English Summer Holidays

English summer holidays

Are you dreaming of a magical summer getaway this year? From stunning coastline resorts, to vibrant cities and tranquil countryside stays, there’s no shortage of incredible holiday destinations throughout England to discover!

Whether you’re seeking an adventurous escape with the family or a romantic escape for two, we have rounded up some of the best English Summer holidays that will provide memories to last a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Come explore these beloved spots in England – it’s time to start planning your much-needed holiday now!

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English School Holidays

English summer holidays are the perfect occasions to make memories with the family. Exploring all that England has to offer can be especially thrilling for younger kids and is sure to be remembered for years to come.

A great option for families searching for some summer fun is the county of Norfolk, home to a variety of scenic beach resorts, picturesque English villages, and immersive cultural attractions – some created just with kids in mind!

Whether it’s a day out or an extended trip, English summer holidays in Norfolk have something special to offer everyone, making them an ideal choice for travellers looking to create lasting memories with their families this season.


Visit The Beach!

Furthermore, nothing captures the English summer holidays quite like a trip to the beach! Norfolk has some of the best beaches for families, with plenty of activities and entertainment to create incredible memories. Whether its building sandcastles on Sheringham beach, splashing around at Wells-on-Sea or going rock-pooling at Happisburgh, Norfolk has a spot perfect for family fun.

For dog lovers looking to enjoy their English holiday spots with four-legged friends too, Thorpe Market is great spot – it’s children and pet friendly year round! Whatever your beach preference may be – secluded or lively – there is something in Norfolk just right for you!


Sheringham Beach

Sheringham beach is the perfect destination for a summer holiday; you can relax on the golden sands of Sheringham, feeling the warmth of the sun on your face and taking in beautiful views out over the shimmering sea.

Also, Sheringham is also great for families with young children who will love exploring all that Sheringham has to offer, from rock-pooling to building sandcastles!

And if you’re looking for pet friendly places to eat near Sheringham beach, then you have plenty of options – take your four-legged friend along and pop into one of Sheringham’s many cafes and pubs dotted around the seafront.

Sheringham makes for an unforgettable summer holiday and English Easter holidays 2023 experience!

June bank holiday / June holidays

June Bank holiday in the UK is one of the most exciting times of the year, and it always feels like a party! In 2023, June Bank holiday falls on June 3rd, giving families plenty of time to plan activities for their family day out. There are many great possibilities from various outdoor pursuits such as country walks or visiting an exotic animal park. It could even be a picnic at the beach or following national trails for those with four-legged family members.

Dog owners can take part in ‘howliday’ events where they can dress up their pooches for a fun-filled day out with their furry pals. June Bank Holidays offers something for families of all sizes and shapes; getting together and having fun makes the perfect family day out – don’t miss it!


June Activities

Families can plan a wide array of activities to celebrate the long weekend, ranging from visiting one of Britain’s beautiful beaches to an outdoor carnival. The June Bank holiday is considered a very family-friendly event so feel free to bring along the whole gang. Including dogs!

There will surely be just as many furry friends out in full spirit as there are families, so don’t forget the leash and treats. June Bank holiday in England promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with lots of laughter and memories that will last well beyond 2023.


October half term / October holidays

October half term 2023 will be here before you know it! Families can take advantage of the October holiday in a variety of ways. Enjoy a staycation and explore some overlooked areas of the UK, or plan an outdoor adventure. Trails are open for everyone from cyclists to hikers.

Don’t forget that October is just the start of the season for pumpkin patches so with the October holidays, you can take your family on a hunt for the perfect pumpkin or go apple picking at that hidden gem orchard. If your family has four-legged friends, October is also the perfect time to switch up their routine with long walks and explore dog-friendly parks together.

Kids love October holidays as they get to carve pumpkins, make Halloween costumes out of what they already have at home and more importantly spend time with their favourite people – mum and dad.


October Activities

With October half term always being just around the corner what better way to spend it than celebrating Halloween with your family in Norfolk 2023? With Norwich Castle and the fun filled BeWILDerwood nearby, there are plenty of events for kids and adults alike.

Some of these activities include ghost tours, pumpkin carving classes, witches’ brew making workshops and more – a perfect way to get into the spooky spirit. So, start planning now for October half term in Norfolk 2023 for some frighteningly fun family time!

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English October Holidays
English Holidays In November

November holidays

November getaways in Kent are a great opportunity for families to explore and make wonderful memories! There’s plenty to do, from the farmers’ markets popping up throughout the region to learning about local history.

November is also a fantastic time to discover some of the area’s family-friendly attractions and activities such as going on nature walks or visiting nearby beaches. Plus, with winter just around the corner, November provides a great opportunity for kids to take part in seasonal holiday crafts like making homemade wreaths and decorating gingerbread houses. All these activities promise an amazing November getaway for your family!


November Activities

November is the perfect month for a November getaway with the family and kids! There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to explore during romantic November days. Plus, in Kent you can take a boat ride across The Swale or spend a day at Leeds Castle, a castle surrounded by parklands and nature trails. Kent also features numerous countryside excursions that offer some breathtaking views.

With Halloween getting closer, why not spook your little monsters on Wildwood’s Adventure Island for some spooky fun? If you need more adrenaline-pumping action, adventure parks like the Alpamare Waterpark provide plenty of exciting rides for everyone. November holidays in the UK can be very enjoyable for families as there is something for everyone to do, making November an ideal escape from reality.


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