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Adventure Holidays UK

We all need a break from our daily routines. What better way to escape than by going on an adventure holiday in the UK? Whether you’re travelling solo, with your partner or family, there are plenty of options for an unforgettable trip. Here are some of the best adventure holidays in the UK and why you should go on one.

Adventure holidays

Have I got what it takes to go on an adventure holiday?

Adventure Holidays UK are becoming increasingly popular. Set your horizons beyond the norm and ask yourself, “Have I got what it takes to go on an adventure holiday?”.

Offering so much more than a traditional fly and flop getaway, adventure holidays can encompass a huge range of sports, outdoor activities, tours, and excursions. Undoubtedly the choice is only limited by your imagination and appetite for adventure. Pack a bag and head out to experience intrigue, cultural discoveries, mystery, and excitement.

Anyone can take an adventure holiday!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo traveller, couple or family! An adventure holidays is ideal for those seeking to add excitement to their normal holiday plans. Without a doubt the best bit is that you can choose any length or level of adventure. Get muddy with a week of mountain biking in Wales. Take the afternoon off to pony trek in the New Forest – its totally up to you!

So if you want to experience the out of the ordinary; cast off your inhibitions and escape on an adventure-filled getaway to bring back a suitcase absolutely full of memories. But why choose adventure holidays? We have compiled a list of reasons why you should!

Relaxing by doing

Unquestionably the traditional holiday has always been about time on the beach, lazing in the sunshine all day with a cool drink. That obviously hasn’t gone away of course, but it is equally relaxing to grab a bike and explore the tracks and trails of the woods. Take to the water in a kayak. Go for a long walk along the beach.

Do your own thing!

A recent study showed that people felt excited, proud, and more confident when they tied a new activity. Furthermore, it is beneficial both physically and mentally to either learn a new skill or rekindle a passion for a previously loved hobby. An active holiday takes you out of your familiar world. Furthermore, it physically creates time and space to try something new, to exercise and stimulate the brain.

Being Mindful

When we are active, we release ‘happy hormones’ called endorphins which reduce stress and trigger positive feelings. Importantly the brain is like a muscle which needs exercise to be kept in good health. New experiences are a fundamental requirement for mental growth and the brain loves stimulation; it grows with use, and it withers with inactivity. Undoubtedly we all love to feel accomplished! Adventure holidays are a sure way to achieve this feeling.

Memories you will cherish from your adventure holidays 2024

Adventuring has the power to create lasting and vivid memories. Definitely swell with pride and a sense of achievement after you return from a holiday like no other. Whether it’s a two-night trip to Suffolk’s heritage coast, famed for its rugged coast line or viewing grey seals from an isolated spot on the dunes of Norfolk there is an adventure waiting for you. Be sure to take a camera wherever you go because the things you see and do will most likely be once in a lifetime.

We hope this has encouraged to pack a bag and head out on your own adventure. Remember as the Disney film says, “Adventure is out there”.

Adventure holidays
Family adventure holidays
Family Adventure Holidays Uk
Adventure Holidays Uk
Adventure holidays

Why You Should Go On An Adventure Holiday

Adventure holidays are great for getting out of your routine and exploring new places. They allow you to experience different cultures, meet new people, and enjoy activities that you might not have done before. It can also be a great way to challenge yourself, build confidence, and gain skills that will help you throughout life. Plus, adventure holidays can be great fun!

Adventure holidays are one of the best ways to get out of your comfort zone. Explore the wonderful country of the United Kingdom. Whether you’re a daredevil looking for an adrenaline rush or just want to get away from it all and relax, there are countless adventure holidays to choose from in the UK

Popular Adventure Activities

Snowdonia National Park is a must-visit destination if you’re looking for an active adventure holiday. With its rugged mountains and stunning valleys, this area is perfect for climbers of all skill levels. Take the Snowdon Mountain Railway and enjoy scenic views as you ascend towards Wales’ highest peak – then get ready to climb!

There are several routes available depending on your level of experience and confidence (such as Pyg Track or Llanberis Path). Once you reach the top, bask in glory knowing that you conquered one of Europe’s toughest peaks!

