Coastal Holidays UK

Coastal Holidays UK

After a year of stay-cations and self-taught spa treatments, many of us have found a new way to relax and unwind. There’s simply no need for the stress of that 2am flight or that 7 hour plane ride anymore. Ditch the stresses of going abroad. Explore the beautiful stretches of coastline that have been here the whole time! Make magical memories with the whole family, walking down the beach with an ice cream in hand and the sand between your toes. After all, what’s better than that? Along with this you don’t even have to say goodbye to those heart-wrenching puppy eyes. With our selection of Coastal Holidays UK, there’s plenty of space for those four-legged friends.

Things To Do In Norfolk With Kids
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The Best Coastal Holidays UK

The best Coastal Holidays UK are a great opportunity to take the time and rediscover Mother Nature. Escape from the norms of everyday life and feel the fresh sea breeze on your face. Take the trip down to Suffolk, Lowestoft. The Sunrise Coast itself is the perfect destination for a family holiday. Reminiscence of the traditional seaside town makes for an intriguing and educational experience for those bright-eyed kids – and those adults too! Moreover, the seafront itself has easy access to the soft sand thanks to the promenade. Take a dive in the cool waters and try the selection of water sports available.

From surfing to jet-skiing, there’s something for everyone. Take that lockdown puppy or lifelong friend too! Although dogs are prohibited from May to September, they can still enjoy splashing along the shoreline for the rest of the year. Boasting many past awards from the Tourist Board as well the Blue Flag award for its clean waters, it proves to be a popular destination, and for good reason.

What to do in Lowestoft

Take the time to visit the Marina Theatre. I know it doesn’t sound like a coastal activity, but with it’s mixture of live entertainment and great cinema, it really is at the heart of the community. Undoubtedly it is a trip worth the time! However, if sitting for a few hours isn’t the thing for you then take a stroll down the Lowestoft Harbour. Nothing screams ‘British Holiday’ than to people watch with an ice cream to hand. It truly is the perfect pass time, especially for that son or daughter who loves the big ships!

Whilst you’re there you can take the official Lowestoft Harbour Tour, or even take a trip out on the water! The Scroby Sands Seal Watching can offer a magical experience to those budding marine lovers and can make for some lifelong memories. Even better, the trip stays far enough away from the Seals as to not disturb them.

Stays at Kessingland Holiday Park

Picture this, you arrive early enough to see the red tones of the night sky turn into that bright blue daytime. The kids are excited to be the first on the beach and have slept the whole way there. You skip stones and throw sticks for your four-legged family member as the others have a water fight. As the day goes on you get that obligatory seaside fish and chips and a Mr Whippy from the ice cream van. A wonderful day to remember. The day goes on and the kids get tired and even that eager dog of yours needs to lay down. Not to worry! Only a short 15-minute drive is the fantastic Kessingland Holiday Park.

With many facilities on site and a lively entertainment program there isn’t much to miss. From an outdoor heated pool to a spa bath and a sports court, you can surely busy yourself from day to day. Although, if site entertainment isn’t your cup of tea, one of our holiday homes at Kessingland can provide the perfect base for many coastal holidays UK. No need to cut your day short for a road-trip back home, take a look at our array of accommodations and choose your own home away from home!

Last minute Coastal Holidays UK

We can all admit that England’s weather isn’t the most reliable. When that sun comes out we do have to make the most of it, so who wouldn’t want last minute Coastal Holidays UK? When I think of a coastal holiday I picture colorful beach huts, stretches of beautiful beaches and quaint beachfront towns. The idyllic town of Whitstable has just that!

Whitstable Coastal Holidays

Famous for its oyster trade and home to the quaint Tankerton Beach it really is a sight for sore eyes. Tankerton Beach itself offers a rural getaway, with a shingle beach and a whole world of rock pools its an adventure just waiting to be had. Take a wander down the busy Whitstable Harbour, watching the fisherman set off or even having a ride on the Greta.

The eager historians among you will love this historic Thames sailing barge that’s been around since the 1890s! Whilst you’re there why not try the very trade that Whitstable is famous for? The fresh seaside oysters are a treat to be had. Dine at The Lobster Shack with the whole family, nothing tastes better than seafood with a view.

Seaview Holiday Park

Head back to the wonderful Seaview Holiday Park, situated right on the seafront of Whitstable. It’s perfect location means you can have endless amount of fun without a long journey home. Better yet, the selection of accommodations we have at this park are all Platinum rated! Last minute doesn’t always have to mean cheap after all. Undoubtedly any of the accommodations would make for a more than doable base.

No need to lug around big bags all day when your home away from home is just 5 minutes from the beach! Before you finish your coastal holidays UK, spend some time in the park. Offering endless fun at the amusement’s arcade or a day in the pool it is without a doubt a brilliant Holiday Park.

