Dog friendly holiday parks

Dog friendly Holiday Parks

We have a great selection of Dog friendly Holiday Parks to offer. In fact, we have UK caravans for hire on over 40 dog friendly Holiday Parks all along the East Coast. Additionally, we do have lodges for hire and dog friendly cottages to rent too. You will find a huge selection of the UK caravans for hire, lodges, and cottages on our website. Dog friendly Holiday Parks are so dog friendly. For example, Carlton Meres Holiday Park has its very own dog walking field. If you’re interested, we do have dog friendly caravans for hire and one large luxury dog friendly lodge.

Dog Friendly Holiday Parks Dog Friendly 

Dog friendly Holiday Parks UK

There are so many dog friendly Holiday Parks in the UK. You will be amazed at how many UK caravans for hire on dog friendly caravan parks. We offer dog friendly caravan holidays at dog friendly Holiday Parks in the UK. From Kent up to Yorkshire and now even Wales, there are many caravan parks that allow dogs. With caravans and lodges for hire that are pet friendly. With water bowls for dogs outside restaurants and cafes. Many of the dog friendly Holiday Parks in the UK are also by dog friendly beaches too. While makes for a great dog friendly staycation. Often dogs love a great beach walk.

Carlton Meres Holiday Park

It seems that more than half the nation wants to find a dog friendly Holiday Park to take all the family including the dog on holiday. Furthermore, there are dog friendly Holiday Parks that have only dog friendly caravans and lodges for hire. This dog friendly Holiday Park in Hunstanton is just a minutes’ walk from a great dog friendly beach. You will often find outdoor seating areas and water bowls around many dog friendly Holiday Parks, which makes life a little easier for dog owners.

Caister Holiday Park

Furthermore Haven Caister is a great Dog friendly Holiday Park. With a stunning stretch of sandy beach and sand dunes that the dogs can enjoy, walk your dogs around Haven Caister Holiday Park and meet many other dog owners. Haven Caister offers a great base to book a dog friendly caravan. Haven Caister is just a few miles from Great Yarmouth and Hopton Haven too and these two Dog friendly Holiday Parks in Norfolk are available to book a 2-night short break with your dog via our booking system or over the phone at 2cHolidays.

Broadland Sands Holiday Park

Another static caravan park that is dog friendly is owned by Park Holidays is Broadland Sands. Broadland Sands doesn’t have beach access but has a great peace of field overlooking the sea that is a perfect stretch for talking your dog whilst staying on a dog friendly holiday park. Park Holidays Broadland Sands in Suffolk is a great place to stay with your dog. There are some great dog walks around Broadland Sands. The huge field that stretches over half a mile with those stunning sea views at Park Holidays Broadland Sands.

Dog friendly Holiday Park Norfolk

Norfolk is the hotspot for dog friendly holidays. You and your dog will love our dog friendly holidays in Norfolk. Norfolk has all types of dog-friendly accommodation to suite all tastes and pockets. We know how important it is to bring your four-legged friends. After all, they are part of the family. Don’t worry we have so many dog friendly holidays in Norfolk to accommodate to you and your beloved pooch. We are often asked which the best dog friendly Holiday Parks are to enjoy a caravan holiday in Norfolk. Haven Hopton is so popular. With direct access to Hopton beach, it is the perfect place for you doggos to run free and rush back and forth into the water thoroughly enjoying themselves!

Visit the Norfolk Broads!

Fancy a doggy day out? Take a trip to Norfolk Broads. Enjoy the open space and explore the walking trails around the broads. How about hiring a boat, moor up at Salhouse Broad with a gentle slope you dogs can enjoy a paddle! So many of the pubs are dog friendly so relax in the beer garden, enjoy a pub lunch, and take in the views. Another one of our most recommended dog friendly parks is California Cliffs. With Scratby beach only a five-minute walk away, it’s the perfect holiday destination. With so many dog friendly caravans and lodges, you are spoilt for choice from cosy caravans to luxury lodges.

