celebration, we have a great choice of 2 night breaks for couples to suit you. We  ask couples who want a break to be at least 21 years of age, or at least one of the party. One couple I rented my caravan out to were looking for a break, as they had just got married! The couple wanted to celebrate their marriage with a honeymoon by the coast. It was lovely to think someone was enjoying my caravan for a honeymoon and how pleased they were when I gave them extra discount off their break. After all this was their honey moon!

Enjoy your honeymoon away, or just a last minute break!

Since then, we have had several couples using 2 night caravan breaks as a honeymoon. Sometimes couples who are planning a wedding, want to bring the children along for their break. We see this more in second marriages, people with children previously. Two of the couples I spoke to, who had booked a 2 night caravan break after their wedding, wanted to bring the children for a few days. Then they were going overseas to their official honeymoon. Which is a nice idea for the children to be part of the celebration honeymoon too. 2 night caravan breaks can be as expensive or cheap as you like.  We have luxury caravans to offer couples looking for a 2 night caravan break. For example, we have a luxury Lodge with a sauna pod which would be perfect for couples.

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2 Night Breaks For Couples Uk
Best Holiday Destinations For Couples
2 Night Breaks For Couples

Last minute UK breaks for couples

Last minute UK breaks for couples are available for this weekend. Book a 2 night cottage break in Norfolk, located in a lovely village. The holiday home is just minutes from the sandy beach. The 2 night cottage break is reduced to less than a hundred pound for this last minute deal! The cottage is luxurious throughout with a modern design and even has a corner bath. Looking for a last minute UK break with your dog? Well the cottage is dog friendly too. You can see this last minute UK break on our late deals page and available for you to book. Although, last minute UK breaks for couples book are very popular on our website, so you’ll have to book quickly!

Cheap weekend breaks in the UK for couples

Cheap weekend breaks in the UK for couples are popular for those looking for a last minute holiday deal. We have a great holiday offer on a caravan which has two bedrooms and nice outside decking. This is just eighty pounds for this weekend! This would be an ideal break for couples because its surrounded by good pubs and restaurants. Where you can enjoy a romantic evening meal with a glass of wine on a candle lit table. If you are a young couple and looking for nightlife, there is plenty of that too.

2 night breaks for couples UK

Just a short drive away from London lies the beautiful county of Kent. It’s known as the Garden of England due to its lush landscape and picturesque villages. It’s also an ideal destination for 2 night breaks for couples UK. From historical landmarks to outdoor adventures, Kent is just waiting to be explored!

Are you and your partner foodies? You will definitely enjoy exploring the many eateries in Kent. There’s something for everyone! From fine dining restaurants to traditional pubs serving delicious local dishes. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner or a casual lunch with friends, there are plenty of places to choose from.

Don’t forget to explore the local markets too – they provide lots of great options! Furthermore, you can also explore the area’s wineries and vineyards, sample some delicious cheese from nearby farms, or even take a tour of one of their breweries. The dining experiences alone in Kent are reason enough for 2 night break for couples UK.

Visit Kent for your 2024 couple’s getaway

Furthermore, Kent is known for its stunning natural scenery. Rolling hills, majestic forests, waterfalls, beaches…the list goes on! Take a scenic drive through the countryside or go on a hike along one of its many trails. Prefer to stay closer to home? There are plenty of parks and gardens that you can visit together. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try out some watersports such as kayaking or sailing?

Historical Attractions Canterbury Cathedral is probably the most famous attraction in Kent but there are plenty more historical sites worth visiting too – Dover Castle and Leeds Castle being two popular examples. Spend time exploring these ancient monuments and learning about their fascinating histories together! If art is more your thing then check out The Beaney House Of Art & Knowledge in Canterbury or grab tickets for one of Margate’s galleries or theatres.

Don’t miss out on a great deal for 2 night breaks for couples UK

Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, Kent has something special in store for couples who want to escape reality for a couple days! With its delicious food options, outdoor activities like hiking and watersports, historical attractions like castles and cathedrals – not to mention those breathtaking views that stretch across the horizon. Undoubtedly, it’s no surprise that so many people flock here all year round! So if you’re thinking about taking a two night break with your partner this summer – consider exploring all that Kent has to offer!

Breaks away for couples

Midweek 2 night breaks for couples

Easter breaks for couples were very popular last year. I think so many couples have bank holidays off and they want to go away and spend quality time with each other. We had Easter breaks for couples booked in advance and last minute bookings too. As well as Easter breaks for couples being very popular, but breaks for couples are popular throughout the year. Midweek breaks for couples don’t have to be a Monday to Friday. You can book just a 2 night midweek break to check in any day you wish.

So if you are looking for a couple break and only have a few days off your normal routine, our flexibility is perfect for you. You can book 2 nights away any time and arrive when you choose.

Midweek breaks for couples are popular for couples because during week it tends to be quieter. If your looking for a relaxing break away, we have some great options all along the East Coast. The caravan parks are often quieter midweek, apart from the school holidays. So if you’re looking for a 2 night midweek break, you will find lots of choice on our website. We have new caravans lodges and cottages arriving weekly on our website, so we often have lots of availability.

Reviews from couple breaks

” We had the best UK break in a cottage for hire. This was perfect break for couples like us who want to walk along the beach. We would recommend using 2cholidays for weekend breaks for couples. The cottage was very spacious and great for a 2 night break. We would recommend the Imperial restaurant, for dining as a couple if your staying in Great Yarmouth. We would have loved to of stay longer. Luckily we had nice weather that was a bonus” Kerry and James from Suffolk

” We looked for 2 night breaks for couples online. Additional to us booking a couple break we wanted to take our little dog on a break. For the first time as a couple and our beloved dog . We found a great 2 night break and had a great break away. Just what we needed! We would  like to come back soon. Our dog had a great first on a holiday. We went to the Norfolk Broads and had a great day out.” Simon and Polly

2 night breaks
2 night breaks for couples UK
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2 Night Caravan Breaks

Cheap 2 night breaks for couples

Are you and your special someone looking for a short break away from it all? Look no further than the United Kingdom! The UK is full of unique experiences, stunning scenery, and plenty of places to relax.

