Holiday Cottages UK

Holiday Cottages UK

Looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Look no further than the charming holiday cottages of the UK.

With cosy and inviting interiors, picturesque landscapes just outside your doorstep, and a convenient location near local attractions and amenities. These cottages offer everything you need for a memorable getaway.

Plus, with the unpredictable British weather, what better excuse to curl up with a delightful book or roast marshmallows by the fire? So, if you need some R&R, take a break from life’s monotony.

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Beach Holiday Cottages UK

Beach holidays are the ultimate treat that people look forward to after a busy and stressful week. The seashore offers an endless horizon. The soothing sound of the waves, salty air, and a delightful view of the sunset and sunrise.

The UK offers some of the most beautiful beaches and the perfect seaside escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The UK’s coastal regions are lined with holiday cottages that provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sea, sand, and sun for a rejuvenating holiday.

So, grab your sunscreen, towel, and flip-flops, and let us find the ideal holiday cottage for you!

Choosing the Right Location

The UK offers a plethora of beaches to visit, and choosing the right one for your holiday can be daunting.

The northern beaches offer vast, uncluttered vistas, whereas the southern beaches’ easy access to seaside towns and harbours is convenient.

If you are looking for a lively atmosphere, you may want to consider popular beaches like Brighton, Cornwall, or Bournemouth.

However, if you prefer a more serene holiday, you could check out the beaches in Devon, Suffolk, or Northumberland.

Picking the Perfect Cottage

Once you have decided on the location, it is time to pick the perfect cottage for your holiday. Beach cottages come in all shapes, sizes, and types, from traditional thatched-roof cottages to modern beachside apartments.

Depending on your budget, you could opt for a cosy cottage, or a luxurious beach house complete with a private pool.

Look for a cottage that offers stunning views of the sea and the beach. Offers easy access to all amenities, and is equipped with all the modern facilities you will need for a comfortable stay.

Check the Weather

One of the most crucial factors to consider before planning a beach holiday is the weather. In the UK, the climate is unpredictable, and the sea breeze can be chilly, even during the summer months.

It is best to check the weather forecast before planning a holiday and pack accordingly. A waterproof jacket, a sweater, and an umbrella are essential items to pack, just in case it rains.

Pack Smartly

When it comes to packing for a beach holiday, less is always more.

Pack light and smartly. Bring your swimsuit, flip-flops, sunscreen, beach towel, and a hat. You could also pack some lightweight clothes, a few books, and some board games to entertain yourself.

Instead of bulky toiletries, carry travel-sized toiletries that can be easily replaced or refilled. Do not forget to pack some snacks and water to help keep you hydrated throughout your trip.

Explore the Local Scene

A beach holiday is not just about sunbathing and swimming. Take some time to explore the local scene and discover what the coastal region has to offer.

From seaside towns with quaint shops, galleries, and restaurants to nature reserves and hiking trails.

There is something for everyone. Go on a fishing trip, take a leisurely walk along the beach, or visit some of the popular tourist spots.

Budget Holiday Cottages UK

Holidays are great, aren’t they? The excitement of discovering a new place, experiencing new cultures, and trying new foods – it truly is an enriching experience. But, let us be honest, it can be tough to justify the expense that comes with travel.

However, just because you are on a budget, it does not mean you have to compromise on luxury or comfort.

In this post, we will provide tips on how to find some of the best budget holiday cottages in the UK, so you can live your best life for less.

Look outside of peak season

Peak season may be tempting because of the weather. But it is also when accommodation prices skyrocket. To truly save on your holiday accommodations, plan your trip outside of peak season.

Depending on the location you have in mind, you may save up to 50% on your stay.

Consider self-catering holiday cottages

Self-catering holiday cottages can be an excellent way to save on food costs while also giving you a unique living experience you may not find elsewhere. You can choose your own meals, cook them at your own pace, and on your own budget.

Plus, many self-catered holiday cottages have breath-taking views or exciting environments for guests to enjoy.

Stay longer to save more

The length of stay can affect your holiday budget. If you have some flexibility, try, and stay for a longer time.

You will find many budget holiday cottages offer a discount for longer stays.

Try holiday deals

As early as possible, begin checking websites for holiday deals during your desired travel period.

Most UK holiday cottage owners offer discounts through deals that you can take advantage of.

By being an early bird and booking early, you will have better chances of locking in these discounts.

Consider multiple destinations to save more

The UK is filled with diverse cultures, experiences, and scenic beauty.

However, splitting time in multiple destinations is a perfect way to get a taste of various places and environments while saving your budget allocation.

This way, you can experience various parts of the region you are visiting without having to worry about expensive accommodation.

Best Sites for Holiday Cottages UK

Who says you cannot have a perfect holiday without leaving the country? The UK is chock-full of exquisite holiday cottages, some of which have history seeping through the walls and others that offer indulgent modern amenities.

From the rugged coasts of Cornwall to the sweeping landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, you will find some of the cosiest and picturesque holiday cottages in the UK, but where do you start your search?

