Border Collie

Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie, once a very talented herding dog, predominantly in Scotland, is now a popular family pet. They are also very distinguishable, notably for being a very large breed. As well as that, Bearded Collies sport long shaggy hair and yes, you guessed it, a beard to!


The Bearded Collie is a smart, quick-witted pooch. Often found stuck to its owner and willing to help and assist with their owners’ tasks. Due to this personality, they make for great family pets, working dogs (like herding) and even show dogs. A great all-rounder if you ask me.


Border Collie Trust

Gaining Border Collie Trust is what makes a border collie stand out from other breeds. A collie is loyal, hard working and incredibly intelligent. In addition to this Collies make incredible herding and work dogs. This is due to their high obedience and loyalty.


Border Collies are such easy learners and vivid learners too. That’s why they are widely considered the most intelligent dog. Don’t get me wrong, like all dogs they still require guidance and training. Mine certainly did like to chase the odd car! But once they are moulded into shape, they really become like a second pair of arms.

Border Collie

Undoubtedly my favourite breed of dog, the Border Collie is a true genius and exceptional companion. Not only are they such smart pooches but they have great temperaments. They can quickly become the most skilled and well-trained pets if trained correctly.


Without a doubt, if you were to watch Crufts, I’m certain in saying you will always see a Border Collie involved. Perhaps multiple. That’s because they are so smart and loyal that they are great at listening to instruction and following guidance. That’s why they are often seen at agility and obedience courses and shows.


Collie Dog

The Collie dog in general is a known breed for their skills and obedience. Due to their intellect they especially make great family pets. Plus, they can often read a room very well and sense upset or anger within us unbalanced humans!


Did you know, the Collie also has a few distinct features and traits? Firstly, the Collie dog can often be found with it’s tail between it’s legs. Not because its scared, in fact quite the opposite. The Collie hides its tail between its legs when herding to avoid the tail becoming a stomping ground for loose hooves!

Border Collie
Collie Dog


Secondly, the Collie coat is commonly a coal black mixed with snow white colours. One of those white parts is found on the tip of the tail. What’s the reason for that you may ask? Well, I can sure answer that for you. The white tip of the tail is considered a beacon-like signal, to help shepherds locate their pooch in the dark.


Also, did you know the white tip of the Collie tail even has a name! It’s called the Shepherds Lantern, obviously, we now know why. The Collie, historically originating from Scotland, (well, since correctly documented) actually got it’s name from this. Due to the Collie originating on the border of Scotland and England. The ‘Collie’ bit comes from generations of the word Coaly (due to the coat colour) evolving from the Gaelic accent. So legend has it.


Red Border Collie

Despite the commonly distinguished black and white colour there is also another fairly common breed type. The red border collie. Red border collies quite simply get their name from the coat colour and nothing else.


The red border collie wears a variety of dark and light brownish-red coloured furs. They are also a little less common and predominantly found in the US these days but are still a popular choice for farmers, shepherds and families alike.