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We rent owners caravans out on thirty two holiday sites. We have caravans for hire on many Haven sites UK. We have two caravans for hire on a Haven caravan site in Essex called the Orchards holiday park which is a great Haven park in Essex and has a superb outdoor pool shaped as a boat which is pretty special. We offer some great offers on the caravans for hire at the Orchards haven caravan site just as haven do there amazing Haven holiday offers. Moving to other haven sites UK in Norfolk we have caravans to hire at the Haven Wild duck and this is again a brilliant haven caravan sites set in a forestry and beautiful setting and true to form this haven caravan site is surrounded by ducks. We have a couple of caravans for hire at the Wild duck holiday park and one lodge at Haven wild duck with a full lake view again we have some great holiday offers on the caravans for hire at the Haven wild duck.

Caravan sites

Haven sites UK are always so well looked after and like many Haven caravan sites Haven Hopton is a prime example of a well looked after haven caravan site. Haven Hopton is known for its golf course and Hopton beach adjacent to this fine haven caravan sites. Just a few miles down the road we rent out caravans at another Haven caravan site at Caister Haven and in my option this large Haven site is thriving and the beach at Caister Haven is just stunning and a very popular Haven caravan site. Just down the road from Caister we hire caravans out on Seashore Haven site which is in a great location in Great Yarmouth, this great Haven site in Great Yarmouth is very well known from the train that picks you up from Seashore Haven into Great Yarmouth, the train is very colorful and the children on the train always look like they are having fun.

Haven Caravan Sites

I have enjoyed many haven holidays at this holiday myself as a youngster as well as the other Haven sites in Norfolk. Lastly we have caravans for hire at a haven site in Lincolnshire and a very popular haven site in the UK. This haven caravan site is called Thorpe park and offers lake views and stunning stretches of beaches. So in east Anglia we do have a range of haven holidays to offer guests on a great range of Haven caravan sites.

We have some great haven holiday offers currently on all the haven holidays with discount off all the haven holidays we have to offer guests and you can find the haven holiday offers online including our social media pages.

Haven holiday offers start from one hundred pounds for a two night stay.

Haven holidays are so equipped for the families to have a fun packed holiday and on the

Haven caravan sites there are full entertainment programs day and night. It’s just trying to choose the

Haven sites UK that are right for you and your family and if you can’t decide which haven holidays you may like you could read the reviews on the haven parks in East Anglia. Reviews are a great way to decide what might suit you in a haven park and what might not.

Do you love a late Easter break or do you like booking a Easter break well in advance. There is no right or wrong but we can accommodate you with both and this year we had many customers who booked late Easter breaks I think because we had rather cold temperatures in March. This year Easter holidays 2019 don’t start until April and this year Easter holidays were very early.

Last year we were lucky enough to have a new caravan at Haven Thorpe park just before Easter holidays and we visited the park in Lincolnshire for the first time just before the Easter holidays.

Haven Thorpe park if you haven’t been to this Haven caravan site I can highly recommend it, for many reasons as all the Haven parks are always presented very well if you have travelled and holidayed at Haven caravan sites you will know what I mean but Thorpe park Lincolnshire is such a stunning park and the setup of Haven Thorpe park is one which is so spacious and like many other Haven caravan sites is very well thought out and Thorpe park Lincolnshire has different areas so towards the back to the holiday park there are fishing lakes and tranquility. Haven Thorpe park has lake views which are equally as relaxing and when I say that Haven caravan sites really do think about everything they truly do!

I stayed in a caravan which I booked directly with a Seaview and I stayed at Haven Hopton and was just overwhelmed with the size and the space of this holiday park not to mention that I am the biggest fan of Seaview s and would always pay extra for a lodge or caravan with a Haven Seaview as they call it. Even at night to enjoy the sea glistening and to wake up and sit on a veranda drinking tea overlooking Hopton beach was a treat. That holiday was by far the nicest caravan holiday I had had.

So if your looking for a Haven Easter break 2019 you can book a Haven Seaview now or wait and you can get late Easter breaks but you may not be able to enjoy a Haven Seaview or Lakeview so just me mindful of that.