Children in need

Children in need

What is the meaning of children in need? It’s that any child who has been assessed as being unlikely to achieve or maintain a reasonable standard of health or development without access to services. Children in need, overall has raised over £1.5 billion since 1980 for disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. Furthermore, the BBC children in need believes that every child should have the chance to thrive. Everyone deserves to be the best that they possibly can be. They are committed when children across the UK need them the most.

Children In Need Charity

BBC children in need

One of the massive events by the BBC is held in November. It is televised on BBC One and BBC Two. Of course, this is Pudsey Bear. Pudsey Bear has been the BBC charity mascot since 1985. This is the only charity that belongs to the BBC. Pudsey Bear is a cuddly yellow bear that has been around for many decades. BBC children in need is here to make sure that every individual child has the childhood that they deserve. In fact, they provide positive relationships in order for the children to navigate challenges in their life.

Raising money for charity

There’s loads of different ways that BBC charities raise money. They raise money in order for them to support the lives of young children and people. Usually, this is done by funding local charities and projects. Pudsey Bear was created by a graphic designer called Joanna Lane. Unbelievably, she said that ‘it was like a light bulb moment for me, we were bouncing ideas off each other and I latched onto this idea of a teddy bear”. Pudsey has one eye and it remains unknown as to why Pudsey wears the eye patch. It’s assumed that it’s an accessory to make Pudsey seem ‘in need’ of himself.

Children in need day

Children in need day will take place on Friday, November 18th 2022. However, the fundraising events will be held for several weeks leading up to the TV shows. The theme for children in need is ‘together we can change young lives’. This is an annual charity event which supports local charities. It helps change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people all of over the country. Moreover, when Pudsey comes every year, each individual would get merchandise and wear something yellow to support children in need.

Ways you can help!

When the children are at school, there’s normally a cake bake and games. The money that gets given, will be sent to a charity. Children in need helps promote awareness of the amount of children that are in need each year. For it, you have to wear yellow if you have anything. During that time near the charity events, in all shops there will be a section to do with Pudsey.

Furthermore, you can get Pudsey ears, a t-shirt with Pudsey on it or a little mini Pudsey bear. By doing all of this, it brings the whole community together and shows that any child needing help is not alone!

Children In Need

Children in need 2022

In 2022, BBC charity Children in need organised fundraising events and challenges. This has been going on for decades. All funds go to local charities and there are projects across the UK to remove all barriers facing children and young people.

Each year celebrities get involved with lending their voices to the cause. Many take part in TV to encourage more people to donate money for this cause. There were many ways on how to get involved last year. For example, the country file ramble which you can donate to support people participating in rambles across the UK.

How can I help Children in need?

Also, you could have done your own sponsored ramble and raised money for the people who need it. Lastly, the BBC also organised SPOTacular challenges across the UK. This includes anytime from bake sales to Pudsey approved beer pong. SPOTacular happens each year. On the BBC children in need website, there is their own Pudsey online store where you can find some merchandise to wear for the occasion. An example is special edition Doctor Who Pudsey bears. Or perhaps you’d rather the country file ramble bobble hats?

Children in need charity

There are so many charities that the BBC support. The parent zone. Youngminds. Mental health innovations. The mental health innovations is a new support service for people in crisis which operates 24/7 across the UK providing safe, informed and supportive contact for those who are feeling overwhelmed. These are just a few charities and projects that Children in need support and donate too.

Furthermore, there’s a way that you can donate to Children in need. You can do this by using the ‘70701’ shortcode and text the word FIVE to 70701 to donate £5. It’s as easy as that.

It’s not hard to help!

If you feel like you want to help the Children in need, all you have to do is click a few buttons and send a message. It’s very efficient and effortless to help children. It’s the least that people could do. If you’re wondering to yourself what you could do for Children in need, there’s a range of skills that could help a child in need. Such as, tutoring children, teaching them a skill, donating physical items or even sponsoring a child directly.

By sponsoring a child directly it will bring you along the journey of their life but it will also show you how much you have impacted a child’s life. The Children in need appreciate any small donation, as long as you as a community are supporting them and showing them the impact of helping, it will encourage them to keep going.