Big Holiday Houses

Big Holiday Houses

Big holiday houses offer the perfect solution for large family gatherings, special celebrations, or groups of friends looking to spend quality time together. These spacious accommodations not only provide ample room for everyone but also come equipped with a range of amenities designed to cater to the needs of all ages.

From large kitchen areas where meals can be prepared together, to private gardens for children to play and adults to relax, big holiday houses enhance the experience of spending time together, making every moment more memorable.

Big Holiday Cottages
Big Holiday Houses
Big House Holiday Lets
Large Family Holiday Cottages

Big Holiday Cottages

Big holiday cottages are the perfect solution for large family gatherings, reunions, or celebrations with friends. These expansive properties not only offer ample space for everyone to stay comfortably but also provide a unique opportunity for groups to spend quality time together.

With features like multiple bedrooms, large dining areas, and often extra amenities such as private pools, hot tubs, and games rooms, they ensure that all ages are entertained and relaxed. Nestled in some of the most picturesque locations, these cottages offer the ideal backdrop for creating lasting memories.

Big House Holiday Let

When it comes to planning the perfect getaway with family or a group of friends, there’s nothing quite like the luxury and comfort of staying in a big house holiday let. Whether it’s a decadent weekend away or an extended holiday, choosing the right property can turn a good holiday into an unforgettable one.

Why Choose a Big House Holiday Let?

Choosing a big holiday houses accommodation isn’t just about having enough bedrooms for everyone. It’s about creating memorable experiences. These properties often come with lavish amenities such as private pools, games rooms, extensive gardens, and spectacular views that are not typically found in hotels or smaller holiday rentals.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Big holiday houses lets are versatile and can cater to various types of holidays – from serene family reunions, vibrant hen and stag parties, to sophisticated corporate retreats. The privacy and exclusivity these properties offer make them ideal for any group looking to spend quality time together.

Define Your Needs

Start by listing the must-haves for your holiday. Consider the number of guests, the type of occasion, accessibility needs, and any amenities you consider essential. Do you need a pet-friendly property, or is a home cinema on your wishlist? Knowing your requirements upfront will help narrow down your search.

Location, Location, Location

Decide on the setting that suits your holiday vibe. Are you looking for a coastal retreat where you can hear the waves crash from your bedroom? Or perhaps, a countryside manor house with miles of green space is more your style. The location not only sets the mood for your holiday but can also dictate the activities available to your group.

Utilise Reputable Websites

Once you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, use reputable holiday rental websites that specialise in big house lets. Platforms that verify their listings offer peace of mind that what you see is what you get. Reading reviews from previous guests can also provide valuable insights into the property and the service provided by the hosts.

Early Booking is Key

Big house holiday lets, especially the ones with unique features or in prime locations, often book up months in advance.

To secure your ideal property, start your search early. Not only does this give you a broader range of options, but early booking sometimes comes with the benefit of early bird discounts.

Check for Hidden Costs

Before booking, ensure you understand the full cost of the stay. Ask about deposits, cleaning fees, and any other additional charges that may apply.

Knowing the total cost upfront can help you budget effectively and avoid any surprises.

Bring the Fun with You

While many big house holiday lets come equipped with entertainment options, bringing along some of your own can add a personal touch to your stay.

Board games, a playlist for a house party, or themed decorations can elevate your holiday atmosphere.

Plan Ahead

Take advantage of your spacious accommodation by planning group activities.

Whether it’s a formal dinner party in the dining room, a movie night, or a pool tournament, organising events will ensure everyone gets the most out of the holiday.

Explore the Local Area

Even though your holiday home might feel like a world of its own, exploring the surrounding area can add depth to your holiday experience.

Research local attractions, dining options, and activities so you can venture out and enjoy the locality’s charm.

Big House To Rent For The Weekend

Are you and your friends planning a weekend holiday, or perhaps you’re organising a family reunion and need a spacious venue to accommodate everyone? Renting a big house can be the perfect solution to ensure everyone gets to enjoy quality time together in comfort and style.

Why Rent a Big House?

Renting a big holiday houses offers several benefits over booking multiple hotel rooms or staying in a cramped space. It allows your group to stay under one roof, making it easier to coordinate activities, meals, and relaxation time. Plus, you get more privacy and can enjoy amenities such as private pools, gardens, and barbecue areas that hotels can’t always offer.

Identifying Your Needs

Before you start your search, it’s critical to identify what you need from the rental property. Consider the following:

Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Ensure there’s enough space for everyone to feel comfortable.


Are a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi, and entertainment facilities must-haves for your group?


