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When we think of UK holidays caravans normally come to mind. In contrast to this we have several quirky and cool accommodations for you to choose. Head to the heart of rural Norfolk to experience three of our coolest property offerings. Wildflower Meadow in Whittington is the home to Butterfly and Bumblebee our two hand crafted Shepherds Huts. Located lakeside these are unquestionably one of our cool stays! Each hut sleeps 3 people and has a built-in kitchenette. There is also a bench for you to enjoy the lakeside views. It should be noted that these huts have been handcrafted so no detail has been missed.

Across the meadow is a selection of handcrafted log cabins. Offering the full retreat experience. Despite their rural nature these cabins come with all the mod cons you will need for an enjoyable stay. Located in a large meadow where you will be able to sit back and enjoy the birdsong, fresh air and glorious Norfolk sunshine.

Beautiful Converted Chapel

 Literally a couple of miles down the road in Stoke Ferry is Ebenezer Chapel. Undoubtedly one of our most beautiful properties. Skilfully converted and decorated to a high standard it is like walking into a magazine home. Surrounded by rural Norfolk you will be spoilt for choice for walks. In addition to being located for rural walks, you are also a short drive away from Thetford, home to one of the regions quirkiest attractions, The Dads Army Museum. Step back in time and discover the links between this much-loved comedy and Norfolk.

Cool Places To Stay

Cool Places to Stay UK

A trip to Great Yarmouth evokes thoughts of seaside fun and days spent on the golden sands. In addition to this Yarmouth has some cool and quirky attractions worth visiting. Book a stay at the uber cool Regency Apartments and experience all the fun Yarmouth has to offer. Located on Regents Road you are at the heart of Yarmouth with the Pier and Seafront a moments’ walk. Head towards the Pleasure Beach and you will have your world turned upside down. The Upside Down House offers you the first inverted photo experience. Walk in and find yourself walking on the ceiling of the bedroom, kitchen or living room. Grab your phone and fill Instagram and TikTok with some unique fun content.

Merrivale Village

Merrivale is one of Yarmouth’s most loved visitor attractions. The village is located on the seafront and grows year on year. A walk around this miniature village will allow you to visit the Town Square, Royal Exhibition, Seaside and Fantasy Land. What currently makes Merrivale cool is the addition of an extra stable placed by the elusive artist Banksy.

Step Back in Time

 Head to the Time & Tide Museum and step back in time to discover Yarmouth through the ages. Occupying the former Tower Fish Curing Works you can wander through a Victorian ‘Row’, experience the atmosphere of a 1950s quayside and take the wheel of a coastal drifter. Lively hands-on displays bring to life the transformation of Great Yarmouth from sandbank to thriving resort, through times of boom and bust and war and peace.

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Cool Places to Stay Near Me

One of the coolest places to visit this year is the section of coast from Cromer to Lowestoft. 2021 saw one of the worlds coolest artists take a ‘Spraycation’ in the East of England. During the pandemic Banksy jumped in his campervan and headed East to grace us with some unique pieces of Art. For a cool break away join us on a Banksy safari along the coast. Firstly, start in Cromer, secondly Yarmouth then Thirdly Gorleston and Lowestoft. Here is our guide to the locations.

Banksy Locations

Cromer Sea Wall: An important statement is depicted in Cromer. Famous for its crabs Banksy has used Hermit Crabs looking on at empty shells with a sign stating, ‘Luxury Rentals Only’. A reflection of how difficult it is to find housing locally.

Yarmouth, Admiralty Road: Step across the road and view the bus shelter to find a couple dancing on the roof and a man playing accordion at the side.

Merrivale: A visit to Merrivale now includes and viewing of the stable which Banksy managed to sneak in and place without being noticed. The piece which features Banksy’s slogan of ‘Go big or go home’ is now on display behind glass and removed from site each night.

Gorleston and Lowestoft Locations

Gorleston Seafront: Take a seat on the covered bench and become subject to the claw. The classic seaside arcade game of the grabber has been immortalised forever on the seafront bench.

Nicholas Everitt Park: ‘We’re in the same boat’ is located above a drainage sluice. Here we see three children in a boat with one bailing out water indicating that no matter who we are we all ride the same boat in life.

Katwijk Way: 5 minutes from the station you will find a giant seagull on the side of a house. Once perched above a skip the gull now appears to be hovering in flight.

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Cool Places To Stay Near Me

Cool Places to Stay

Not to be out done by Norfolk, Suffolk has its fair share of cool places to visit. Book a stay at Carlton Meres and you are surrounded by unique attractions. Take a drive up to Thorpeness Meare. Often referred to as the Lake with Neverland at its Heart. The dream of wealthy barrister Glencairn Stuart Ogilvie, he designed the village as an adult playground for his family and friends. The Meare was inspired by one of Ogilvie’s close friends, or rather one of his books. J.M.Barrie, knew the barrister well and it was Peter Pan that inspired the Meare. This is why, when you explore the tiny islands you will find Pirates lair, Wendys Home and Captains House.

House in the Clouds

The Meare is also home to the famous House in the Clouds. A world famous Follie, this former water has been converted into a Home which appears to float in the sky.

Venture into the Suffolk countryside and you will discover Oasis Camel Park. Unlike the sands of Egypt these majestic animals plod through the countryside of Suffolk. Pick up the reins and either walk or ride your camel. Learn more about these biblical animals on a truly special day out before heading back to your lodge for a cosy movie night.

Cool Places to Stay in England

Book a break away in Skegness and discover the county of Lincolnshire. Not to be outdone this county has it own fair share on unique places to visit. Firstly take the Bubble Car museum in Boston. Home to more than 50 small cars made by Bond, Isetta, Reliant, Frisky and Bamby. These small quirky cars were once popular throughout the 1950s. The museum is also home to other 1950s memorabilia such as household items, toys and games to help you put the cars into context.

Dive in and face your fears.

Definitely book a visit to The Skegness Aquarium today. Pull on your wetsuit and flippers and dive into the main Coral Ocean display tank where you will come face to face with Black tip reef sharks, stingrays and Zebra shark. Following your training session, you will have 30 minutes with these stunning creatures of the deep. When your finished you can further explore the aquarium at your leisure.

For another creature encounter but of the fluffy kind head to Louth and Homefield Alpacas. Homefield run a variety of trekking experiences and workshops which include husbandry, where you can learn the basics of how to handle your alpaca on a day to day basis. Learn how these beautiful animals have been involved in our lives for centuries.