California Cliffs Parks Resorts

We often get customers asking for caravans at Summerfields park resorts and just opposite Sunmerfields park resorts is California cliffs. Both Summerfields park resorts and park resorts California cliffs used to be owned by a company called park resorts a few years ago, sometimes I am not sure if customers know and I guess it doesn’t matter always to the customer which company owns the sites. What was known as Summerfields park resorts and California cliffs park resorts the parks have improved and stayed the same in many respects now they are owned by Parkdean resorts which was two companies merging together park resorts and park dean have now become Parkdean resorts.  I remember my aunt buying a caravan when the holiday park was Park resorts California cliffs and the service was great as a owner and unfortunately she sold her caravan whilst it was a Park resorts California cliffs but her neighbour purchased a caravan when the holiday park changed from a Park resorts California cliffs to California cliffs Parkdean resorts and she can’t speak highly enough of the California cliffs Parkdean and the service she received whilst buying a caravan and the park facilities are super for her and her dog. Park dean holidays have a brilliant reputation in aiding owners in buying caravans and my aunts friend is thinking of buying a second caravan at Park dean Kessingland Beach. Park dean Kessingland is in Suffolk and in a beautiful spot of Suffolk and years ago Kessingland was owned by Park resorts and with the new company Parkdean resorts is now Park dean Kessingland.

So if you loved the holiday parks in Norfolk and Suffolk that used to be owned by park resorts rest assured that the parks are still very well looked after and we have only customers say positive things about the parks now there park dean resorts and if you’re thinking of buying a caravan on a Parkdean resorts site, I would highly recommend this and you can always call me on 01362 470888 and I can help with impartial advice in buying a caravan.