With its vibrant culture, beautiful scenery, and lively atmosphere, Edinburgh is an ideal spot for cheap 2 night breaks for couples. Spend time exploring the cobbled streets and hidden alleys of Old Town. Take a leisurely stroll along the Royal Mile. There’s also plenty of amazing restaurants to choose from, along with pubs and clubs that stay open late into the night. Stay at one of the cozy boutique hotels located in the heart of the city for easy access to all that Edinburgh has to offer.

Perhaps Bath is the next destination for cheap 2 night breaks for couples

This charming city offers something for everyone—from ancient Roman ruins to trendy cafes and shops. Visit Thermae Bath Spa. Take a relaxing walk through Victoria Park or Parade Gardens. Whether you’re looking for romance or relaxation, you’ll find it here! Take advantage of one of Bath’s many budget-friendly accommodation options like hostels or B&Bs. Perfect for a short two night escape!

Take a trip down to Oxfordshire in 2024!

Nestled in rolling hills just an hour outside London is Oxfordshire. A picturesque region filled with quaint villages and traditional pubs. Explore Oxford University’s famous colleges while taking in its impressive architecture. Check out Blenheim Palace—a UNESCO World Heritage site where Winston Churchill was born! Afterward, enjoy a romantic dinner at one of Oxfordshire’s many restaurants before retreating back to your cozy inn near town centre. Without a doubt this is a must for cheap 2 night breaks for couples!

The United Kingdom has so much to offer couples looking for an unforgettable two night break away from it all! From Scotland’s vibrant cities to England’s quiet coastlines, there are plenty of destinations that provide lots of activities without breaking the bank. So grab your sweetheart and start planning your next romantic adventure today!

Going on a 2 night break from as little as £80

2 night breaks 2024

Can you believe we have cheap couple breaks from forty pounds per night? So if you have been looking for 2 night breaks for couples and have a budget, our breaks are very affordable. The caravans are all self catering, so you don’t have to eat out, you can cook a romantic meal in. Its always nice to get away when you’re a couple to get rid of the stresses of life and spend time together, doing simple things together. When you leave having enjoyed your 2 night break with us.

We will reward you will a fifty pound voucher to say thanks for leaving the caravan in good order. The voucher is valid for any 3 night break in any accommodation, including our luxury lodges.

Loyalty card

We also have a great loyalty scheme in which you can have a free stay with us! Our loyalty card compromises of 10 boxes and once all 10 boxes are filled, you are entitled to 3-4 night free stay.

Every holiday you book with us counts towards your loyalty card, ticking a box. This doesn’t mean you need to stay with us 10 times in order to receive your free stay, all you have to do is recommend us. Every recommendation is another tick off your loyalty card! You can find out more on our website and you can even download your very own loyalty card. Click here for your Loyalty card 

2 night breaks for couples

2 night breaks for couples are available to book on our very easy website. Do you want to go to a rural retreat? Or maybe a caravan holiday by the sea? Or perhaps a 2 night cottage break by the beach? We have a fabulous selection of 2 night breaks for couples. Its so easy to book online, the difficult part is having is choosing your accommodation. Here at 2cholidays, we want all our guests have the perfect break. We have various locations and different options for 2 night caravan breaks, luxury lodges and 2 night cottage breaks too. Our accommodation is based in Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Essex too. Additionally, you can save 15% off all 2 night breaks! You can also book a holiday for 2024 with a low deposit of £25.

Remember you can also book an early check in and start your 2 night break early. It often works well if you have a half day at work or just want to arriving a 2pm instead of 4pm. Furthermore, you can book a late check out, so you don’t need to rush to leave on your day of check out. Instead of having to leave by 10am, this can be extended until 12 noon. Our other additional service includes bed linen hire. Rather than having of the hassle of having to bring your own bed linen, we can have the beds made up for you on arrival.

2 night breaks

Without a doubt weekend caravan breaks UK are amongst the most popular 2 night breaks overall but with our any day check-in you can get away when you really need to, regardless of the day of the week. With the unpredictability of the English weather the flexibility of booking a last-minute caravan break or lodge break to fit around your schedule is especially desirable to guests.

Guests often book their weekend caravan breaks UK last minute, for instance we had a guest recently needing to book just 4 hours prior to check-in on the same day for a last minute caravan break before the kiddies went back to school. A quick call to one of our friendly guest co-ordinators and she was booked in within 5 minutes for her chosen caravan break. Many more people are choosing staycations, weekend caravan breaks UK are undoubtedly Not only do we offer great deals on 2 night breaks but you can choose from a caravan break or a lodge break. Why not take a look at our special offers page for some great deals often including upto 30 percent off.

Couples 2 night stay

With the ever-changing way of current life, the flexibility of 2 night breaks means guests can book the same day, before 4pm for a spontaneous break without the commitment of a longer stay. Often families book several 2 night breaks through-out the year, spacing their holidays out to give them lots to look forward to and to suit around everyday life.

Benefits of a short stay include not needing to pack heavy and with your short stay you’ll come back feeling refreshed and with some great memories.

The Christmas holiday season is just around the corner, why not book your caravan break or lodge break as the perfect base to visit family and friends and spend time close to loved ones but with the luxury of your own space! All accommodations open for the Christmas period are double glazed with central heating so you can snuggle up in your accommodation and enjoy your stay in comfort.