Breakaway holidays

Breakaway holidays

Breakaway holidays are ideal for so many holidaymakers. Not the only are they a chance to have fun and take some Instagram worthy photos, but they also are so beneficial for our health – mentally and physically. Holidays provide a little bit of time out from our busy lifestyles. Take a break from the chaos of everyday life. Let your hair down with breakaway holidays. Unquestionably, there is a huge range of benefits for taking breakaway holidays. Happiness can come from planning and anticipating breakaway holidays. Why not start organizing your breakaway holidays today?

Breakaway Holidays 2022
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Break free on your holiday

Hunting for a bargain for your breakaway holidays? Rest assured our UK breakaway codes are just the thing you need to save a few pennies. Break free on your holiday and get away from all the fees you don’t need to pay. Get great value breaks across the UK! Here at 2cHolidays, we believe that everyone deserves a holiday, that’s why we always offer UK breakaway codes.

Moreover, we want to make holidaying seem more affordable than ever. Everyone deserves a holiday after all. Take the kids away and experience a wonderful family break. Or perhaps you’d rather go with just yourself and your four-legged friend? With our fabulous range of pet friendly accommodations across the UK, many would be perfect for your pet friendly breakaway holidays. Whatever the holiday, here at 2cHolidays we have something to suit everyone. Unquestionably, by using our UK breakaway codes, you can make great savings on your UK escape. When placing a booking simply enter the discount code ‘15OFF’ to save 15% off your booking. This can make a huge difference to the price, and it means more pennies for the fun-filled activities you can do! Who said holidays had to be expensive to be fun after all?

Save pennies with UK breakaway codes

UK breakaway codes are such an easy way to save a few pennies. It’s as simple as entering our discount code. Moreover, those pennies you saved can go to other things on your holiday. There can be more pennies spent at the amusement arcades, an extra ice cream or perhaps even dine out to a local pub or restaurant.

With so many locations for you to have your UK break, there’s hundreds of opportunities for you to take the family out without breaking the bank! For instance, have a family day out by the beach. It doesn’t matter which part of the coast you go to, you are bound to find miles of golden sand just waiting to be explored. Bring the kids along and for the cost of a bucket and spade they will have hours of fun. Watch them compete on who can build the biggest castle, and then when they get to knock it all down.

Furthermore, beach days are the dream for our furry family members. With miles of open land, they can chase a ball on, and even have a swim if they’re brave enough, they’re in pure bliss. And for you, take a towel and a maybe even a drink (or two) and sit back and relax. Bathe in the English sun and simply relax on your breakaway holidays.

Breakfree holidays

Everyone loves a holiday. Except for the security at the airport. And lugging about big suitcases up four flights of stairs. Oh and of course the kid kicking the back of your seat for the entire plane ride. But it’s worth it for a holiday, right? Well, imagine a perfect holiday without any of this stress. Seems impossible, but it’s not! With a UK staycation, break free from the stresses of travelling abroad. Simply show up and have fun. It truly is that easy!

Why not explore the county of Essex for a few days? Essex is such a popular area for families to visit, and the Holiday Parks there are incredibly popular. For instance, why not visit Coopers Beach Holiday Park? Tailored for families with kids this park is filled to the brim with activities and entertainment. Even the most lively of kids will surely be worn out after a day at this Holiday Park. Furthermore, there’s direct access to the gorgeous Mersea Island Beach. Enjoy your breakfree holidays on a beach towel with the cool sea breeze blowing through your hair. Watch as the kids jump the waves and find all types of seashells and pebbles to take home! Breakaway holidays in the UK don’t get much better than this. Take the time this year to make magical memories that the whole family won’t ever forget.

Days out around Essex

Perhaps a beach day isn’t quite what you’re looking for? Not to worry! Essex is truly budding with brilliant days out. For example, why not take a trip to the East Anglian Railway Museum? Although a museum doesn’t sound all that thrilling, this journey through time is undoubtedly family friendly. Walk through the Victorian buildings and gaze at the full-size restored trains. There’s so much to learn here and everyone is sure to love it.