Yorkshire Coastal Holidays UK

Perhaps take a visit up to Yorkshire. Home to the beautiful Fraisthorpe Beach you can enjoy an evening stroll down the sandy planes. Bring your pup along! Running along the damp sand and chasing the seagulls, you won’t be the only one thrilled to be there! Fraisthorpe itself has plenty to offer. From horse-riding to the Bridlington Animal Park you won’t regret visiting! Additionally, Bridlington Animal Park has over 21 acres of land. See the donkeys, pigs, and cuddly bunnies that they have! As well as this there is of course the range of reptiles, birds and mammals they have.

Head back to Skipsea Sands Holiday Park after an endless day of family fun, petting some animals or running along the beach. The park offers amazing views of the North Sea and there are coastal footpaths all along the shoreline from the site.

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Cheap Coastal Holidays UK

When it comes to searching for those dream coastal holidays UK, of course money is a factor. Worry not! With our selection of seaside accommodations we have plenty that can suit a budget.

Skegness. One of the countries oldest seaside resorts. Undoubtedly, it is an endless pool of great days out. From family friendly attractions such as go-karting, funfairs and crazy golf to relaxing in the Compass Gardens, treat yourself with a holiday to never forget.

The best things about coastal holidays UK, is simply that you can have buckets of fun for just the price of that bucket and spade! I’m sure we all know those big kids around us who still build their castle forts every chance they get. You can’t ask for much more than the sun to be out and the sand to be soft, which is precisely the type of day you can have at the wonderful Skegness.

Skegness Coastal Holidays UK

The beach itself is very clean, yet another one to be awarded with the Blue Flag. With endless miles of dog friendly shoreline you can explore the dunes for hours on end. For those budding bird watchers, bring your binoculars! The beach of Skegness is home to a variety of seabirds which offer an educational side to a fun-filled day out.

Along with this, for those four-legged friends there’s plenty of dog accommodating cafes, with a bowl of water out so you can enjoy a cold drink or a warm cup of coffee. After all, nothing sounds better than a warm drink and a view of the marvelous Norfolk coast.

Southview Holiday Park

Moreover, just a short drive from this beautiful sandy beach is the superb site of Southview Holiday Park. The perfect destination for the whole family! With the swimming pool, two fishing lakes and plenty more there’s not much to miss. Everyone can remember that feeling of catching their first fish, so why not share the experience with your own kids! The amazing accommodations at Southview Holiday Park can be used as an all you need base, or as a cosy home away from home.

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Dog Friendly Coastal Holidays UK

Every dog owner knows the downside of a holiday. Those puppy eyes as they see you packing a bag but no treats. The struggle of finding a dog sitter, or even a place at the dreaded kennels. Well say no more. Dog friendly Coastal Holidays UK are the solution! Your furry friend will be over the moon as you bring them along! Norfolk itself is renowned for being so dog-accommodating. From the gorgeous scenery to the overflow of wide open spaces to explore, you and your dog will be thankful you visited.

Holkham is one of the most beautiful stretches of unspoilt, golden sands that Norfolk has to offer. The endless miles along the shoreline offer an unforgettable beach walk. It will simply take your breath away. Being part of the Holkham Nature Reserve is even better, allowing it to remain incredibly well maintained. More often that not the tide is out, meaning you can let your dogs – as well as your children – run wild! They’ll love to feel the cool tide air in and amongst their fur, chasing the seagulls and tennis balls alike. Do watch out though, the beach is accommodating to horses too! It really is a marvelous site watching a horse run across those sandy dunes.

Heacham Beach Holidays

Heacham Beach is also one to visit. Famous for being at the heart pf Norfolk’s lavender industry, in the summer you are met with the wonderful sight and aroma of this lavender. The South of Heacham beach is dog friendly, except for May to September. This is only due to the birds that nest in the shingle, so if you are without a pet expect to see some nests! The rest of the year dogs are welcome, and the beach itself is exceptionally clean. Undoubtedly, Heacham beach is a wonderful destination for dog friendly Coastal Holidays UK. This is proven by the vast amount of pet friendly cafes around the beach! Nothing is worse than both you and your friend in dire need of some water and there are no dog bowls to be found!

Moreover, the beautiful Heacham Beach Holiday Park is directly adjacent to the beach! Not that the names gives it away.. Nonetheless, it is a lovely site for all to enjoy, from an indoor heated pool to fabulous restaurants on site, there are plenty of family filled memories just waiting to be had!

Explore the best of Norfolk, along with the rest of the country with one of our Coastal Holidays UK!

Coastal Holidays UK
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