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We are luckily enough to offer over sixty caravans for hire on haven holiday parks. The haven holiday parks we have to offer guests are in East Anglia and start at Haven Thorpe park to the Orchard Haven park and the haven holiday parks in Norfolk which we have four which is brilliant.

When looking for the perfect accommodation most of the haven holidays parks will hire out a travel cot, meaning one less thing to pack and worry about. The bonus of a caravan rental holidays is it the freedom it gives,  so why not see what haven holidays 2019 can bring to you and your family. Hiring a travel cot on site can be brilliant if you are travelling by coach or train or even if the car is packed with kids and luggage. Caravan rental on any of the haven holidays parks will be so exciting to look forward to. Haven Caister first opened in 1906 so this proves in itself what a wonderful place to visit, why not have a go at the climbing wall or if your more like me then a walk along the beach will do just nicely for energetic activity. Haven seashore offers direct beach access, just perfect when taking the children and things for a day on the glorious sand and fun in the sea no need to start the car perfect for any haven holidays 2019 you book.

Deluxe caravan

Haven caravan parks are all very similar and designed to a very high standard with the great evening entertainment program and swimming pools and generally the same standard and the haven caravan parks are always spotless and at Haven they grade their caravans as we do so a haven deluxe caravan would be like our Ruby caravans for hire and the haven deluxe caravans are very popular and very affordable and to a high standard or caravan accommodation.

Prestige caravan

Haven prestige caravan is another grade of caravan that Haven holiday parks offer and usually 12 foot wide and are very high quality caravans for hire this would be equivalent to our diamond caravans that we have on Haven caravan parks. The haven prestige caravans are also very popular and I myself have stayed in a prestige caravan at haven Thorpe park many years ago this type of luxury caravan is great.

Platinum caravan

Haven platinum caravans are usually with decking and are extremely luxurious and I have too stayed in a haven platinum caravan at the Orchards Haven and everything was brand new and I could also check in early which was a real bonus. Haven platinum caravan I guess is equivalent to our diamond plus caravans or our platinum caravans.

Last minute deals

A caravan is no longer a caravan, the degree in luxury living whilst on holiday is incredible and so much choice for guests at the Haven holiday parks and on levels of caravans and Lodges on haven parks there are always some Haven last minute deals and like us if you sign up to their newsletter you can be the first to enjoy haven last minute deals on Haven prestige caravan and Haven platinum caravan and not forgetting Haven deluxe caravans. We also have a newsletter to tell guests when we have last minute deals and often we have great haven last minute deals on the haven holiday parks where we rent out privately owned caravans owned by the owner. We as a small independent company feel so privileged to be able to offer guests haven last minute deals on the these stunning haven caravan parks. We have a new platinum caravan at Haven Hopton we have just launched on our website today and we have available dates and great haven last minute deals on the bank holiday weekend for two nights on our late deals page. We do have new caravans for hire on Haven caravan parks coming on frequently and all different grades on caravans and Lodges on haven holiday parks on East Anglia.

Haven Holidays

Haven holidays have been providing great haven holidays parks across the country for several decades now a couple of the popular ones in the Norfolk area are haven caister and haven seashore these are both like being on holiday in a resort far away from normal life, it is great if your children are slightly older and be given the freedom to let them go the pool on their own or visit the amusements with little bit of pocket money. Haven holidays are often a “go to” when deciding on a destination due to their great reputation for providing wonderful stays on their haven holidays parks. Haven Caister (see more) is a fantastic location along the Norfolk coast not far from Great Yarmouth, another great one in the area is Haven Seashore (see more) another short drive the very popular seaside resort of Great Yarmouth, the facilities they offer on site are astounding.

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