Pooch Dog

Pooch Dog

With the craze of cats on the internet in recent years. I think it’s about time for a new hero! The Pooch! The pooch dog is and will always be the core of many of our lives and memories. The pooch dog is undoubtedly a great addition to any family, no matter the size. They make us laugh, they keep us active, and they always find a way to cheer us up.


Did you know? The dog is a descendant of the wolf, and the wolf is a pooches nearest relative. Clearly, they both contain similarities in appearance (obviously, this depends on breed, as a chihuahua doesn’t quite resemble the appearance of a wolf!); however, it is without a doubt that the distinctive nature of a pet pooch is greatly differing from that of the wolf. Nonetheless, please pass my thanks to those who first domesticated the perfect family pet. The pooch!

Pet Characteristics

As well as that, dogs have some really cool characteristics. These truly make them one of a kind. Firstly, their legendary sense of smell. It is approximately 40 times stronger than a humans! Moreover, a dog’s nose is so powerful it can sense heat from range. Additionally, they can even sense medical illnesses in some cases.

It is fair to say a dog’s nose is without a doubt one of the most powerful on the planet. In addition to their excellent sense of smell, dogs are also renown for their extraordinary work as assistance and support animals. That really is power to the pooch!

Pooch Perfect Uk

Pooch Perfect UK

Many pooch owners find ways to show the nation why this species of animal is amongst the greatest. Some owners take to the stage in the agility trials and glam judging of pooch perfect UK shows, such as Crufts. On the other hand, it’s definitely not uncommon to see pooch perfect UK canines taking the spotlight on the silver screens and talent shows, from Lassie to Ashleigh and Pudsey.

Pooch Personalities

Isn’t it incredible how versatile these four-legged pals can be! And there are just so many breeds of pooch offering so many variations of character and style. There is the butch bruiser prowess of the British Bulldog to the striking class that oodles from the Poodle. Above all, the pooch is humble, kind and supportive which is why they claimed to be the most popular pet ion the planet!

Pooch Perfect

This is why at 2cHolidays we offer so many pooch perfect and pooch friendly holidays. So, now there is no reason for your family pooch to miss out on family breaks by the sea with glorious walks along sandy beaches or perhaps you prefer cosy cottages surrounded by rural setting on a winters eve, dog curled by the open fire whilst you sit back and sip a nice hot chocolate. Not only does that sound perfect but also sounds pooch perfect too!

Pet Friendly Holidays

Additionally, not only do we offer hundreds of pet friendly properties, but we also cover locations all throughout the UK! Meaning you can take your pet pooch with you on your next UK holiday. Our pooch perfect breaks are backed by excellent customer service and the assurance that you can always book with confidence, that’s why we have a book with confidence guarantee!

So, where will it be next? The popular Devon, the Norfolk countryside or perhaps the highs of Yorkshire. Nevertheless, whatever you choose be sure to filter our pet friendly properties to find your next pooch perfect get away.

Pooch Perfect
Pooch Dog


Although you may find many reasons to pick your perfect pooch, did you know your pooch also says a lot about your person too? Think about it, in most cases, dogs spend the vast majority of their lives along with ours. We grow up together, we learn together, and we comfort each other.

Our pets are like children, they learn from us and the way we behave, and act impacts their lives drastically. That’s whys it’s Important to train your pet at an early stage, just like a baby or toddler, as this becomes a lot harder to do the older they get.

Pet Training

Moreover, not only is it import to train your pet, but it is also important to train yourself on how to care for your pet pooch better. I’m not just talking knowing when and how much to feed your canine friend but more about the importance of keeping them warm in the winter, keeping them cool and hydrated in the peaks of summer and even understand the basics of pet first aid.

Let’s be honest it’s easy to find common answer on Google these days, however along with this you can also find expert advise on sites such as Pets at Home & the RSPCA websites.

Pretty Pooch

Got a pretty pooch? Why not host a pet friendly event in your neighbourhood? It’s a great way to make new friends and secretly show off your pretty pooch. It should be noted, I have a real soft spot for cute little puppies! I mean who doesn’t.

Pet Friendly Destinations

Dogs are always a great reason to go out and explore and they offer comfort and confidence in doing so. That’s why it’s always great to be aware of all the pet friendly destinations in your area. For example, if you’re a local to Norfolk, Hunstanton has a great selection of attractions for families of all ages with amusements, funfair and boat trips.

Plus, it even has a dog friendly beach too. The Norfolk Broads is also a popular and excellent choice of location for the pooch owner. Surrounded by stunning scenery, boating fanatics and cute shops which make for a great pet friendly day out. Plus, the Norfolk broads is also enriched with pooch friendly pubs and restaurants over-looking the scenic waters.