3 night holidays

Have you ever thought about book a 3 night holidays...

We all know the feeling. You’re finding it a struggle to get up in the mornings, the kids have shorter fuses than normal and the simplest of tasks feel more stressful. It’s time for a holiday! But the timings aren’t quite right for a week’s break or the kids can’t have time of school or maybe that moneys a bit tight. That’s why we love the idea of 3-night holidays. Sometimes it’s just the thing we need to refresh the mind, soul and body.

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Why we love 3 night holidays

Although long holidays can be exciting and you can cram more things in, research has shown that frequent, shorter holidays can be more beneficial than one or two longer holidays a year. It’s said those that take frequent short breaks feel more refreshed throughout the year!

3-night holidays are for everyone!

3-night holidays are often a better fit for everyone, including families. Undoubtedly, holidaying closer to home is much less exhausting. Skip the jet lag, spend less time waiting around chaotic airports or keeping the little ones happy on a flight. Moreover, minibreaks leave less to consider compared to a long holiday. They often come near enough stress free! And they can be as spontaneous as you like with 3-night holidays can be finalised within 24 hours. It much more straightforward, just hop in the car and you can set off on your holiday adventure. So, take a few days to recharge and enjoy a 3-night holiday.

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Bag yourself a cheap 3-night holiday

Unquestionably, 3-night holidays are much loved by holiday makers all year round. Especially by those who never get the time for a longer holiday. Not to mention the rising costs of holidays abroad bundled with the hassle of packing and the stress of airports. Cheap 3-night holidays in the UK are becoming more and more popular as holiday makers begin to discover all of Britain’s hidden gems. After all, why travel beyond our borders when there’s so much to discover right here in the UK.

Did you know you can book your cheap 3-night holiday from as little as £80 per night! For any bargain hunters amongst you make sure to apply our promotional discount code ‘15off’ to receive 15% off your booking. Who said holidays had to be expensive! In fact, our self-catering accommodation is often the best way to make a quick escape for a little cost.

Cheap short breaks

Why not start searching for you cheap 3-night holiday! Seaside holidays are particularly great when boking a cheap 3-night holiday. Beaches provide great, free entertainment for the whole family. From tiny tots building sandcastles to the big kids jumping the waves and even to adults who can top up on that tan. Make sure to save a few pennies for the slots machines, the 2p’s slots are a great choice when holidaying on a budget. Other than the occasional ice cream to cool down, there really is little costs when it comes to a day at the beach. Back at the accommodation, you can chef up a meal in the fully equipped kitchen which often saves the cost of buying diner out! Make sure to keep an eye out on the cheap 3 night holidays.

cheap 3 night holidays
cheap 3 night holidays

Start planning your 3 night holidays 2022

Not much time for a holiday? Not to worry!  With our 3-night holidays 2022, you can still enjoy a getaway. With accommodation in the UK’s most scenic places, there’s no better choice for your short break!

Treat yourself and the family to a 3-night holidays 2022. Take your pick from great destinations in the UK. Escape to the countryside for a short break. Lincolnshire is particularly pretty for those looking to escape to the country. Discover everything you could wish for in an idyllic weekend getaway. Enjoy the unspoilt countryside, beautiful rolling green hills, picturesque valleys and all kinds of animal and wildlife. Unquestionably, Lincolnshire is the perfect destination for lovers of the great outdoors, active adventurers and anyone who loves a bit of heritage.

3 night holidays in Lincolnshire

Only a short distance from the seaside resort of Cleethorpes you can find Lincolnshire Wolds Railway. It’s a great day out for everyone. Take a relaxing ride on the train, explore the museum, and enjoy some great food in the Steaming Kettle Buffet. Alternatively, get up close and personal with a new animal.  Louth Llama trekking is a great experience where you’ll meet 5 llamas, walk them and learn all about them! Any historians must discover Lincolnshire’s rich heritage from the Romans to Tudor palaces, Victorian houses and Norman gems.

Days out in Lincolnshire

Undoubtedly, one top attraction in Lincolnshire must be its traditional English seaside. Discover the award-winning family friendly seaside resort of Skegness. It’s one of the UK’s most popular seaside resorts! Moreover, there’s activities to be enjoyed for all ages. Take a donkey ride along the golden sands, get competitive with a game of crazy golf or get a pump of adrenaline on the fairground rides! And you can discover all it has to offer in just a short break.

3-night holiday deals

When the calendar’s clear, a 3-night holiday deal is the perfect antidote to the busy nine to five. Especially when you’re scrolling through social media and you notice an irresistible 3-night holiday deals. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve bagged yourself a great deal. Often, they’re just too good to refuse.

Grab a 3-night holiday deal

You can save up to 30% off with a 3-night holiday deal! They happen occasionally as a result of last-minute cancellations. This is when someone is unable to make their holiday within 6 weeks of arrival. This is when we begin to remarket the holiday as a 3-night holiday deal. Make sure to check out our social media pages for any 3-night holiday deals. We occasionally get last minute cancellations which is where you can bag yourself a truly great 3-night holiday deal! Moreover, those spontaneous, last minute plans are often some of the best memories made. Be spontaneous and grab that irresistible 3-night holiday deal..

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Short caravan breaks
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3-night caravan holidays

Sometimes short and sweet is the way forward, that’s why so many of us Brits love a 3-night caravan holiday. Overall, caravan holidays have been loved by holiday makers for years now. And its easy to see why once staying. They’re so perfect for families, especially those with younger children in need of a getaway. Just simply back the kids’ bag, load the car and you can set off on your holiday adventure without having to remember five passports, rush through the airports, get all the kids through customs as quick as you can and the rest. Life is just so simple with caravan holidays. Just simply drive to your destination and let the fun begin.

Short caravan holidays

Caravan holidays are of a growing trend of holidaying at home. Especially when you consider the warmer summers we are enjoying.  Moreover, many caravan holidays can be found within an easy reach. Just an hour drive from your hometown and you can be on holiday enjoying a 3-night caravan break. One real perk of these short distance short breaks is that you get the advantage of knowing the weather before you book. Take advantage of the forecasted heatwave and whisk the family away for a 3-night caravan holidays. After all with unpredictable weather, you’ve got to make the most of those dry, warm spells.

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