Camping and Caravan Sites

Camping and Caravan Sites UK

Looking for your next get-away at camping and caravan sites UK? Well, look no further. Unlike your same old boring hotel, camping and caravanning is where the fun is at! Okay so you may not get an all-inclusive experience with meals freshly prepared for you (unless you have a very well-trained husband!). However, there is something special about camping and caravanning that other accommodations can’t match.

The Great Outdoors

First and foremost, for me, I just love being in the great outdoors. Fresh air, beautiful scenery and calm nature sounds, what’s not to like? Additionally, for both camping and caravanning, there are so many options to choose from. You can pretty much pick and choose your favourite location and for caravanning you can often choose your quality rating too.

Camping And Caravan Sites

Camping and Caravanning Sites

Unlike most other booking platforms and companies, we offer a huge range of camping and caravanning locations throughout the UK. There are many popular camping locations across the UK. Including some of my favourites like Carlton Meres Holiday Park, which is a great scenic spot and great for fishing too.


Camping and caravanning sites are great for families of all ages as they often offer on-site entertainment and a good range of other activities. Along with this, they make great bases for exploring local areas. Plus, a huge benefit to booking on camping and caravanning sites, unlike camping off the grid, is that you often have facilities to use on-site.

Stress Free & Value For Money

Undoubtedly, camping and caravanning sites offer a great vacation option for those on a budget too. In addition to being great value for money, camping and caravanning is without a doubt a lot less stressful than travelling abroad. Furthermore, it’s an easy option to be spontaneous and just book and go, no questions asked. That’s pretty stress free & value for money if you ask me.

Caravan and Camping Sites in Wales

Unquestionably, one of the best things about camping and caravanning is seeing and exploring the vast natures and scenes throughout the UK. Caravan and camping sites in Wales are no exception. There are few greater places to visit should you be looking for that wow factor. I mean the views are simply stunning, with rolling hills and rich greenery.

Ranked: Our Favourite Caravan & Camping Sites In Wales

One of the best caravan and camping sites in Wales, for me, must be Red Kite Touring Park. It’s super pet friendly, great for fishing folk and has even won awards. It also offers a great location with plenty of walks and sights to see. Alternatively, if you are already a Red Kite regular and fancy a change up, give Bargoed Farm a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed. It is child friendly, pet friendly and has brilliant on-site facilities.


The great thing about caravan and camping in Wales is that you have mountains and beautiful scenes at your doorstep. Plus, wherever you are, you are never too far from the coast. That’s great location planning if you ask me. These camping and caravan sites UK just get better.

Caravan And Amping Sites In Wales

Caravan and Camping Sites Near Me

If you’re anything like me when it comes to booking a last-minute camping or caravanning trip, then ‘caravan and camping sites near me’ will be a popular Google search for you too. But don’t worry we have the answer to help refine your search.


At 2cHolidays we offer caravans at hundreds of locations across the UK, some of these parks also offer camping too. To make your search clearer and easier we even list all our locations along with a map feature. Now you can clearly see ‘caravan and camping sites near me’. Click here to find your next get-away near you now.


Manor House Caravan and Camping Sites


Looking for manor house caravan and camping sites? Well Manor House Holiday Park is the answer. Nestled just outside the stunning, historic Lincoln city, Manor House Holiday Park is the place to be. Despite being near the city of Lincoln, Manor House Holiday Park is far enough to be buried in beautiful countryside but still close enough for a quick trip to the city.


Manor House Holiday Park is indeed a big hit with boating fanatics. Located along the river Trent, this the ideal riverside and rural location. Fortunately for you, we have just added this park to our constantly growing and already long list of locations to book. Just visit to view the full range of properties and locations, including Manor House Holiday Park.