Caravan holidays

Caravan holidays

Have you thought about caravan holidays? Are you used to camping, but thinking of upgrading to a caravan? Maybe you usually stay in a hotel holiday and want to try a self catering option? Do you want to take your dog and thought about caravan holidays? There are so many reasons people love caravan holidays. Flexibility is one of the reasons. You can do as little or as much as you want on caravan holidays. For example if you usually go on Hotel holidays you have to get up and have breakfast at a certain time. On caravan holidays you don’t have that. Alternatively you can use the self catering kitchen and cook your own, or walk to the café down the road and have a full English.

Or if you are on a caravan park, the restaurants on there are very good and very accommodating.

Caravan holidays give you options. When you book a 6 berth caravan you can allow six family members or friends to stay with you. Of course you don’t have to have the caravan to the full capacity. However you can swap and change before the booking begins. For example if you book for a nephew  then cant make the caravan holiday. You can swap this for your niece and amend the caravan holiday booking. There are no additional fees either to change names on the caravan holiday booking. Caravan holidays are so luxurious compared to camping, in all caravan holiday homes there is a source of heater. Many caravan have central heating too. All caravans have hot water and showers. Some of the luxury caravans have baths and showers too.

Dogs on caravan holidays

There are so many reasons why caravan holidays are so good and are a great way to enjoy a self catering holiday in the UK. Without a doubt if you have a dog and want to go on a holiday by the coast, caravan holidays are fantastic for this. Caravan holidays have so much to offer those going on a dog friendly holiday. Additionally dogs seem to love caravans and being by the coast. We have a great range of dog friendly caravans, some with dog friendly decking with enclosed gates. Please get in touch if you are looking for a holiday for you and your dog, we may be able to help you find the perfect location and caravan for you and your four legged friend.

Did you know you can enjoy a caravan holiday with your dog for a short break as well as weekly holidays. Yes you can enjoy a 2 night break with us and check in to your caravan any day you wish. Caravan holidays can also be  extended, albeit not guaranteed. If you and your dog are enjoyed the sunshine and want to extend your holiday, just call us. As a rule we do have guests  in after guests leave, however we do have availbilty sometimes. Its always worth ask to extend your holiday break. You may want to consider when booking your caravan holidays to check the area for a dog friendly beach. Most caravan parks are close to dog friendly beaches, but its always worth checking before you book your holiday with your dog.

Static caravan holidays

Caravan sites in Essex are very popular. We have two caravan parks in Essex that are next door to each other we rent privately owned caravans out on Seawick holiday park and St Osyths holiday park, they are great caravan parks in Essex and are owned by a company called Park holidays in Essex. Static caravan holidays are available to book ten months of the year at both Essex caravan parks. You may be surprised that even in the winter these areas are very popular. Additionally at both caravan parks in Essex we have a variety of static caravan holidays to offer everyone. Inclusive of 6 and 8 berth caravan and dog friendly static caravans too!

These Holiday parks near Clacton on sea in Essex are near dog friendly beaches in Essex. If your looking for static caravan holidays and want to take a dog. These areas and beaches may be ideal. Dog friendly things happening around Clacton too. Furthermore if you are booked to stay in caravan and want to find out whats available for you and your dog. The good dog guide is brilliant when you are going on holiday and want to find things to do for the dog and yourselves. Static caravan holidays in Essex are on offer currently if you go to our late deals page. There is a selection of static caravan holidays on offer and some in the Essex area that are available.

Caravan holidays UK

We offer the widest range of caravan holidays UK. With more than two hundred caravan holidays UK available to book for 2021 including bank holidays 2021! Caravan holidays in the UK are so very popular, giving family’s freedom to book a affordable holidays. Who doesn’t like a bucket and spade and build sandcastle with the children. Or if your a dog owner you can enjoy a walk on the beach with your dog. Children love caravan holidays in UK. So many guests have taken their children abroad and on a caravan holiday in the UK. Then asked at the end of the year when both holidays are completed. Which one did you enjoy? The children replied the caravan holiday in the UK.

Th caravan parks are set up for children and its all about the children. From dawn to dusk there is something to keep the children entertained on a caravan holiday in the UK. Its all very exciting for children, with the swimming pools in the day and the different play parks. Then in the evening the bright lights and the chance to mix with other children. Often children make great friends when they are on  caravan holidays in the UK. As a result of all of the above, children adore caravan holidays and even teenagers often quite like the entertainment complex. Or the Papa Johns that is on the caravan park.

Caravan rental

Our caravans in Essex are available to view on our website and we have various types of dog friendly caravans in Essex too. We often on the website have caravans for sale in Essex. Private caravan hire in the Orchards Essex which is a Haven park is also very popular and we have just one caravan at the Orchards to hire but we are looking for more caravans for hire at the orchards. Caravan rental is easy on any park and to book it will just five minutes. By all means call us if in any doubt. I know if can be confusing with so many caravan holidays that we offer. Once you become a regular customer it will feel like second nature. So making caravan holidays to choose from.

You may have questions about the caravan rental and even when you book a caravan with us. You may still have queries about the caravan rental.

We do give you a 24 hour emergency telephone number when you book a caravan holiday with us. If you do have any emergencies you will know to call us. We take great pride in looking after guests before and whilst their enjoy their holiday with us. Caravan rental is affordable too. You can book caravan holidays now for 2021 and pay a very low deposit of twenty five pounds.  A low deposit and the balance will be due six weeks before you arrive. We have it all covered so you can relax and enjoy caravan holidays to your hearts content. Take a look at our review from a customer that loves caravan holidays in the UK. Mrs Gates had her first caravan rental from us this year and this is what she had to say.


“From start to finish the caravan rental process was a dream. If only everything was a easy as booking a caravan with 2cholidays. My family and I love caravan holidays and we liked the great choice this company offered. We felt we could book with confidence and the staff were so very helpful and very nice. The static caravan we booked looked very beautiful. When we arrived it was equally as nice as the pictures online. As a rule i am very fussy and the cleaning standards were tip top. My family all agreed the static was great. So with that in mind with the service we were given i would rate this a good solid five stars! We really liked the Essex caravan park too and found there was more than enough for the children to do.

We did enjoy the Clacton Air show that was on at Clacton beach whilst staying at St Osthy beach. It was very busy in Clacton, but defiantly recommend this amazing air show. When we vacated the holiday home. We recieved a voucher to come back and enjoy another static. So we have book a UK holiday for 2021 and we are going back to Essex. Ironically the same time that Clacton Air show is on, which is great for us. Thanks again to the team and having a great family holiday together. We have already recommended you to other family members who are looking at a 2021 holiday in Essex.” From Jen who stayed in a 8 berth caravan at St Osyth beach holiday park in Essex. If you are thinking of booking a 2021 holiday, book soon to save disappointment.