Disneyland UK

Disneyland in UK

The UK is looking to be home to a brand-new Disney Land style resort. It will be a great new experience coming to the UK with lots of thrilling adventures! The resort will be split into two parts. Excitingly, the first resort will be finished by 2024. The second one will be completed by 2029. It’s so close! It will be a whopping 535 acres which is the equivalent of 136 football stadiums!

The massive resort will be home to so many special features which are exclusive to the resort. It is so exciting and most of the details are yet to be conformed which I think makes it much more mysterious and suspenseful.

It will be a magical place, built for family and friends to make core memories and enjoy each other’s company. I think it will arguably be the best attraction to visit in the UK. I don’t know anyone who isn’t excited for it to open!


UK Disney land

The new UK ‘Disney Land’ is ambitioned to have some of the best thrill and fastest rides in Europe. There will be a huge indoor water park, a massive sports arena, and a fun water park. What’s more is that there will be 6 different themed magical lands. The resort will have so much to offer and be the ideal short break for children and families.

Making memories

Every child would love to visit Disney Land, and what’s better is now you don’t have to travel  to America. It will practically be on your doorstep! Just imagine the look on your children’s face when you surprise them on Christmas day or their birthday with a trip to a ‘Disney’ style park.

Fun for all

I can promise you they will be ecstatic, that is for sure! You will never be bored at the park. There is an infinite number of activities which everyone will love. It is an inclusive resort meaning it is for everyone, at any age! What a great family experience to do with everyone, the grandparents will love all the singing and seeing the grandchildren happy!

Trip of a lifetime

The parents can relax, knowing their children are safe and having fun. And the children will just be in their element and thriving. The magical moments they will have with the Disney style characters and family time, will make for a trip of their life!

Disney land in the UK

The London Resort will be the name of the brand-new theme park complex. A 535-acre plot of land on the Swanscombe Peninsula in North Kent will be used for its construction. This is just a hsort drive from many of our parks in Whitstable like Seaview.

A two-park resort will be built as part of the London Resort, with the first park opening in 2024 and the second in 2029. It will be three times bigger than any other theme park in the UK once it is finished. The biggest attraction in Europe since Disneyland Paris”.

You can browse the upcoming attractions for the London Resort, which were shown in a series of artist’s conceptions, while we wait for information about the anticipated restart. For openers, the Resort’s north-western quadrant would include “Base Camp,” a vast area devoted to dinosaurs, adventure, and the study of palaeontology.

Roller Coasters

Two roller coasters, a sizable multi-media live stage show and fine dining that is immersive are all planned. A play area that encourages young aspiring palaeontologists to climb, dig, and tunnel their way across the excavation site is also planned. The Starport is a part of the theme park with futuristic attractions, extra-terrestrial encounters, and thrilling rides.

You would begin your amazing science fiction adventures in this area from the year 23. The Resort also confirmed that “Thunderbirds” will be made into an attraction before the project encountered recent setbacks, while Paramount Pictures’ ownership of the rights to Mission Impossible, Star Trek, and the Italian Job all contributed to theories about what rides would debut.


England Disneyland

Disneyland will be the ultimate theme park paradise. It will be the ideal destination for a fun and exciting getaway. Theme parks are a terrific opportunity to escape from regular life. Escape the ordinary and experience the exciting with this thrilling and adventurous trip to Disneyland UK. You will escape into the land of fun at all the different parts of the resorts, where there are a variety of rides and activities to get lost in.

At theme parks, you put all of your concerns and tensions to rest. By raising your adrenaline and providing a therapeutic release of stress and anxiety, they let you escape from daily troubles and lessen stress. At UK Disneyland, there are more than enough rides and attractions, so you will safely increase your heart rate while having thrilling pleasure that will make you want to go around and over again. Calories will be burned while walking around a theme park.

Create memories

A theme park’s various attractions are reached by walking. Which increases heart rate and counts as exercise. It has also been discovered that rollercoaster users burn between 40 and 70 calories every ride. The London Resort will be one of the most well-known theme parks in the UK, and will be a must-see place to check out. A terrific place to create enduring, unforgettable moments with your family and friends is at the resort.

You will treasure these moments for a very long time because theme parks offer countless photo possibilities as well as a tonne of entertaining rides and arcades to enjoy. Capturing these important memories, will make the experience last forever.