Are you looking for a summer music festival that will make your friends green with envy?

Look no further than the Boadmasters Festival!

Boadmasters Dates
Boadmaster 2023
Boadmasters 2023
Boadmasters Dates
Boadmasters Festival 2023
Boadmasters Festival

Big Names, Bigger Beats

Boadmasters boasts some big-name performers from all genres. The 2019 line up included chart-topping artists like Florence + The Machine, Foals, and The Chemical Brothers.

And if rap is your thing, then you are in luck.

Past acts have included Wiz Khalifa and Stormy.

So get ready to dance the night away while being serenaded by some of the best musical acts around!

The Surf’s Up!

One of the unique aspects of Boadmasters is its emphasis on surfing and skateboarding competitions. Every year, professional surfers and skaters compete for prizes and glory on Cornwall’s stunning beaches.

There are even special events such as longboard demonstrations and pro-am surf contests!

So grab your board (or rent one) and show off your skills on the waves!

Camping In Style

What would a music festival be without camping?

Boadmasters offers several different camping options for everyone from budget backpackers to luxury glampers. You can even choose between hot showers or an outdoor shower experience with views over Watergate Bay!

There’s also plenty of other amenities such as food trucks, first aid tents, and phone charging points so you can keep those Instagram posts rolling in all weekend long.

If you are looking for the perfect summer festival experience, then look no further than Boadmasters Festival!

With top musical acts, amazing surf, and skate competitions, camping options galore, not to mention breath-taking views. It’s sure to be an unforgettable event that will leave you wanting more.

So don’t miss out.

Book your tickets now before it’s too late!

Boadmasters 2023

It is time to start getting ready for the most epic Boadmasters yet. That is right, it is time to get stoked for Boadmasters Festival 2023. #

This year’s festival promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with more music, more sports, and more fun activities than ever before.

Read on to find out what you can expect from this year’s festival and why it will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

What Can You Expect?

This year’s festival will feature a huge line-up of your favourite artists, including some of the biggest names in music today.

From hip-hop to pop and everything in between, there will be something for everyone’s musical taste.

Plus, there will be plenty of epic sporting events like skateboarding competitions and BMX demonstrations that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

And if that wasn’t enough, there will also be plenty of other activities like yoga classes and art workshops so you can have a truly unique experience at this year’s festival.

But it does not stop there.

Boadmasters is also known for its incredible atmosphere. Between all the live music performances, amazing food vendors offering delicious dishes from around the world, and plenty of bars serving up cold drinks after a day in the sun.

You’ll never run out of things to do during this five-day event!

Plus, with its stunning beachside location on Cornwall’s rugged coastline, you will not find a better place to soak up some Vitamin D while enjoying some quality tunes.

The Fun Doesn’t Stop There…

In addition to all these awesome features, Boadmasters 2023 has a tonne of special surprises planned just for you!

Whether it is off-site excursions or special guests making surprise appearances throughout the weekend. There’s always something new around every corner at Boadmasters Festival and this year is no exception!

So make sure you keep your eyes peeled because you never know what could happen at this year’s festival…

So do not miss out on one of the greatest festivals yet. Now is your chance to grab tickets for Boadmasters 2023 and experience an unforgettable weekend full of live music, action sports competitions and more!

With an incredible line up of performers plus plenty of activities sure to keep everyone entertained. This five-day celebration is not one to miss!

So come join us as we celebrate life together in beautiful Cornwall.

Get ready for an epic enjoyable time at Boadmasters 2023!

Boadmasters Newquay

Are you ready to experience the best of the British summer? Whether you are a surfer, skater, or music lover, Boadmasters Newquay is the place to be.

Here’s a quick preview of what you can expect from this year’s event.

The Vibe

Expect an electric atmosphere with some of the biggest names in music and action sports performing on the beach.

This year’s line-up includes The 1975, Catfish and the Bottle men, Foals, and more.

Visitors will also get to enjoy skateboarding demos and competitions as well as surfing competitions throughout the event.

The Place

The festival takes place in Newquay, located on Cornwall’s north coast. With its stunning beaches and rugged coastline, it is no wonder that Boadmasters has been held in this picturesque corner of Britain for years now.

Not to mention its status as one of Europe’s top surfing destinations.

The People

Boadmasters attracts all kinds.

From families looking for a fun day out to die-hard surfers and skaters who are there for the competition. No matter what your level or style of riding or skating may be, there will be something for everyone at this event.

Plus, with plenty of food stalls and bars around, you will not have any trouble finding something tasty to eat or drink while you take in all that Boadmasters has to offer!

Boadmasters is an amazing event that offers something for everyone. Whether you want to take part in the competitions or just watch them from the side-lines. So don’t forget your sunglasses and get ready for some beachside fun.

We can guarantee it will be an unforgettable experience!

See you at Boadmasters Newquay this summer!

Boadmasters Newquay

If you are looking for a new destination to explore this summer, look no further than the beautiful coastal town of Newquay.

