Caravan holidays with dogs

Caravan holidays with dogs

Caravan holidays with dogs start from £100. Check in and start your dog friendly breaks any day you wish. If you have two or three dogs, check in the description of the dog friendly caravans for hire where we state if two to three dogs are welcome. Going on a dog friendly break and want to arrive early? Ensure your dog is settled and add an early check-in to your dog friendly break. Likewise, we do offer late checkouts when you go on holiday with your dog. Just book this early check or late checkout online or call us to add it on after you have booked your caravan holidays with dogs.

Caravan Holidays In Norfolk With Dogs
Caravan Holidays With Dogs In Yorkshire
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Caravan holidays with dogs in the UK

Caravan holidays with dogs are becoming more and more popular in the UK. We know just how important it is to bring your pooch along with you on your next adventure. Forget the dreaded stress of finding a dog sitter, or even worse booking them into the kennels. Many of the dog friendly caravans and lodges feature decking areas which is perfect for your dog during your holidays. Not to forget the UK is spoilt for great choices of destinations. From miles of vast sandy beaches to open landscapes and adventurous hills, there’s plenty for you and your doggo to explore. Whether it’s a leisurely countryside walk or a run on the beach, your four-legged friend will love getting about!

Static caravan holidays with dogs

View our collection of caravan holidays which welcomes you and your dog. A static caravan holiday provides all the home comforts you could possibly need. After a day out, put your feet up in the cosy lounge or spend a summer evening relaxing on the decking making the most of the warm nights. To our furry friends the UK is like one big playground for them to explore, so get exploring! With dog friendly caravan holidays in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Kent and now Wales, there’s plenty to choose from! With many styles and types of caravan holidays to fit all budgets too. Find what you’re looking for with 2cHolidays.

Last minute dog friendly breaks

Last-minute caravan holidays with the dogs are so handy. Especially for those times when you’re in need of a change in scenery! Last-minute breaks don’t often seem possible when you’ve got a dog at home, however. With dog friendly last-minute breaks anything is possible. Say goodbye to the stress of waving you pooch behind, organizing a dog sitter and all the rest of it. Just chuck their bed, a few toys, and their food in the car. It’s all so simple.

Treat yourself to that last-minute escape that you deserve. Last-minute holidays are great in the sense that you can gauge the weather. Moreover, make the most of the unreliable British weather. Imagine a forecast for gleaming sunshine. Why not book a last-minute break with the dog. Enjoy beach days with the kids and the dogs! Explore stunning countryside. Or simply enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones. Without a doubt our last-minute caravans are a great way to grab yourself a bargain too! With up to 30% off on deals, why would you not book a holiday for the price! See our last-minute dog friendly breaks on our special offers page.

Caravan holidays in Skegness with dogs

Skegness – or Skeggy, known as by the locals – is a great holiday destination for the whole family, including the doggo. Caravan holidays in Skegness with the dogs is bound to provide lots of smiles and constant wagging tails. Initially, people associate Skegness as just a traditional seaside town full to the brim with seaside entertainment. However, it has much more to offer than golden sands, arcades, and the rest. Firstly, Skegness is in the heart of Lincolnshire. It’s flat open countryside, endless fens and beautiful natural spaces are perfect for your dog to explore. Spend your day on a seaside dog walk before stopping by a few dog friendly pubs or cafe. Or, let their four paws tread the historic streets of Lincoln where you can delve into many pet friendly eateries.

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We have a superb range of dog friendly caravan holidays in Skegness such as, Sunkist Holiday Park. Situated in the quaint coastal hamlet of Anderby creek but also just minutes away from the bright lights of Skegness. It’s a great location for those looking to enjoy family time together – dogs included. I’m sure they’ll love exploring the scents on the beach, rushing back and forth into the shallow waters. Additionally, caravan holidays in Skegness with dogs are easy to find on our website, with many caravans catering for dogs. Furthermore, all the caravans are priced accordingly on spec and our grading system.