Additionally, you could take a trip down to Colchester Castle. For those eager historians among us they’ll be thrilled to gaze at the many historical finds that are held here. Come and see everything from Celtic coins to Civil war armour, and even a replica ballista! Furthermore, this castle is the largest Norman keep in all of Europe, right here in Essex! You can even venture into the prisons below the castle, that is of course if you are brave enough!

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Breakaway holidays 2022

Thinking about treating yourself to a quick getaway? After all, how could you resist with our great range of breakaway holidays 2022. It’s an offer too good to simply pass. Go on, treat yourself and your loved ones to a UK breakaway holiday. You know you deserve it!

Furthermore, grab yourself some of the best UK breakaway deals with us at 2cHolidays. Especially when booking a last-minute UK breakaway deal! Occasionally we get last-minute cancellations which soon become our best last-minute deals. There’s are posted onto our Facebook page, so do keep your eyes peeled! They get booked up quick after all. In the past, guests have snapped a luxury lodge holiday for the weekend with 30% off! It’s a great money saver! Besides, everyone loves a bargain. How could you not! With the extra money saved you can treat yourself to a day out or even an extra night away.

UK deals for staycations

There’s no better feeling than knowing that you’ve bagged yourself an absolute bargain. Especially when you arrive at your holiday accommodation knowing the family next to you nearly paid double!

Besides UK break deals providing the ultimate value for money, a breakaway can be just the thing you need to relax the mind, body, and soul. Furthermore, they can easily fit into everyone’s schedule, even the busiest of people. Everyone’s got a little bit of time free to be able to let loose and forget about everyday life. A long weekend away only takes a day or two off work rather than a large chunk of days for a two-week holiday. Moreover, we all work hard, so spreading our holidays throughout the year seem the perfect way to give ourselves regular and timely breaks. Make an escape for it with our UK break deals. You won’t want to miss out on these!

Breakaway holidays 2023

Jetting off on a holiday abroad will always hold that sense of adventure. However, we believe you can have just as good if not better in the UK. Here’s why. One of the biggest reasons people travel abroad is to relax on a warm sunny beach. Surprisingly, so many of us don’t realise that the UK really does have some glorious beaches of its own.

The diverse county of Norfolk is home to many spectacular beaches. Set foot on Norfolk’s beautiful beaches to discover a variety of unique and breath-taking landscapes. Admire stunning sunsets as the sun sinks below the horizons at Hunstanton. Discover the seemingly endless sands of Holkham – just one part of the spectacular Holkham estate. There’s a full day of exploring just waiting to be had at Holkham alone! Enjoy the vibrant coloured beach huts lining the shore at Mundesley beach. For those budding surfers among you, bring your body boards here to jump the waves on.

Throw down your beach towel, lie back and unwind at Wells-next-the-Sea. On certain days of the year, you can even expect to see some seals lounging on the beautiful sand here. All these beaches in just one county! Forget jetting off, instead just travel to the diverse county of Norfolk. Moreover, book a breakaway holiday just a stone’s throw away from all of these glorious beaches in one of our fabulous properties.

Countryside UK breakaway holidays

Besides glorious beaches, the UK has plenty of beautiful countryside too. For those of you who like the idea of country strolls, crisp countryside air, hiking in the wilderness, there’s no better base than the English countryside. One area of outstanding natural beauty must be Lincolnshire. Enjoy its 216 square miles of unspoilt countryside, picturesque hidden valleys, and beautiful rolling green hills. Unquestionably, you’ll find all kinds of magnificent animals and wildlife. With many properties located on the popular Southview Holiday Park, this is the perfect way to explore the countryside on your breakaway holidays. There’s no need to miss out on adventure just because you don’t want to break the bank!

Each year the Lincolnshire Wolds welcomes thousands of walkers and explorers including at the annual Lincolnshire Wolds Walking Festival. Furthermore, one of the joys of exploring Lincolnshire is that you can discover plenty of historic market towns. From the fine market town of Louth to the Horncastle famed for its antiques as well as charming Alford with its five sailed windmill. So, get organising your breakaway holidays today! Our friendly bookers team will always be happy to help with any queries.