Highlands Adventuring

Scotland has some of the most breathtaking coastlines in Europe – making it an amazing spot for paddle boarding trips. From Aberdeen to Inverness, there are plenty of locations where you can explore both sheltered bays and open seas while admiring Scotland’s natural beauty from a different perspective.

If paddleboarding isn’t your thing, why not try kayaking or canoeing instead? You could even join a guided tour so that someone else does all the work while you sit back and relax!

Adventure Holidays For Adults
Relaxing Holidays
Family adventure holidays

What Are The Best Adventure Holiday Activities?

The UK is full of amazing places to explore with so many different activities on offer. Here are some of our top picks:

White Water Rafting

White water rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in the UK. There are plenty of places where you can give it a go. Scotland has some great rivers for rafting while Wales offers more challenging rapids if you’re feeling brave enough! You don’t want to miss this off of your next adventure holiday.

Rock Climbing

For those looking for something a bit more daring, rock climbing is perfect. There are plenty of spots around England where you can climb and get a stunning view over the countryside along with some serious adrenaline! Just imagine standing on the top of the cliff-side you have scaled. Taking a deep breath and just enjoying the beautiful view. Pure bliss.


Canyoning involves descending down rocky gorges, often including water in some form, using ropes and other specialized equipment. It’s an exciting way to explore some stunning natural landscapes while testing your nerve as well as your physical strength!

Surfing & Surf Camps

If you want to learn how to surf or just want to practice your skills then why not try out one of the many surf camps across Britain? The waves here may not be as big as those in Australia but they still offer plenty of thrills!

These are just a collection of great outdoor activities that offer thrills and excitement for most people. No matter if your planning on exploring with your family, loved one or solo, you’ll be sure to have a blast! However, some of these sports require good knowledge and important safety protocols so be sure to have fun, safely.

Family Adventure Holidays

Holidaying as a family doesn’t have mean buckets, spades and chips. With many new adventure attractions opening up and down the country you can add an extra thrill to your break away. From high ropes to water sports to theme parks there is an adventure out there for the whole family.

To help you get out there and experience an adventure the 2cHolidays team has got together and shared our ideas.

Zip World, North Wales

 I would absolutely recommend a visit to Zip-World. Located in the former Penrhyn Quarry, this adrenaline junkie’s playground offers adventures for all ages. This centre is home to Velocity 2, this 1.5-kilometre zipline will send you across the Penrhyn Quarry lake at speeds up to 100mph. Undoubtedly this isn’t for everyone so if you like things closer to the ground try the Quarry Karts. Head to the start line which is 1,500 ft above sea level. Take in the incredible views before heading down the 3km slate track filled with bumps and obstacles.

Go Ape

Go Ape, Nationwide

Situated in the heart of Thetford Forest is the OG Go Ape. Open in 2002 and still as popular these high ropes course is fun for all ages. Begin your session with a safety briefing before ascending to the treetops to start your adventure. At 9 metres at its highest point this treetop course will test your nerve and skill as you traverse wires, wooden platforms and ziplines. If heights is not for you then jump aboard one of the Segway’s. These all-terrain self-balancing Segway’s coupled with woodland trails are an adventure for all ages. Explore twisty bends and inclines before throttling along the forest straights. We go at least once a year!

Visit Hunstanton for some adventure holiday fun!

My partner & I love all kinds of water sports. So, coming across this place in Hunstanton was ideal. It meant we could pair up our holiday with some wet & wild action on the beach. From Kitesurfing, Paddleboarding, Windsurfing and Power Kiting they have all your water sports needs covered. Located at the end of the prom Hunstanton Water Sports offer tuition and guidance so you can safely head out to sea and enjoy. We love to paddle board and have been able to earn our BSUPA Level 1 “Ready to Ride” certificate.

Family Adventure Holidays

Altitude 44, Skegness

 Altitude 44 is the UK’s highest urban adventure course. Located on Grand Parade in Skegness this aerial assault course is certainly a focal point. You will struggle to miss this huge orange structure rising from the ground next to the outdoor pool. There are 4 levels of obstacles, I am sure everyone will find something they love. When you arrive, the instructors will brief you on the safety rules before letting you loose on the course. Two of my favourite parts are the Surfboard, here you jump on and zoom through the air whilst balanced on a board. I also loved the Deckchair, where else can you climb into a deckchair and top up your tan 21 metres up.

