Great Days Out UK

Great Days Out UK

Booking a day out in the UK is an excellent way to take a much-needed break and refresh yourself. Not only will it provide you with the opportunity to explore some of the rich history and culture that this country has to offer, but it can also be an incredibly rewarding experience on a personal level.

For starters, experiencing nature in all its glory can be a great way to relax and find peace within yourself; from taking long walks through lush, green forests to admiring mesmerising coastlines or picturesque riversides, there’s something for everyone in the UK. Additionally, having some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can allow you to completely disconnect from technology and focus on what truly matters.

There are plenty of quaint towns, villages and cities where you can immerse yourself in local traditions while also picking up something unique along the way – perhaps even learning a few new recipes or getting involved in local handicrafts.

And last but not least, immersing yourself in British cuisine is one of the best ways to end off your day out! With its myriad of pubs, cafés and restaurants serving traditional dishes such as fish & chips or roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, there’s no better place than here for a delicious gastronomic adventure.


Great Britain – Great Choice

The United Kingdom is full of amazing places to explore with your family. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out, an adventure holiday or just some quality time with the kids, there are plenty of fantastic options. From bustling cities to rolling hills, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Below are some of our top picks for great days out UK that are perfect for families, couples, and holidaymakers alike!

Great Days Out York
Days Out York
York Getaways
Yorkshire Days Out

Days Out York

Looking for a romantic getaway, look no further than the beautiful city of York. This enchanting city is full of history and culture, making it the perfect destination for couples who want to get away from it all. From exploring the streets on foot to indulging in fine dining experiences, there is something for every couple in York.

The city of York is one of Britain’s most beautiful cities. It’s full of history, culture, great food, and attractions that will keep your family entertained all day long.

Take a stroll along the cobbled streets and visit some of York’s famous sights such as the 13th century York Minster or take a scenic cruise on the River Ouse. Take a leisurely stroll through York Minster, one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Northern Europe.

You can also visit museums such as the Jorvik Viking Centre or explore the Shambles Market – one of Britain’s oldest shopping streets.  Plus, this is one of my favourite attractions in York, the construction and design is phenomenal. There are plenty of activities to keep your family busy during your time in York!


Eating Out In York

When it comes to indulging in delicious cuisine, York has plenty to offer. Head over to Skosh Restaurant for modern British dishes with an Asian twist or take your pick from one of the many restaurants located along cobbled The Shambles street for a truly authentic experience.

For those looking for something a bit more intimate, why not treat yourselves to a private dinner at The Boutique House? Here you can enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner with personalised service from start to finish – perfect for couples wanting that extra special touch!

Whether you’re after romantic walks or shopping sprees; afternoon tea or dinner dates; York has it all! It’s easy to see why so many couples choose this historic city as their destination when seeking a romantic getaway.

So what are you waiting for? Book your trip today and start exploring what York has to offer couples!

Days Out Edinburgh

The capital city of Scotland is another great venue for a family day out. Edinburgh has so much to offer families; from its impressive castle perched atop an extinct volcano to its vibrant markets and attractions in its Old Town area, there’s something here to suit everyone.

If you feel like getting active then why not take a guided walk up Arthur’s Seat or explore Edinburgh Zoo? There are lots of great places to eat too including fish and chip shops and traditional pubs serving Scotland’s national dish – haggis!


History Of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle is one of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks. It was first built in 1093 by King Malcolm III but it has been rebuilt many times over the centuries. Nowadays it is a popular tourist attraction with stunning views over Edinburgh city centre. Visitors can learn about Scottish history, explore ancient dungeons and soak up atmosphere inside this ancient castle walls!


Popular Days Out UK

Fancy a bit of a thrill? Alton Towers is one of the most popular attractions in the UK and it’s easy to see why! This amusement park offers thrilling rides, exciting shows, and interactive experiences that make it perfect for a fun-filled family day out. It’s also home to some of Europe’s best roller coasters and water slides.

