Caravan hire

Caravan hire

So many of us in the UK are booking caravan holidays. Within the UK holidays, caravan hire is extremely popular. With caravan holidays being a great way to spend time with friends and families and for couples too. There are so many variations of caravan hire too, making caravan holidays great for everyone. UK Caravans vary in size too, we offer 4 berth caravans for hire up to 9 berth caravans for hire. Most UK caravans for hire are 6 and 8 berth caravans. Within the huge size range of caravan hire, you then have a complete range of style.

Caravan Hire Norfolk

UK Caravan for Hire

Some UK caravans for hire are basic, and other UK caravans for hire have a complete luxurious feel to them. We have UK caravans for hire with dishwashers, double ovens, washing and drying machines. Making caravan hire much like a home from home with all the latest gadgets. We grade the UK caravans we have for hire on condition. The caravans on our website are all very different and there are no two caravans that are the same. All the caravans online have a unique five-digit number as a reference. If you want to book a caravan holiday online, it’s worth making a note of the number. Just for the easy more than anything, we wouldn’t want to book you into a caravan that you did not want to book.

Most UK caravans for hire have additional sleeping in the lounge and always have a double bedroom and a twin. The twin rooms sometimes consist of bunk beds instead of two twin beds. Additionally, UK caravans have a bathroom and often have a separate toilet, or two toilets. In the more luxury caravans have an ensuite bathrooms. The kitchen areas in all caravans for hire have enough kitchen equipment, so you can cook a meal for 6 or 8 people, depending on the size of the caravan you have hired. The more luxury caravans, have coffee machines, toasted sand which makers and in one caravan we have for hire, there is a popcorn maker.


All the UK caravans for hire have a TV as standard, again in the luxury caravans for hire you will find DVD players and additionally TVs in the bedrooms. Additionally in some Luxury caravans you will find a sky box too. If you take your own sky viewing card, you can watch your own sky package. We do have some UK caravans for hire that have a WiFi box in the caravan and you can use WiFi in the caravan. Although on all caravan sites there is an option for WiFi package to purchase, and I have to say all WiFi packages on caravan parks are very reasonable. WiFi is generally free on caravan parks in the reception areas and restaurants. failing that in all the areas the 3 and 4G is relatively strong. We know how important WiFi is to guests, especially teenagers!

Caravan 4 hire for 2 nights

So many guests love a week’s long holiday in a caravan. It seems that now short caravan hire is popular too. We have many guests who have been booking again and again and enjoying up to four or five caravan holidays during the year. We have one lady and her dog who booked over twelve times last year! She enjoyed caravan holidays so much she went away every month. Her dog went everywhere with her and with the range of pet friendly caravans we have to offer guests, this wasn’t at all difficult. After the customers 10th holiday, she indeed had her free holiday with our loyalty scheme.

If you haven’t heard about our free holiday scheme you may want to click on this link and look at the loyalty scheme. She enjoyed her free caravan hire with us and then is collecting again to fill in her loyalty card.

Mobile caravan hire

Caravans for 2 nights are available in every county we have caravan hire in. If you haven’t yet looked online to see where we offer caravan hire you may want to see all the beautiful locations that we have UK caravans for hire. Our newest caravan park is Skipsea Sands in Yorkshire and we have a great range of caravans there. As with all the other counties along the East Coast, Yorkshire is hugely popular. We have recently had a guest who book three caravan holidays. They started off at Skipsea Sands Holiday Park and enjoyed caravan hire for 2 nights, then went to Norfolk to enjoy an additional 2-night break and finally ended up in Suffolk for the last of her 2-night break. Our caravan holidays for 2 nights are very reasonable, and we have 15% off all holidays currently including breaks for 2 nights.

Caravan Hire

Caravan hire Skegness

We have quite a few UK caravans for hire at Southview Holiday Park. Southview Skegness was a new caravan park for us a year ago. We now have many Southview Skegness caravan hire available on our website. Southview is a Holiday Park in Lincolnshire and is a fabulous caravan park for families. Southview Skegness caravan hire is extremely popular, and you can enjoy caravan hire for 2 nights in over twenty caravans. We have a whole page dedicated to Southview Skegness. Additionally, we have a page on things to do around Skegness too. Skegness is very lively and there is a bus you can catch from Southview to Skegness at all times of the day and night. Caravans 4 hire in Skegness is popular because of this traditional Seaside area being one of Britain’s top resorts.

