Direct caravan holidays

Direct caravan holidays

We have a huge range of direct caravan holidays and  great caravan holidays all over the East Coast. With over five thousand customers who enjoy caravan holidays last year have booked again for this year. Not all but we do see so many customers book the  same caravan they had stayed in previously. Some guests don’t always book the same caravan again, they choose to book a different location and enjoy a caravan holiday somewhere else. We do had a large selection of guests that book the same caravan year in year out, quite often because they like the position of the caravan.

For example, we have some luxury caravans at Haven Hopton, with a full sea view. These caravans and luxury lodges are booked repeatedly by the same guests, who almost class them as their second holiday home. If you are looking to book a caravan at Hopton Haven with a sea view, i would recommend to book you caravan holiday promptly. Did you know you can book a caravan on any of the caravan parks with just a £25 deposit.


Caravan holidays with dogs

Caravan holidays with dogs has always been a popular request. Albeit dogs are part of the family, and dog owners want to book a caravan holiday for their dog as much as they do the children. Dogs love caravan holidays, the space and there is always somewhere new to walk the dog. Especially the beach, all dogs love the beach and in fact so many dogs love the sea. Personally i love to see dogs playing in the water, or fetching a stick. It always seems like dogs are at their happiest when they are on the beach. We have so many caravan holidays with dogs and a great variety of shapes and sizes all along the East Coast.

In every caravan park we have at least one caravan that allows dogs. We actually have caravan holidays with dogs advertised on our website, where you can book up to four dogs. Which is quite unique, usually caravan owners allow just the one or two dogs. We also give away caravan holidays every month and all the caravans we advertise are available for dogs too. We couldn’t leave the dog out now, could we! You will find the free caravan holidays on our face book page and sometimes on twitter.


When you book caravan holidays through us, you will simply see that the caravans are owned individually by different owners. So you are booking direct caravan holidays through us. The great thing about direct caravan holidays is that there is so much choice. The caravan owners put there on spin on their own caravans. Additionally they try and add things that the guests will enjoy. The direct direct caravan holidays are found to be cared for and looked after. After all the owners spend a great deal of money buying a caravan.

We had one owner and we rented the caravan out for her for many years. Guests enjoyed booking direct caravan holidays with us and this one particular caravan had so much more than the standard caravans. The owner had made the bedrooms into children’s themed style. One bedroom was Disney and the other Toy story. The children loved the themed bedrooms and this is what i mean about booking direct caravan holidays. You wouldn’t usually find things like this, when booking online.

Its easy to book caravan holidays

With Direct caravan holidays, you know you have the peace of mind in booking a caravan with a secure payment gateway. You have us here at 2cholidays to help with your caravan holiday through all the stages. Even to the point that we have a number we give to guests and this is to help guests 24 hours a day. You must admit that is pretty remarkable. Then of course you have the choice of holidays and you can enjoy the pleasure of choosing a direct caravan holidays and getting a personal service.

Did you know you can book direct caravan holidays with a very low deposit. Yes its just £25 to book any of the caravans on our website. additionally you can book for next year now. We have many caravan holidays available for 2021. We also offer on direct caravan holidays any day check in. You can check in seven days a week. You can also enjoy a early and late check in and check out. Furthermore you can enjoy a 2 night break if wish. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but generally its a 2 night break option.

Late deal caravan holidays

Manor park is located in Hunstanton in Norfolk. Our privately rented caravans are growing rapidly and its a great way to book direct caravan holidays.I went to Manor park on Saturday and it was rather cold and windy although there’s something nice being by the seaside at Hunstanton in the winter too. I took on a lovely 6 berth caravan for hire at Manor park.  Along with a 8 berth caravans too. We will advertise these caravans on our late deal caravan holidays. Ideally we want them booked for next weekend. If you haven’t looked on our late deal caravan holidays page, then you could be missing a trick.

When we take on new caravans, we want to get them booked as soon as we can, and of course they haven’t had the exposure other caravans have. Therefore we advertise them in hope that someone will be looking for a bit of a caravan deal and want to book a late deal caravan holidays. The new caravans at Manor park in Hunstanton are  very homely and even have a coffee machine. When we refer to direct caravan holidays, it is like booking through the owner but have us in the middle to support you through your booking. Did you know at Manor park holiday park you can book in the winter months? Yes the site is open through December too. Entertainment is limited but guests still enjoy caravan holidays in December.

Holidays in Norfolk

If you are looking for a caravan holiday, why not try Norfolk, its a great place to enjoy a caravan. Norfolk is so beautiful and has a incredible coast line. If you are thinking of booking a caravan at Manor park in Hunstanton. If you have a dog, there are some brilliant dog friendly pubs around. For example The Lodge in Hunstanton, is a great place to eat, the food is second to none. It has a great feel to it and great for taking dogs. This is just a example of dog friendly places in Hunstanton. Hunstanton is such a dog area. Remember we have caravan holidays with dogs to offer you here too.

The location of Manor park is so very close to the beach it took three minutes to walk to the beach in Hunstanton which is very handy for family’s with pushchairs and little ones walking back from the beach whilst on holiday and for those talking their dogs on holiday in Hunstanton just a few minutes before you are throwing sticks on the beach for your dog. We have a 6 berth dog friendly at Manor park to hire privately on our website and we have a 8 berth dog friendly caravan to rent to so if you are looking for dog friendly caravans in Hunstanton then look at our website and ensure you book your break before we get fully booked at Manor park as it’s so very popular with our guests.

Direct caravan holidays Skegness

We had a lovely couple who booked direct caravan holidays in Skegness at Southview leisure park. After staying twice with us and they left us a glowing review.

“We have always booked with owners direct website and directly with the owner to book our caravan holidays. My husband’s work friend gave us the details of 2cholidays. Initially we liked the idea these were all privately owned caravans. Having stayed in a caravan at Southview leisure park we really enjoyed the caravan break so then booked the caravan again. Its great when you book a direct holiday home because you can see the pictures online and the location on the holiday park. More often than that i find privately owned caravans have so much more homely and personal we we love.