I hope the team has encouraged you to head out in search of a new adventure. With all this excitement located around the country who says you need to set foot on foreign soil to have an adventure. Book you break away today for a low deposit of just £25 and experience an adventure break away.

Adventure holidays UK
Adventure holidays UK

Adventure Holidays for Singles

The ‘rule of 6’ had us all travelling in smaller groups during the summer of 2020 and 2021. This seemed to also encourage a spike in solo travel. We have absolutely seen more and more people now taking time to themselves and opting to travel on solo adventures.

Nothing beats the freedom of going wherever you want, whenever you want and without the headaches that come from travelling as a group.

Escape the Bubble

Without a doubt leaving your bubble and stepping out alone makes it easier to engage with your surroundings, doing whichever activity you enjoy most and making new friends along the way.

Research done by ABTA in 2018 revealed that 15% of Brits holiday by themselves which was up 3% on previous years. Interestingly research has shown that solo adventures aren’t necessarily just being taken by singles. From all relationship statuses and ages, people are heading out on a solo weekend away for some alone time from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Adventure holidays are your next great step for 2024

There is a romanticism about packing a bag and heading out on your own. No compromises, no pressure, zero arguments about where to go……Just sauntering through experiences at your own pace. This year sees more Bank Holidays than normal so take advantage of a long weekend and go on an adventure!

Unquestionably a solo weekend away is a great first step to solo travel. The UK has so many amazing wilderness experiences through out its many regions. With plenty of options available that don’t require any flights, you can be more spontaneous and go where the mood takes you. Arrive back to the office on Monday morning refreshed, inspired and full of memories.

Lets start with the basics – the absolute best reasons for saying “I’m off”, setting your out of office, and packing your bags.

Rush of Adventure

Firstly, there’s the rush of adventure. The pace of moving to and from in a place you’re barely familiar with. You can do what you want, when you want, and choose a perfect travel package that’s built around you. Why not scale a natural wonder, hike, camp or kayak.

Secondly, having a solo adventure also means you’re forced to chat to absolute strangers who may very quickly come to mean something more to you. Chat to other travellers, challenge yourself, share backgrounds, stories, and music. You’ll return home more plugged in to – and appreciative of – the world around you and the people within it. So take the plunge, pack a bag and head out on a solo adventure today. You won’t want to miss this solo adventure holiday!

Adventure holidays for singles
Adventure holidays for singles
Adventure holidays
Adventure holidays
Adventure holidays

Popular Adventure Holiday Desitnations

These are just a few of the many great adventure activities available throughout the United Kingdom! With such a wide range of activities available there really is something for everyone—no matter if it’s just yourself, couples or families looking for something unique and exciting to do during their holiday. Popular activities include:

Surf Lessons in Cornwall

For those who love the outdoors and being by the ocean, why not spend some time in Cornwall and take surf lessons? Beginners are welcome and equipment is provided. You can even book private classes if you want more personalized instruction! Whether you’re looking to learn how to surf or already have some experience under your belt, this activity is perfect for couples and families alike.

Horse Riding in Scotland is a great way to start your adventure holidays

If you’re looking for something different than your normal beach holiday, why not go horse riding up in Scotland? You can explore miles of countryside on horseback while taking in all that Scotland has to offer. Tour companies provide experienced guides who will take care of all the arrangements so that all you have to do is enjoy the ride! This activity is great for singles, couples and families.

Canoeing on the River Wye

Looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure on water? Why not try canoeing down the River Wye? This river runs through Wales and offers plenty of exciting rapids and challenging obstacles along its course. There are also plenty of tour companies that offer guided tours so don’t worry about getting lost! Whether it be just yourself or with friends or family members—this activity is sure to leave everyone with lasting memories.

So why wait any longer? Pack your bags and let’s explore what this amazing country has to offer!

Adventure holidays