Static caravan hire

Many guests have book 2-night caravan holidays at Southview all year, the park is open for many of the winter months and still Skegness is busy even then. We have a range of different quality caravans and have a page called Southview Skegness caravan hire. You will find luxury caravans to hire at Southview and cheap caravans for hire too. Caravan hire starts from eighty pounds at Southview Skegness, and you can book a caravan holiday here every month apart from January and February. We have had people enjoy a Christmas break at this caravan park too. There are fishing lakes and beautiful areas of this caravan park. Many guests have booked who wanted a fishing break too. The entertainment and swimming pools are second to none and entertainment for family’s is outstanding. You can save 15% discount on any Southview Skegness caravan hire.

 Southview Skegness

Private caravan hire Skegness is available for a 2-night stay for this weekend if you are looking for a great weekend away. Caravan hire for 2 nights start from eighty five pounds. This is a great buy if you’re looking for a last minute for hire in Lincolnshire. You can book caravan hire for 2 night or more and if you’re booking for 2023 holidays all you need to pay is a £25 deposit. The balance of the caravan hire will be due six weeks before you arrive at the caravan holiday. All the caravans for hire are privately owned caravans. They are all unique and each private caravan for hire offers something different for everyone.

Caravans 4 hire UK

For example, you may want a private caravan for hire with decking, there are many caravans for hire with decking. You may like a private caravan that has bunk beds for the children, you can choose. The combination of things you do and don’t like in a caravan is endless. We have so much choice of caravan hire, owners making their caravans homely and some make them spacious, each one is different and can be viewed on each park page individually. You can also find out on our website about owning your own static caravan. There is a for sale page that offers caravans for sale at Southview. Other caravan parks are also available to look at if you’re looking at buying a caravan.

Caravan hire Norfolk

With UK holidays very popular with families and couples looking for a UK caravan for hire along the British Isles. Here at 2cHolidays we have many different types of Caravans for hire, including Haven caravans for hire. For example, at one of the five-star Holiday Parks in Norfolk as that’s at Haven Hopton. With woodland Haven Holiday Parks like Wild Duck offer a different kind of UK caravan holiday. With tremendous woodlands and lakes and an enormous amount of nature. Other privately owner caravans in areas where there’s not much to do but near a good seaside town and beach are also popular for example Sunkist Holiday Park in Lincolnshire.

Holiday caravans for hire

With such a great choice of forty holiday caravans for hire on commercial Holiday Parks and remote UK Holiday Parks gives a vast choice to absolutely everyone. Once you have picked the UK destination you want to enjoy a caravan break in different types of static caravans for hire. Including static caravans for hire with dogs. Yes, in fact we have half the UK caravans for hire over half are dog friendly caravans for hire. Furthermore, you can choose different grades of caravans for your family and your beloved pet. You will find the grading of the static caravans for hire online; they start from Topaz to Platinum caravans. Not to mention the range of sea view caravans for hire at many of the Holiday Parks in the UK. Personally, I really love a holiday home with a sea view and many guests book up a UK holiday well in advance.

Private caravan for hire Reviews

We have some reviews on guests who have stayed with us and enjoyed a caravan holiday at Southview Skegness. The review is from Tobi who stayed at Southview.

“We were looking for Caravan hire in Lincolnshire and we wanted private caravan hire in Skegness. Myself and my wife, searched and there was none that were suitable. Then we spotted a few adverts for private caravan hire Skegness. My wife called and booked, which may I add was easy. We wanted Southview Skegness, because we wanted to take my son to the Skegness natureland in Skegness. We also wanted to go to Southview because our friends had said how lively it was. It was so lively; my son loved the swimming, there are even the evening discos. My wife was happy with the caravan hire at Southview too. It was clean and the beds were made up, saving us a job. We liked the site so much, we wanted to go for a week’s long holiday. We went for a 2-night break, and it just wasn’t long enough”

Review of a UK caravan for hire

We stayed at Sunkist Holiday Park in a privately owned caravan in Lincolnshire. Myself and my family had a lovely break in August and enjoyed the peace and tranquillity. The caravan was very well places on the campsite in Lincolnshire. We enjoyed Anderby creek beach, and spent many days in the heat on the beach splashing around and building Sandcastles. Luckily, we had brilliant weather this August and it defiantly made it a great traditional British break! We are hoping to book again this static caravan for 2023 holidays and use our fifty-pound voucher we received from 2cHolidays.

This will be many in a long line of caravan holidays we have booked. We like the fact we can book a privately owned caravan and know where on park we will be located. Additionally, it’s great that 2cHolidays provide affordable holidays and as a single parent it’s great that I can take my children on holiday and still have money left for the arcades. Thanks to the caravan owner and to the 2cHolidays for a great break away at Sunkist Holiday Park. I wanted to add how clean the caravan was too which made us feel very comfortable, and home from home.