Fear not because we have got you covered!

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of the best sites to find holiday cottages in the UK that will ensure your holiday is unforgettable.

Sykes Holiday Cottage

Sykes Holiday Cottages boasts of over 15,000 holiday cottages throughout the UK, making it one of the leading cottage providers in the UK.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or planning a family holiday. Sykes Holiday Cottages has an extensive range of holiday cottages to suit your needs.

One of the wonderful things about Sykes Holiday Cottages is the fantastic user-friendly interface. Which allows you to search for holidays by looking at the images of properties, and detailed amenities description.

Holiday Cottages UK 2024

As we slowly stretch out of the pandemic induced lockdowns, the excitement of travel (and a much-needed holiday) is slowly returning.

If you are planning your 2024 UK break, getting ahead of the curve is a wonderful way to ensure you snag your first choice of holiday accommodation. One of the best options for your next UK holiday is renting a holiday cottage.

If you are not convinced just yet. Keep reading to learn why holiday cottages are the ultimate option for your UK break.

Private and Isolated

With COVID-19 still very much on everyone’s minds, holiday cottages offer a unique option to those of us who prefer our privacy and isolation.

A cottage rental ensures that you have the entire space to yourself, with no other guests to worry about.

This also allows you to control your environment. Making it easier to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.


While a hotel stay may be the default option for most travellers, a holiday cottage can prove to be the more cost-effective choice.

Not only does it offer a more comprehensive use of space (a sitting room, bedrooms, a kitchen), but it also means that you can save on going out for every meal.

Cooking your meals in-house can help you pinch a few pennies. Without compromising on the quality of your meals.

Homes Away from Home

One of the most unique factors of renting a holiday cottage is that the experience feels like you are living in a home away from home.

Unlike the cookie-cutter nature of hotels, holiday cottages can offer a unique and customized experience with each rental.

With space to breathe and the comfort of a home setting. A holiday cottage is the best way to rewind, relax and rejuvenate.

Stunning Locations

When you are choosing a holiday cottage rental, you can choose from some of the most stunning locations in the UK. From the Scottish Highlands to the Welsh coastline. There is a cottage rental for every kind of traveller.

The best part is that most holiday cottages are in rural or semi-rural locations. So you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life and take in the stunning countryside views.

Access To Nature

With most holiday cottage rentals located in scenic and less-populated areas, you have easy access to nature and outdoor activities.

Whether you want to hike through scenic trails or go fishing in nearby waters. A holiday cottage rental gives you the freedom to design your own outdoor activities. You are also able to bring your pets along.

Making it an ideal option for pet owners who want to spend quality time in nature with their furry friends.

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Come Stay With Us

Here at 2cHolidays we rent out over 650 properties across the UK, ranging from budget friendly caravans, luxury lodges and extravagant cottages. Therefore, we have something to suit everyone’s needs and keep the whole family entertained. If you are interested in booking one of our lovely accommodations please call our friendly bookings team on 01362 470888, Monday – Saturday, 9am – 5pm.

Broadland Sands Holiday Park

Located in Corton on the Norfolk/Suffolk border Broadland Sands Holiday Park is the ideal destination for a family holiday. Situated between the seaside towns of Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft which makes it the prime location on the East Coast. This large holiday park has so much space with plenty of facilities to keep you entertained. Ranging from all ages, the facilities here are amazing, from an indoor pool with a 45 foot flume, an all weather sports pitch, adventure golf and many more.

If you fancy a day out, no worries as Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park, The Sealife Centre and Africa Alive are right around the corner. These are perfect if you looking for a fun packed day out with the whole family whilst staying at Broadland Sands Holiday Park. Book you stay today for a wholesome family staycation.

California Cliffs Holiday Park

Just a short drive away from the popular seaside town of Great Yarmouth on the Norfolk Coast, California Cliffs Holiday Park is the perfect destination for an action packed stay. At this park there is plenty for all the family to enjoy during the day. From an indoor and outdoor heated pool complex with a water slide, Crazy Golf, Multisport court and many more, you will never be bored.

If you feel like exploring the surrounding areas then you will be spoilt for choice with the exhilarating Pleasurewood Hills with over 35 rides; the magical Sea Life Centre; and Africa Alive with a diverse range of animals from the African continent, including lions, giraffes, meerkats, and more. California Cliffs Holiday Park is the Definition of fun.

Travella Holiday Park

Trevella Holiday Park is situated just outside the picturesque town of Crantock, this holiday park offers something for everyone. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation, Trevella has it all. The park is set in acres of beautiful countryside and woodland, which makes it an ideal base for exploring Cornwall. There’s a range of facilities for you to enjoy, including an outdoor pool, crazy golf or a fishing lake (Rod license required).

Escape to Newquay and create memories to last a lifetime. Visit the friendly faces at the Pennywell Farm, explore exotic wonders at Newquay Zoo, and feel the excitement at Camel Creek Family Theme Park. Perfect for families, couples, and adventure seekers alike!