Cheap cancellation holidays

Cancellation holidays

We have a large range of caravans for hire and not only caravans for hire but lodges and cottages too.

We have a number of late deals and cancellation holidays and sometimes the cheap cancellation holidays are posted on our social media pages and quite often than not someone gets a bargain holiday.

Cheap cancellation holidays

Cheap cancellation holidays happen when we have a guest who’s booked a caravan for hire and can’t make the holiday. On some occasions we offer to resell the holiday and give the guests back the resale price. We have had four caravans that we have cancellation holidays UK because of various reasons and four people enjoyed a bargain holiday.

Cancellation holidays uk

The four Cancellation holidays Uk were in East Anglia and one of the  cncellation holidays was in a dog friendly holiday cottage in Suffolk and the new guests had the cancellation holiday at half the price.

We had two cancellation holidays at two caravans in Suffolk and we managed to resell both these caravans for hire in Suffolk to a large family who wanted to go on holiday very last minute. The families that had booked the caravans in Suffolk and then couldn’t go we’re happy they received a portion of their holiday money back. Lastly we had a cheap cancellation holidays that was booked for under one hundreds pound, and the family enjoyed a bargain holiday for two nights in a caravan in Skegness.

Cheap cancellation holidays are available to book online or you can call us to book the Cancellation holidays UK You may see the cancellation holidays on our Facebook twitter and Instagram account.

We will always try to help the guest who cannot go on their holiday by reselling the holiday and advertising it as a  cheap cancellation holidays. We have sold cheap cancellation holidays from as little as eighty seven pounds this week and the family really did have a great late deal. If you do book a cancellation holiday you will need to pay in full at the time of booking as the holiday will be within the six week period.