Each August, the Boadmasters Festival takes over the area and brings with it a whole host of exciting activities that are sure to keep you entertained. Whether you’re into surfing, music, or just want to soak up some sunshine, Boadmasters has something for everyone!

Let’s take a look at why this Cornish festival is worth visiting.

Surfing In Newquay

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Newquay is surfing.

The beaches here are some of the best surf spots in the UK and offer plenty of opportunities for beginners and experts alike. During Boadmasters week, there are tons of activities going on including professional competitions and even a chance to learn from some of Europe’s top surfers.

Plus, if surfing isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of other water sports like kiteboarding and stand-up paddle boarding available too.

Live Music

If live music is more your scene, then you’re in luck!

Every year Boadmasters brings together some of the biggest names in the music industry as well as up-and-coming acts from around the world. With headliners like The Chemical Brothers and Stormy taking to the stage this year, you can expect an amazing night out no matter who you choose to see!

Plus, if you don’t fancy any particular artist then there are lots of smaller venues hosting different genres so there’s something for everyone.

Exploring Cornwall

When you’re not catching waves or listening to your favourite artists, make sure to explore all that Cornwall has to offer!

There are plenty of quaint little towns dotted along the coast where you can wander around shops and cafes or even pick up some souvenirs from local artisans.

Plus, if nature is more your thing then why not take a hike along one of Cornwall’s many trails? With breath-taking views and stunning scenery everywhere you go it’s easy to see why this part of England is so popular with visitors!

Boadmasters Festival offers something for everyone whether it be music lovers or adrenaline junkies alike. From its stunning coastline perfect for surfing enthusiasts to its vibrant nightlife full of live music performances. This Cornish festival should absolutely be on your list of places to visit this summer!

So grab your board or just pack your dancing shoes. Either way make sure not miss out on all that Newquay has to offer during Boadmasters Week!

Where Is Boadmasters?

Are you looking for a unique travel destination that will provide you with an unforgettable experience? If so, look no further than Boadmasters! This breath-taking festival has been a summer staple in Cornwall, England since 1981.

But where exactly is Boadmasters located? Read on to find out more!

Boadmasters takes place in four locations across Cornwall, Newquay, Watergate Bay, Mistral Beach, and The Headland.

All these locations are situated on the Southwest coast of England. Newquay is a vibrant seaside town renowned for its stunning beaches and lively nightlife. Watergate Bay is another popular beach spot with plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants to explore.

Mistral Beach is home to some of the world’s best surfers thanks to its consistent waves. And The Headland offers unbeatable views of the ocean from its cliff-top setting.

In addition to its beautiful beachside locations, Boadmasters also offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy.

There are music stages featuring performances from some of the world’s top DJs and bands as well as art installations and street food stalls from local vendors. For thrill-seekers, there are also plenty of activities such as surfing competitions and BMX shows.

Plus, there’s even a vintage market selling one-of-a-kind items and handmade crafts.

So if you’re looking for an unforgettable travel destination this summer, why not visit Boadmasters? With its stunning coastal landscape and plethora of activities on offer, it promises to be an experience you won’t forget!

From surfing competitions to live music performances, there really is something for everyone at this unique festival in Cornwall.

So don’t miss out! Go check out some of our caravans new Boadmasters at 2cHolidays!

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Newquay Boadmasters

Boadmasters Newquay Festival

Attention all surfers, skaters, and music lovers…Boadmasters Newquay is back for 2021 and you don’t want to miss it! This iconic festival blends the best of surfing, skateboarding and music together in a nonstop party.

Get ready for epic waves, sick tricks, amazing live music, and plenty of good times.

Surfing At Boadmasters

You can’t talk about Boadmasters without talking about the surfing. The festival features some of the world’s top surfers competing in five distinct categories – men’s comp, women’s comp, longboard comp, stand up paddle board comp and tow-in big wave comp.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started with surfing, there are plenty of opportunities to watch some of the best surfers in action as they show off their skills on the waves.

And if you’re feeling brave enough why not take part in one of their competitions?

Skating At Boadmasters

The festival also features an impressive line-up of skateboarders showing off their skills with some gravity-defying stunts. The skate park is always bustling with activity as riders show off their tricks on everything from mini ramps to street obstacles.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider you’ll find something that suits your skill level here! Even if you don’t have your own board there will be plenty available for hire so everyone can get involved in some extreme sports fun.

Music At Boadmasters

No festival would be complete without some great live music and Boadmasters Newquay has got it covered! The main stage will feature an exciting line up of indie rock bands, hip-hop artists and more.

But that’s not all, they also have smaller stages dedicated to local acts playing everything from folk to reggae to jazz. There’s something for everyone here so make sure you come prepared to dance!

So if you like surfing, skating or simply love good tunes then Boadmasters Newquay is definitely worth checking out this summer! With its mix of extreme sports competitions and live music performances there really is something for everyone here.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime event. Get your tickets now before they sell out!

See you there hang ten fans!

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