Dog friendly caravan holidays in Yorkshire

Thinking about sharing a caravan holiday with the dog in Yorkshire? Why not! Yorkshire is the perfect destination for your pooch. Not to mention, Yorkshire has a great array of shops, pubs, and cafes that welcome your beloved doggo. As well as many great pet friendly walking spots, including the Yorkshires Dales where you and the family pet can explore all the new scents and smells. If relaxing and exploring is your thing, this is perfect for you! Enjoy lovely views from the North Sea and great coastal footpaths leading you to the narrow sandy beach at Skipsea. This rural beach never gets too busy which makes is very popular for birdwatching and fishing too! More importantly, you’ll be pleased to know that there are no dog restrictions here! This means your pooch can run wild on the golden sands all year round.

Explore on your Caravan Holiday

If you and your four-legged friend are looking for a holiday combo of relaxation and exploration, then look no further than the stunning county of Yorkshire. Not only does Yorkshire offer superb walks on the it’s ragged coastlines and nature trails but it also has a fantastic variety of doggy days out. All members of the family can thoroughly enjoy themselves. After a doggy day out, idle away with a caravan holiday with the dogs in Yorkshire. A caravan holiday provides all the home comforts you could possibly need. Cosy up on the sofa with your loved ones and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Wondering what to do in Yorkshire with the doggo? Don’t worry, we have a great range of doggy days out lined up for you.

Caravan holidays with dogs in Yorkshire

Take a short drive out and get that nostalgic feel as you walk along Bridlington seafront. Take a stroll down Bridlington south promenade. Enjoy a beach day. Treat yourself and the kids to an ice-cream by the sea! In addition, Bridlington is a brilliant destination for a dog friendly holiday. Besides plenty of opportunity to walk along beaches and countryside, Bridlington offers numerous dog friendly pubs and eateries. One highly recommended is the lobster pot which welcomes dog on its patio area. Similarly, the ship inn welcomes your doggo too. It is perfectly placed next to the stunning stately home of Sewebry Hall and gardens which makes for great day out too! Once finished exploring for the day, our caravan retreat is the perfect place to enjoy a drink and relax.

Days out in Yorkshire

Take a trip on the north York moors railway where the whole family can hop aboard and gaze through 24 miles of Yorkshire beautiful scenery. Fancy something a bit more active? Visit Brimham Rocks which both the doggies and children will adore this natural playground. Your pooch can wind their way through the moorland and woodland and discover all the smells and sights this fab place has to offer. Not to mention, a fun filled day out for the whole family is on the Yorkshire coastline. Let your four-legged friend off the lead so they can run wild on the sandy shores. Head back to the caravan after a jam-packed day out where you can finally put your feet up. Ensure that your beloved dog with sleep soundly all night.

Caravan Holidays With Dogs Yorkshire
Static Caravan Holidays With Dogs

Caravan holidays in Norfolk with dogs

Who wants to go on holiday with their dog? I would say over half of the holidays we get asked for are pet friendly holidays and dog friendly breaks. Holidays with dogs are just as important as holidays with children for some guests. Let’s face it. The dog friendly breaks are often near a beach or a forest area where dogs are always welcome on most occasions. Holidays with dogs are important to a nation that love their dogs. After all, we treat them like part of the family. Book dog friendly caravan holidays with us at 2cHolidays. We will look for a particular dog friendly caravan that will suit your needs and your well-loved dog too.

Dog friendly breaks in Norfolk

Without a doubt, Norfolk is one of the most dog friendly counties within the UK. Being famous for its North Norfolk beaches – many being dog friendly all year round – it’s practically doggy heaven. There’s a whole bundle of dog-friendly places in Norfolk to visit too. Caravan holidays are a great way to spend time with the whole family, making them the perfect base for exploration. If your pooch loves water, make sure to take a trip to the famous Norfolk broads. Hire a boat for the day with the whole family – dogs included!

