6th Of May

6th Of May

On the 6th of May, all royal eyes will be fixed on the grand and long-awaited coronation of the newly crowned King.

The event is set to be a dazzling display of pomp, circumstance, and some seriously snazzy hats. The royal family will be out in full force, with plenty of guests from across the realm making the journey to bear witness to the historic day.

Whether you’re tuning in from the comfort of your living room or attending in person, there’s no denying that this coronation is one for the history books.

So, dust off your finest tiara. Grab a cuppa, and get ready to join in the joyous celebrations. Long live the King!

When Is King Charles Coronation Day
What Time Is The Coronation On 6th May
The 6th Of May
6th Of May 2023

6th Of May Bank Holiday

We all love a good bank holiday, right? A luxurious day off that’s been blessed by the government itself is a welcomed excuse to spend our time relaxing, enjoying the weather or indulging in our favourite activities.

But did you know that the 6th of May bank holiday holds a significant historical meaning? Yes, it’s not just about giving us another day to nurse our weekend hangovers – this bank holiday is about celebrating royalty!

So, let me take you on a brief stroll through history and explore the origins behind this important national day.

6th Of May

For starters, it all started more than 80 years ago when King George V was crowned as the ruler of England on the 6th of May in 1910.

As a result of this, the 6th of May became a public holiday in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

This, of course, was a huge moment in history and was worth commemorating. Imagine it’s almost like the Superbowl for the British monarchy!

Fast forward to 2012, Prince William and Kate Middleton got married on the same date, the 6th of May.

This was a remarkable event in British history that demonstrated the strength, beauty, and resilience of the monarchy.

It was also an opportunity for citizens to celebrate their love for the royal family. Especially since Prince William was the eldest son of Princess Diana, whose legacy and impact are still felt throughout the world.

May Bank Holiday

But that’s not all. The 6th of May is also celebrated as the ‘May Day’ bank holiday. This is a traditional spring festival that’s been celebrated since pagan times.

People would gather around in the town square for dancing, singing, and other activities to welcome spring and say goodbye to the dark, cold winter. So not only are we celebrating royalty.

We’re also celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of a new season, which sounds like something to cheers to, doesn’t it?

Onto the lighter side of things, the 6th of May bank holiday is a perfect excuse to have a little fun. There are plenty of activities to indulge in, from musical concerts to street parties, and parades.

Head to London and watch the ceremonial changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, grab some friends and enjoy a picnic in Hyde Park, or indulge in a special cocktail to toast the royal family.

It’s the little things that count, isn’t it?

What Time Is The Kings Coronation Day

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to bow down to the new ruler of the kingdom as we are talking about what time the king’s coronation day is. This is the most anticipated event of the year. After all, we have been waiting for this for decades!

The King’s Coronation Day is a momentous occasion and it only comes once in a lifetime. So you better mark your calendars, set your alarms, and get ready to witness history in the making.

History Of The Coronation Day

First thing’s first, we have to talk about the history of coronation day. It all began in ancient times when the King was thought to have been chosen by the gods to rule.

It was believed that the coronation ceremony would make the King divine. Giving him the power to rule over the land.

Nowadays, the coronation day is more about symbolizing the continuity of the monarchy and its traditions.

Kings Coronation Day

Now let’s talk about the time. The King’s coronation day usually starts at the crack of dawn.

The procession starts with the clergy, followed by the nobility. Finally, the King is brought to the coronation site in a grand procession.

The coronation ceremony itself can take several hours, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes and bring a snack.

The coronation ceremony involves anointing the King with oil and presenting him with the crown and scepter, symbolizing his authority. Once the coronation is over, it is common for the King to appear on the balcony of the palace to greet his subjects.

This is a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of the new ruler of the kingdom.

When Is The Kings Coronation Day

“All hail the mighty King!” You’ll hear this phrase time and again when on the streets of the kingdom. The citizens of the realm gather in excitement as they anticipate the coronation day of their new king.

The traditions and rituals that come with the coronation ceremony make it one of the most exciting events in the kingdom. While citizens are gathering and eagerly waiting for the day, the question that lingers in everyone’s mind is. When is the King’s coronation day anyway?

To answer the question of when the King’s coronation day is, we have to take a little journey back in time.

Historically, coronation ceremonies have taken place as early as the 9th century.

However, the date of the coronation ceremony has varied over the centuries.

6th May

The coronation day of a new monarch is determined by the date of their predecessor’s death. This is to give room for sufficient mourning time. After the mourning period, the preparations for the coronation ceremony take place.

The coronation ceremony typically takes place 3-6 months after the previous monarch’s death.


The location of the coronation ceremony can also vary.

Traditionally, the coronation ceremony takes place in Westminster Abbey.

However, other ceremonies have also been held in St. Paul’s Cathedral and even the King’s own palace. The location is determined by the monarch’s preference and availability.

During the coronation ceremony, the new monarch takes the oath of office. Which is a solemn promise to uphold the laws of the realm and protect the citizens.

The monarch is also anointed with holy oil and given a crown, scepter, and orb, symbolizing their authority and power. This grandeur and symbolism make the coronation ceremony a unique and exciting event.

The 6th Of May

As we reminisce over the last coronation in 1953, when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll ascended the throne, the upcoming coronation promises to be just as historic and exciting.

The splendor, pomp, and glamour that will be displayed are expected to leave the nation spellbound.

So, let’s dive into the details of the big day and get you royally excited!


First and foremost, the coronation will take place in Westminster Abbey. This prestigious location has been the site of every coronation in the UK since 1066!

It’s worth noting that the coronation service is a Christian ceremony that has remained unchanged for several centuries.

The occasion will start with a procession of musicians, choral singers, bishops, and nobles, followed by the arrival of the King to the Abbey.

When he arrives, the Archbishop of Canterbury will question the King on his promise to uphold the laws and governing principles of the Kingdom as its protector and defender.

The ceremony will proceed with the anointing of the King and his ascension to the throne, followed by the presentation of the Royal regalia, including the crown, scepter, and orb.


But let’s not forget that the coronation is not all about tradition and ceremonial formalities.

It’s also a celebration for the people of the UK. The festivities will include street parties, concerts, and other events across the nation.

Since the coronation is predicted to attract millions of live spectators.

The Event Organisers have issued an advisory for road closures and rerouting of public transport for this special day.

The event will be aired globally for millions of people who can’t make it to the UK but would still like to experience the celebrations.

We can expect prominent figures to attend the ceremony. Including royals and dignitaries from around the world.

May The 6th Be With You
The 6th Of May
6th Of May 2023

How Long Till The 6th Of May

So what can you do to pass the time until the 6th of May? Here are a few ideas:

Start a countdown calendar

Create a visual reminder of how many days you have left until the big day. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Just seeing the countdown tick down each day can be a source of motivation and excitement.

 Plan something special

Even if you don’t have specific plans for the 6th of May, you can still make the most of the build-up by planning something special beforehand. Maybe you could take a day trip, try a new hobby, or treat yourself to a fancy meal.

Whatever it is, make it something that you’ll look forward to and that will make the waiting more bearable.

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