Explore holidays UK

Explore Holidays UK

Are you sick of spending your holidays in the same old places? Then it is time to explore holidays UK style!

Forget about sandy beaches and palm trees, the UK has so much more to offer. Why not take a trip to the Scottish Highlands and spot some majestic deer? Or try your hand at surfing in Wales?

Do not forget about the charming towns and villages scattered throughout the countryside, perfect for a relaxing getaway. And let us not forget about the delicious food and drink, from a traditional pub lunch to a fancy afternoon tea.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and start exploring all the amazing holidays the UK has to offer.

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Explore Castles On Holiday

Explore Walking Holidays UK

Have you ever felt drawn to the beauty of the UK’s diverse landscapes, its rich history, or the allure of stunning coastlines?

One of the best ways to experience this is on a walking holiday. What is more, with so many breath-taking routes scattered across the country. You will be spoilt for choice whilst having the chance to discover hidden gems and natural wonders aplenty.

The Lake District

With its rugged, wild, and beautiful terrain, the Lake District is a walker’s paradise. Renowned for its majestic fells, glistening lakes, and cosy villages.

This region has inspired numerous poets and writers. From a gentle stroll around Derwent water to a challenging hike up Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain. The Lake District has something for everyone.

If you are looking for a well-organized walking holiday, ranging from 4-day to 8-day trips. There are plenty of tour companies to help with accommodation, routes, and logistics.

Southwest Coast Path

The Southwest Coast Path spans over 630 miles of stunning coastline and is the ultimate walking experience for sea lovers. Pass through pretty fishing villages, seaside towns, towering cliffs, and remote coves whilst soaking up panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

This walk covers England’s most beautiful coastline. From Somerset’s Minehead to Dorset’s Poole Harbour.

With seaside inns, cosy guest houses, and self-catering cottages along the route. You can tailor your walking holiday to the number of days and difficulty level you want.

Isles of Scilly

For those who love island life, walking the Isles of Scilly is a magical experience. The archipelago, situated off the coast of Cornwall, has a sub-tropical climate and a wealth of rare flora and fauna.

The Isles of Scilly are a paradise for birdwatchers as well as beach lovers. Stroll along white sandy beaches, marvel at the sweeping coastal views, and laze in some of the UK’s clearest waters.

The Isles of Scilly are the perfect place to unwind and melt away the stress of modern life.


If you are looking for spectacular scenery, adventure, and a sense of the ancient past, then Snowdonia should be top of your list. Home to Wales’s highest peak, Mount Snowdon, this region has it all.

Get your walking boots and climb the summit via one of the six main paths. The dramatic mountains, slate quarries, and glacial valleys will make you feel like you have stepped into a different time zone.

There are a variety of walks, including circular routes, longer hikes, and off-the-beaten-track adventures.

Explore travel UK

The United Kingdom is an archipelago of four small countries, and each of them has its own identity. It is known to be a great travel destination. With a rich history and culture that can be sensed in every corner of the country.

From the bustling city of London to the rolling hills of Scotland, the UK has plenty to offer.

So, if you are ready for an adventure. Let us explore the beauty of traveling in the UK.Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK. Take a trip to Loch Ness and keep your eyes peeled for Nessie! Across the Highlands. You will see rolling green hills, raging rivers, and countless picturesque towns.

One can also further plan to visit some of the beautiful castles that are located in the region.

Lake District

Situated in the county of Cumbria, the Lake District offers you a chance to experience some of the most scenic lakes and rugged mountain peaks in the UK. The region is also highly popular for adventure experiences like hiking, kayaking and rock climbing.

Do make sure you go for a traditional English afternoon tea session at the Lake District and take in the surrounding beauty.


Wales is a country known for its striking landscapes that are both enchanting and wild.

Take a break in the capital, Cardiff, which is a vibrant city with lots to offer. South Wales has many attractions, such as the magical Dan-yr.-Goof caves and the picturesque Gower Peninsula.

Walk the Wales Coast Path, a continuous 870-mile trail with breath-taking views. Explore the charming villages, and soaring mountains, and pristine beaches.

Explore Castle Holidays UK

Are you a history buff looking to immerse yourself in the grandeur of a castle? Or do you simply crave the luxury and adventure that comes with a castle holiday?

