Drain down a caravan

Drain Down Static Caravan

What do we mean by Drain Down Static Caravan? This is the process of draining all water from the pipes, boiler and elsewhere. When should you do this? Ideally, drain down your caravan whenever it is going to be left for prolonged periods of time. Is the property is not being used over the Winter months? Draining down needs to take place to avoid costly damage. During the colder winter months, protect your pipes and boiler against the harsh temperatures. This helps protect against wear and tear and importantly help reduce your maintenance bill. Many owners find this process very easy. Correct drain down will keep your insurance valid.

Frozen pipes = expensive repairs.

If water freezes in the pipes or boiler this causes extreme damage. This could result in a replacement boiler being needed. Without a doubt it is an expense any owner could do without. To replace and fit a new boiler can range anywhere from £500 – £1200. Smaller issues like split pipes or a cracked cistern caused by frozen water often to lead to bigger issues, like escape of water. A flooded caravan isn’t just the pipes. It may mean a whole new living room suite which could lead to £1000’s. Which is not a cost anyone wants.

“By lagging your pipes and prepping for winter will save you money further down the line. Look after your boiler and it will keep providing you with heat and hot water for years.” – Danny (Plumber)

Drain Down Caravan For Winter

Caravan Drain Down Kits

Draining down your caravan couldn’t be easier with the right equipment. You can put together your own Caravan Drain Down Kits by visiting your local supermarket or diy centre. Firstly, get yourself some antifreeze to help protect those pipes and sink traps during the cold period. Grab those old newspapers out of the garage and use to help absorb any condensation that may drip down from the windows or under the fridge.

Preparation is key.

In addition to this it is suggested that you place moisture traps or bowls of salt in every room to help absorb any moisture in the air. Along with protecting your plumbing remember to look after the soft furnishings. Duvets and pillows are an inviting sight to any mice that may find their way in, stop this by vac bagging them up to protect. Finally invest in some WD40 to give those locks and latches a spray. Keep them lubricated during the winter to avoid any stiffness when the spring comes around.

“Locks and latches need looking after during the winter to avoid seizing and causing issues next season.” – Marc (locksmith)

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Drain Down Caravan for Winter

How do I drain a caravan down for winter? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. By completing these small tasks will ensure that you are preserving the life of the van and reducing your maintenance costs. The first thing you have to do is to turn off the water at the mains to stop any more water filling the pipes. At this time,  open the drain down taps, these are normally found under the van itself. Have a good look around prior to drain down. Once found and open allow to run dry before closing off again.

“Draining down is so easy and so worthwhile. It takes no time at all. My van is ready for next season and I cant wait to visit again.” – Alex C (Owner)

Drain down.

Following this you will need to turn on all the taps including the shower and allow them to run completely dry. Remove all detachable parts of the shower unit. Along with the shower whilst in the bathroom you should flush the toilet until it is completely empty, once empty use the Antifreeze in the pan and cistern to avoid any damage during the winter. In addition to the cistern, use antifreeze in the sink traps and plug holes. Gas central heating boilers should be kept operational throughout the winter. This will prevent seizing and help keep the van aired and dry. It is recommended to switch on the frost or anti-freeze setting. Look after the boiler and it will provide you with heat and hot water for years.

Draining A Caravan Down For Winter.

Draining A Caravan Down for Winter

As well as draining down a caravan down for winter there are some other small but important jobs which will save you next season. In addition to the plumbing, protect the interior of your van. Firstly  place bowls of salt in all rooms to absorb any moisture in the air. Secondly remove all cushions and seat pads. If you cannot remove these, stand them in the middle of the lounge covered with a dust sheet. This will ensure they stay dry and mould free. When it comes to bedding, remove this from the van, if this is not possible then pop them in a vac bag to protect against any damp that may occur.

“Simple jobs like putting salt in bowls have made sure my van stayed fresh all winter long ready for next season.” – Barbara (Owner)

Let the air flow.

Following this leave all cupboard and interior doors open to allow the air to circulate as much as possible. Lastly make sure that all windows and sky lights are closed and firmly shut to keep as much cold and moisture out as possible. Your van is nearly ready for its winter hibernation, with just a few more smaller jobs you will be ready to lock up for another season. Make sure you unplug all electricals and remove any batteries to avoid any corrosion. Now is the time to also think about clearing those gutters and pipe work outside. This will stop any water build up causing damage and possible leaks in the van. All of these are simple tasks which takes minutes to do but will undoubtedly save you any hassle next season and unquestionably save you pounds in the long run.

“Draining down my van couldn’t of been easier. I have experienced a damaged boiler before and it cost me a fortune to replace. I winterize every year and it saves me time and money the following year. You need to spend the time to make sure you holiday stays in great condition and you can enjoy it.” – Derek Ellis (Owner)

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