Caravans For Sale Norfolk

Caravans for sale Great Yarmouth

Have you ever thought about Owning your own caravan? What it would be like if you purchased you own caravan and were able to go to your own holiday home whenever you felt like it? Being on holiday mode nearly every weekend sounds appealing doesn’t it? I know quite a lot about owning your own caravan as I have six caravans. I was on holiday at California cliffs and the family really enjoyed the 6 berth caravan we had hired off the park at the time. We looked around lots of holiday parks in Norfolk and found caravans for sale Great Yarmouth and whilst we were on holiday we looked at some great caravans for sale at in Norfolk, Great Yarmouth being our favorite.

Cheap caravans for sale in Norfolk

We were so impressed with the cheap caravans for sale in Norfolk particularly at California cliffs (see park). We were going to buy a 6 berth caravan at California cliffs and then we saw a 8 berth Altas Florida super caravan for sale. It was in immaculate condition and we brought a it. We had a superb service from the sales team and we never looked back.

Static Caravans for sale Norfolk

Owning your own caravan was a great lifestyle choice. We really loved the Atlas Florida super static caravan as it was so spacious and very much an open plan caravan. It was better for us to own a 8 berth caravan rather than a 6 berth caravan so that if we wanted the extended family to visit they could come and enjoy a holiday in our Atlas Florida Super caravan. Our friends stayed with us in the caravan we had brought from California cliffs sales team and they decided to start looking for caravans for sale in Great Yarmouth. They purchased their first caravan at California cliffs holiday park in Great Yarmouth. (see park info)

Caravans for sale Great Yarmouth

The great thing is that there is a great range of caravans for sale in Norfolk and if you’re thinking of buying a caravan and you have been looking for Cheap caravans for sale in Norfolk it’s worth visiting the park sales teams around Norfolk they will have all the time for owners and the events they put on for the caravan owners is second to none. Great yarmouth is a fantastic place to holiday. (website info)

I have brought this year another 6 berth caravan it’s called a Willerby vogue and more like a lodge. The willaby vogue has lovely decking which is great if you love relaxing outside. All caravans are just so different it’s hard to imagine how many styles of 6 berth caravans there are and how many different shapes of decking you can get for your own caravan.

We have some caravans for sale on our website and lots of Cheap caravans for sale in Norfolk.

Owning your own caravan can be very easy and so much fun and if I can help with any questions and impartial advice we aren’t a caravan sales team at 2cholidays but we can certainly guide you if you’re thinking of buying a caravan. If you buy a caravan and you want information about renting your caravan out we have an online brochure you can download on renting out your caravan or you can call us and we can make an appointment so we can meet you and your caravan.  We can go through the rental income you could expect to receive. Some owners don’t want to rent out their caravan or you may want to rent your caravan out yourself and we can help you rent out dates you can’t fill.