Do you require a property that caters to guests with mobility issues?
How to Find Big Houses for Rent

Online Rental Platforms

Websites like Airbnb, VRBO, and are excellent starting points for finding large rental houses. These platforms allow you to filter searches by the number of guests, location, amenities, and more, making it easier to find properties that meet your criteria.

Specialist Agencies

There are agencies specialising in renting out big holiday houses for short stays. These are worth investigating, especially if you’re looking for a property with extra luxury or unique features.

Social Media and Forums

Don’t underestimate the power of social networks. Often, recommendations from other holidaymakers can lead you to hidden gems not listed on the major platforms.

Book Early

The best properties get snapped up quickly, especially if you’re planning a getaway during peak holiday seasons. Start your search early to avoid missing out.

Read Reviews

Before booking, read reviews from previous guests. They can provide valuable insights into the property’s condition, the owner’s responsiveness, and whether the reality matches the listing description.

Understand the Terms and Conditions

Carefully review the rental agreement, paying close attention to the cancellation policy, check-in/check-out times, and any rules regarding pets or smoking.

Communicate with the Owner

Reach out to the property owner or manager before booking if you have any questions or special requests. A good rapport with them can also be helpful should you need assistance during your stay.

Plan for Meals

One of the joys of renting a big house is the opportunity to cook and dine together. Check that the kitchen has the equipment you need and plan your meals ahead of time. Some properties may even offer the services of a private chef for an additional fee.

Making the Most of Your Stay

Once you’ve found the perfect big holiday houses and settled in, it’s time to unwind and enjoy. Organise group activities, like game nights or movie evenings, to keep everyone entertained. If you’re in a scenic location, explore the surroundings or participate in local activities. And don’t forget to take lots of photos to remember your special weekend away.

Holiday Homes To Rent With A Tennis Court

When planning a holiday, especially for the avid sports enthusiast or those looking to try something new, properties with sports facilities offer the perfect blend of relaxation and activity.

Among these, holiday homes with tennis courts are increasingly sought after, offering guests the unique opportunity to enjoy their favourite sport right from the comfort of their temporary abode. This post is dedicated to holidaymakers in pursuit of the perfect getaway, complete with the luxury and convenience of having a tennis court at their doorstep.

Stay Active on Your Holidays

One of the leading benefits of having a tennis court on your holiday property is the ability to stay active. Holidays are a wonderful time for relaxation, but incorporating some physical activity can enhance your overall experience, keeping you energised and healthy.

Private, Uninterrupted Play

Forget about waiting for your turn at a crowded resort court or having to book slot times way in advance. With your private tennis court, you play when the mood strikes, day or night (if the court is equipped with lights), affording you a truly personalised holiday experience.

Family Fun and Bonding

Tennis is a fantastic sport for all ages, making it a great way to spend quality family time.

Whether it’s a friendly match or a spirited competition, everyone can get involved, creating lasting memories together.

4. Perfect Your Game

For serious players, a holiday home with a tennis court presents the perfect opportunity to hone your skills.

With ample time at your disposal, you can practice to your heart’s content without the usual life interruptions.

Tennis Courts at big holiday homes

Including tennis in your holiday plans doesn’t just add an element of fun; it promotes wellness, family bonding, and even skill development.

With numerous stunning locations to choose from and properties offering all levels of luxury and comfort, there’s never been a better time to ‘serve’ yourself the perfect holiday retreat.

Booking a big holiday houses with a tennis court can transform a simple getaway into an unforgettable adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to keep up your game or a beginner eager to learn, these properties provide the perfect setting for a truly active and indulgent holiday experience.

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Scotgate Cottage – Norfolk

Escape to Scotgate Cottage in the heart of Norfolk countryside for a fabulous holiday with your loved ones. This stunning retreat boasts a games room, indoor pool, sauna, and hot tub for your relaxation and entertainment. Accommodating up to 23 guests, the cottage offers comfortable rooms both in Scotgate Cottage and Scotgate Barn.

Scotgate Barn features a modern family shower room, two luxurious bedrooms sleeping four guests each, plus additional sleeping space on a sofa bed. Enjoy cozy dining for six and a breakfast bar for two or dine al-fresco on the patio with beautiful views.

Why not explore the five-acre grounds at Scotgate Cottage? There is a carp fishing lake which is well stocked and a summer house to spend the day in. Within the grounds you will also find a multisport court, so create a tournament with the family with whatever sport you choose to play.





Ping Pong Table

Pool Table


Video Games

Scotgate Cottage will create you so many unforgettable memories!