Days out are for everyone as there are so many great choices for couples wanting a romantic break or for families with young ones and toddlers. That means fun for all. Why not explore something new today.

Be sure to check out their annual fireworks show during your visit!


Lake District Days Out

Many looking for a great day out UK may want to be active! The Lake District is one of Britain’s most stunning areas filled with beautiful lakes, mountains, forests and quaint villages.

Head out on a boat trip across Derwentwater lake or explore Tarn Hows – one of England’s most photographed locations. Families can also take advantage of outdoor activities such as rock climbing and kayaking or simply take a leisurely stroll around one of England’s many National Parks. This part of northern England really does have something for everyone!

Great Days Out Uk
Great Days Out For Couples Uk

Popular Activities for Families and Couples

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting day out in the United Kingdom, then you’re probably wondering what activities are most popular. From boat trips on the Thames to family-friendly theme parks, there are plenty of great ideas for families and couples alike! Here we look at some of the most popular activities available when it comes to days out in the UK.


Family Fun Days Out

For families, one of the more popular activities is a trip to one of Britain’s many theme parks. Whether it’s Alton Towers or Legoland Windsor, these places offer thrills and excitement for all ages. Kids can enjoy their favourite rides and parents can relax with a cup of coffee while watching their children have fun. A great way to make sure everyone has a good time is by planning ahead so that each person has something they want to do during their visit.


Couples Days Out

For couples looking for an interesting day out, there are lots of options too. One popular activity is taking a river cruise along the River Thames. This provides a unique opportunity to get away from it all, while taking in some beautiful scenery as you pass sights such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge.

Many cruises also provide food and entertainment on board, so it’s possible to enjoy a relaxing meal while admiring these famous landmarks from an entirely different perspective.

Another great option for couples is visiting one of Britain’s many historic sites such as Stonehenge or Edinburgh Castle. These places offer visitors an insight into British history as well as spectacular views that make for stunning photographs – perfect for those special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays!

Finally, why not treat yourselves by spending your day shopping at one of England’s trendy cities? Oxford Street in London is just one example where there are hundreds of stores offering fashion, accessories and much more – perfect if you’re looking to update your wardrobe or pick up some souvenirs to remember your trip!

No matter what kind of day out you’re looking for, there are plenty of exciting things to do across the UK that will appeal both families and couples alike.

Explore Somewhere New

Most of us have our favourite days out and plans and we often settle for doing something we know we enjoy. But why not explore something new. Perhaps a day out doesn’t have to be a trip down the beach or a walk through the woods. Maybe a great day out comes from within… within your stomach I mean! Food! It’s certainly the key to my heart and I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Foodie Days Out

If you are looking for a great day out in the UK with delicious food then you have come to the right place. The UK has some of the best places for food around, and there’s something to suit all tastes. From traditional English fish and chips to modern fusion cuisine, there’s something for everyone in this incredibly diverse nation.


Classic British Foods

For an authentic and quintessentially British experience, nothing beats a classic fish and chips meal. This comfort food is especially popular on days out at the beach or by the seaside, where it can be enjoyed with views of the ocean.

Many seaside towns still have traditional chippies serving up delicious golden cod and haddock, as well as other fresh seafood such as plaice, scampi and calamari. To make your experience even more special you can order mushy peas or a portion of curry sauce – yum!


Foods From Around The World

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, then head to one of London’s many international eateries.

You can find Turkish kebab shops selling succulent doner wraps; Chinese restaurants offering dim sum dumplings; Italian pizza parlours serving wood-fired pizzas; Indian curry houses with spicy biryani dishes; Mexican taquerias with fiery tacos; Thai street stalls offering Pad Thai noodles; French patisseries stocked with sweet treats; African-Caribbean jerk chicken joints flavoured with jerk spices and much more besides!

No matter what type of cuisine you enjoy eating, London has something to offer – even if it’s only just around the corner!