Fancy a paddle? Head to Salhouse where your pup and the kids can splash around in the shallow waters. Oh, and don’t worry. If you’re feeling peckish, just moor up at one of the many great pubs on the broads. Sit back in the beer garden with a pint of beer or glass of wine. Norfolk welcomes dogs with open arms. With quaint towns to explore, wide-open countryside and beautiful beaches, it’s the perfect holiday destination for your family. Not to forget, all the wonders included within a caravan holiday. With endless activities for the kids, entertainment for the whole family and sandy beaches just a stone throw away, what’s not to love with a caravan holiday in Norfolk with the dogs!

Norfolk dog friendly holidays

Remove the stress and guilt of leaving your dog behind whilst you set off on your holiday adventure. Instead, let them join in. It’s only fair. After all, they are part of the family. Don’t think for one minute that a caravan holiday with the dog means that you must compromise on luxury. Many of our dog friendly caravans are just as luxurious as some of our non-pet-friendly caravans. Often, we’re asked which Holiday Park is best suited for a holiday with the dog. To answer that, we ask you to think about the location of the caravan. We always suggest picking a caravan holiday near a beach so that your pup can run wild and burn off all that energy ensuring they sleep soundly all night.

For instance, Hopton Holiday Village has direct access to a dog friendly beach. This is perfect to tire your dog out with a game of fetch, or a swim in the sea. Other than glorious sands, Hopton offers a wide arrange of activities for the little ones too! It has been rated in top ten Haven Holiday Parks in the UK. However, we also offer less commercial dog friendly breaks. Fancy some peace and tranquillity? Find it at Wild Duck Holiday Park which is just minutes from the Norfolk Broads. For those looking for a more relaxed holiday, this is the park! So much choice I know but it’s great to find the perfect dog friendly break for everyone. After all, happy pet means happy pet owners.

Dog friendly caravan holidays

For most of the destinations we can offer holidays with dogs there is a great dog friendly beach nearby or in walking distance. The first dog friendly break I had was at Heacham beach. This was my first dog friendly caravan holiday with the family. We were grateful the dog friendly beach in Heacham was just a two-minute walk from our dog friendly caravan. Moreover, Heacham beach was just stunning. With miles of unspoilt beaches and gorgeous views, we couldn’t get enough.

Heacham Beach Holiday Park is super dog friendly!

After a long walk we found a great dog friendly cafe called Heacham holt cafe. Heacham holt cafe was dog friendly, and our dog met with lots of other dogs. The Heacham holt cafe provided fresh water outside and a great hot chocolate for us. The Heacham holt cafe was just on the beach of Heacham. Undoubtedly, it offered something I hadn’t seen before and that was a fish and chip deal inside of a bucket and spade which fitted with this beach theme. So, if you are looking for dog friendly caravan holidays, I would recommend Heacham Beach Holiday Park.

Looking for pet friendly holidays in a holiday cottage? We have a great dog friendly cottage in Heacham too. Additionally, this is within walking distance to Heacham beach. I am sure you will feel as I did, a holiday without your dog isn’t really a holiday. We have over 200 dog friendly breaks and many dog friendly caravan holidays all over East Anglia. There isn’t a reason not to enjoy holidays with dogs really is there?

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Dog friendly stays in Norfolk

Without a doubt, Norfolk is one of the most dog friendly places in the country. It really does welcome you and your pooch with open arms. From beautiful dog walks through the popular Norfolk Broads to several great dog-friendly beaches scattered across the coastline, it’s the perfect place for any four-legged friend! What better way to explore this award-winning county than with a caravan holiday in Norfolk with the dogs?

Here is a review from a regular guest who has stayed and had many caravan holidays with her dogs. It’s great when we get guest feedback from regular customers.

“After staying along the Norfolk coastline with my fur babies I was so pleased. Our toy poodles are like our children so caravan holidays with dogs are essential. The caravan holidays we have experienced with 2cHolidays have been exceptional. Furthermore, the range of dog friendly caravans they have to offer make amazing holidays for us. With four dogs to keep happy it needs to be right. The dog friendly holidays have been clean and well thought out. We want to book 2023 holidays this month and choose our dog friendly caravans already for our caravan holidays in 2023.