Dog Friendly Holiday Parks Uk 

Dog friendly Holiday Parks and cottages

We love dogs at 2cHolidays, and we welcome dog owners looking for dog friendly cottages, lodges caravans and chalets. Additionally, we offer not only full weeks but dog friendly short breaks. Dog friendly short breaks are very popular, and we sold 76 dog friendly holidays. We have pet friendly log cabins too in Hunstanton. We have just taken on a new pet friendly log cabin which will be available to book next week. Our dog friendly cottage in Heacham is near a dog friendly beach too. Furthermore, we have an online discount code off 15% off use ‘15off’ when you book your dog friendly short breaks too. So many dog friendly holiday parks to choose from almost makes it difficult to choose.

Dog friendly lodges Norfolk

Without a doubt, Norfolk is one of the most dog friendly places to visit in the UK with miles of vast expanse of sand to run wild on and plenty of woodlands to discover, Norfolk welcomes you and your pet with open arms! By no means does dog-friendly mean you have to compromise on luxury. Many of our lodges are just as luxurious and stylish as our pet-free holiday homes! Looking for luxury? Make no sacrifices while you’re away with your fury friend and stay in one of our luxury lodges! So many of lodges have a large, gated decking which is ideal for your dogs and family!

Hopton is a super Dog friendly Holiday Park!

We have stunning sea view lodges at one of our most sought-after parks Hopton Haven. With direct access to the beach make sure you bring your fury friends on this luxurious holiday! Check out our deluxe lodges located in tranquil settings offering seaside holidays or a woodland retreat. You are spoilt for choice for doggy days out with so many pet friendly beaches along with walking trails and seaside towns to explore. Haven Hopton is a very popular park as there is direct access to Hopton beach. Furthermore, if you book a caravan at Haven Hopton you can choose a dog friendly caravan at Hopton with decking for your dog. We could recommend Haven Hopton as a super dog friendly Holiday Park.

Visit the All About Dogs show!

Norfolk provides so many things such as popular dog shows. Hunstanton’s dog show takes place usually in May which is great family fun for all! Not to forget the popular ‘All About Dogs, Norfolk’ where you can enjoy the dog displays, agility courses and so much more! Our stunning lodges provide the perfect base for your family and your four-legged friends to relax after a busy day out!

Dog walking beaches

There’s nothing like a holiday adventure in the UK with the whole family – pets included! What could be better with your dogs than a seaside holiday. There will be no more waving goodbye to those sad puppy eyes when you set off for your holidays. Norfolk has some of the most dog friendly beaches in the UK. The tide goes out for miles allowing you to enjoy the vast expanse of sand. One of the best dog-walking beaches in Norfolk is Old Hunstanton. Being less popular than the busy Hunstanton there is plenty of space for your pooch to run around. Don’t fancy a long stroll but need to tire your four-legged friends? Simply stand and throw a ball around and you’ll be sure to tire you doggo out.

Dog friendly Beach Holidays

Pack your picnic, bring a blanket, and head down to the beach. If you stay late enough experience the stunning sunsets. They can thoroughly enjoy themselves, running wild on the huge expanse of open sand and rushing into the sea! Let them loose on the beach and you can ensure they sleep soundly all night in your holiday home, leaving you to a superb, relaxed evening! Our holiday homes provide the perfect base for you and your family to relax after your beach adventures, scrub off in your accommodation and enjoy a relaxed evening at the cosy lodge!

Reviews from a guest who stayed at a dog friendly park.

From Elsie who booked a caravan at a dog friendly holiday park said the following.

“We searched for ages for a dog friendly Holiday Park in Norfolk. Myself and my sister wanted to take our dogs to a dog friendly caravan or lodge. We really liked the idea of being near a dog friendly beach. We found a great dog friendly caravan for hire at Haven Hopton. The price of the dog friendly caravan was just right, and we had a wonderful week at Haven Hopton. What could be better? Walking the dogs and playing bingo in the clubhouse. Hopton beach was a great dog friendly beach. Haven Hopton was a super dog friendly Holiday Park, with lots of outside areas for our dogs to sit and sunbathe. Without a doubt my sister and I would book another dog friendly caravan here again. So thanks a bunch, and we look forward to returning to Norfolk again. I would give this holiday 5 stars!”