Foods From The North Worth The Day Trip

Venturing further afield gives you even more culinary delights to explore. In Scotland try haggis or Cullen skink soup – two dishes that are deeply rooted in Scottish culture. If you visit Wales then be sure to sample Welsh rarebit – an indulgent cheese toastie made from cheddar cheese and Worcestershire sauce.

Don’t forget about Northern Ireland either – its capital Belfast is renowned for its fantastic full Irish fry-ups served in traditional roadside cafes called ‘greasy spoons’.


Trip Down Memory Lane

Finally, if you’re looking for something truly unique then why not take a trip back in time by visiting one of Britain’s many historic pubs? These ancient inns provide a wonderful atmosphere for sampling real ales straight from wooden barrels, as well as traditional pub grub like steak pies or bangers and mash.

Not only do they serve up great food but they also boast centuries of history – so step inside and time travel while enjoying your lunch!

Explore Somewhere New
Days Out Norfolk
Norfolk Days Out

Days Out Norfolk

Are you looking for an exciting day out with your toddlers in Norfolk? You’re in luck – this beautiful county is full of activities and attractions that are fun and engaging for kids of all ages. From interactive animal experiences to outdoor play areas, here’s a list of some of the best days out for toddlers in Norfolk.



BeWILDerwood offers an unforgettable adventure experience with its exciting treehouses and magical creatures. Located on the edge of the Norfolk Broads National Park, BeWILDerwood has something for everyone – from toddler-friendly activities like Mud Pie Kitchen to thrilling rides like Crocklebog Racers! And don’t forget about the many characters that live in BeWILDerwood – they’ll keep your toddlers entertained all day long!

Bewilderwood Adventure Park is a magical outdoor adventure park full of treehouses, zip wires and mazes. The park offers lots of fun activities for toddlers such as boat rides on the river, mud pie kitchen and mini-beast hunting. It’s a perfect place to let your little one’s imaginations run wild!


Pleasure Beach – Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach is a top option for a great day out with toddlers! This award-winning beach is the perfect place to take your little ones for a great day out! With over 10 rides specifically designed for young children, it’s sure to be a hit with your toddlers. There’s also plenty of other activities such as arcades, mini-golf, a zoo, and even a circus. Plus, there’s no entrance fee so you won’t break the bank!


Days Out Blakeney

If you want to get out into nature with your toddler then Blakeney National Nature Reserve is an ideal spot. Take a boat trip around this stunning wildlife sanctuary which home to seals, otters, birds and more! Alternatively take a stroll along the beach or take part in one of their guided walks or talks which are designed especially for families with young children.


What’s To Explore In The UK?

A trip to the UK offers an array of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, sailing and more. You can also visit iconic cities like London, Manchester and Cardiff where there are historical landmarks and museums galore as well as vibrant nightlife scenes that offer something for all tastes. For those looking for a more chilled day out, there are quaint villages dotted throughout the countryside that are perfect for a leisurely stroll through cobbled streets or lunch at one of the many cosy pubs.

The UK has long been renowned for its music scene; from traditional folk songs in Scotland’s Highlands, to jazz cafes in London’s Soho district – all genres are represented on an international level here. Music fans won’t be disappointed by the local festivals either; Glastonbury Festival is one of the most popular events on any music lover’s calendar with big names such as Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and The Libertines having graced its stage over recent years.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation – taking a break and booking yourself into a break away in Britain could do both your physical and mental wellbeing wonders!


Book Dog Friendly Locations For Walks

Dog friendly breaks are becoming increasingly popular across the UK; small boutique hotels, bed & breakfast establishments, self-catering cottages are just some of the accommodation available where you can bring your pet along with you.

Many rental companies offer pet friendly caravans too. Including us, 2cHolidays! These are perfect for taking off on a road trip with all amenities available! This means that no matter what kind of holiday you have in mind, there will likely be somewhere suitable for you and your four-legged friend to enjoy together – making it even more special for both!

Being able to take your dog out for walks is one of the main benefits of having a pet. It’s also a great way to meet new people and see different parts of the UK that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. So why not book a pet friendly property today? You’ll be glad you did