Look no further than the United Kingdom, home to some of the world’s most iconic and magnificent castles. From the stunning Welsh countryside to the Scottish Highlands and the quaint English countryside. The UK is a treasure trove of history and culture waiting to be explored.

In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about castle holidays in the UK, including popular destinations, activities, and must-see attractions.

So, let us dive in and discover the magic of castle holidays in the UK!

Popular Castle Destinations

The UK is known for its picturesque castles, each with its unique history, architecture, and culture. Some of the most popular destinations include:

– Edinburgh Castle: Located on a huge volcanic rock in the Scottish city of Edinburgh. This iconic castle offers breath-taking views of the city, royal apartments, and numerous exhibitions.

– Windsor Castle: This is the largest occupied castle in the world, featuring the magnificent State Apartments, St George’s Chapel, and the iconic Round Tower.

– Caernarfon Castle: This castle, located in North Wales, has played a significant role in Welsh history, and is UNESCO-listed.

– Leeds Castle: Considered the “loveliest castle in the world,” Leeds Castle is set amidst five hundred acres of parkland and gardens in Kent, England.

Castle Activities

Castle holidays are not just about admiring the beautiful architecture and history of castles. There is a wide range of activities available for guests, such as:

– Guided tours: Most castles offer guided tours that take visitors through the various rooms, exhibitions, and artifacts that tell the story of the castle’s history.

– Outdoor adventures: Many castles are surrounded by lush gardens, forests, and parks, offering opportunities for hiking, cycling, kayaking, and wildlife watching.

– Fine dining: Several castles offer gourmet dining experiences that feature local and traditional cuisine in stunning settings.

Must-See Attractions

A castle holiday in the UK would not be complete without visiting some of the country’s top attractions, such as:

– The Tower of London: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most iconic castles in the world, the Tower of London houses the Crown Jewels and has a dark history steeped in intrigue and political drama.

– Hampton Court Palace: This magnificent palace was built by Cardinal Wolsey and later became the favourite residence of King Henry VIII. The palace features opulent state apartments, exquisite gardens, and the famous maze.

– Alnwick Castle: This castle, located in Northumberland, was used as a filming location for the Harry Potter movies and features the second-largest collection of live exotic trees and plants in Britain.

Come Stay With Us!

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Broadland Sands Holiday Park

Located in Corton on the Norfolk/Suffolk border Broadland Sands Holiday Park is the ideal destination for a family holiday. Situated between the seaside towns of Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft which makes it the prime location on the East Coast. This large holiday park has so much space with plenty of facilities to keep you entertained. Ranging from all ages, the facilities here are amazing, from an indoor pool with a 45 foot flume, an all weather sports pitch, adventure golf and many more.

If you fancy a day out, no worries as Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park, The Sealife Centre and Africa Alive are right around the corner. These are perfect if you looking for a fun packed day out with the whole family whilst staying at Broadland Sands Holiday Park. Book you stay today for a wholesome family staycation.

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Explore Uk Holidays
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Explore Travel UK

Explore travel UK

If you are planning a trip to the UK, there is no shortage of incredible destinations to explore.

From bustling cities like London and Edinburgh to idyllic countryside retreats like the Cotswolds and Lake District. There truly is something for everyone.

In this comprehensive guide. We will be highlighting some of the best places to visit in the UK so that you can make the most out of your trip.


No visit to the UK is complete without a stop in London. This vibrant and diverse city is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, including the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye.

Beyond the tourist attractions, there is no shortage of amazing restaurants, museums, and shopping destinations to explore.

Whether you are a history buff or a trendsetter. London most definitely has something to offer.


For those looking to explore Scotland, Edinburgh is a must-visit city. This stunning destination boasts a rich history, beautiful architecture, and delicious cuisine.

Be sure to walk along the Royal Mile, visit the majestic Edinburgh Castle, and stop by a cosy pub to sample some traditional Scotch whisky.

If you time your visit right, you may even have the opportunity to experience the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

The Cotswolds

If you are looking for a more relaxed and charming destination, the Cotswolds should be at the top of your list.

This picturesque region is filled with rolling hills, historic villages, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and cycling.

Spend your days touring local gardens, sampling artisanal cheeses, and exploring the quaint villages of Banbury and Bourton-on-the-Water.