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Come and stay at Millfields Caravan Park this year and enjoy the Lincolnshire countryside!

Millfields Caravan Park is a wonderful park, just a stone’s throw away from Skegness. Located in Ingoldmells, this park is just waiting for you to take your quiet family retreat this year. Ingoldmells is a coastal village, far enough from Skegness that you can appreciate the views of the countryside, but close enough that you can enjoy the activities there for just a short drive! This town is filled to the brim with history, which the budding historians of the family will surely love. Not to mention the award winning beach close by. Bring your family here and make magical memories you won’t evert forget.

However, there are also plenty of thrilling actives to do near to Ingoldmells. We have all been there where it feels like the kids need to run a few miles to wear themselves out. Not to fear! Why not head over to Laser Quest in Skegness? There’s nothing better than the adrenaline you feel when chasing your brother or sister, trying to capture the flag and winning for your team. Perhaps you’d rather head over to the Pleasure Beach? With entertainment and rides, this makes for the perfect day put for the family. Whatever you choose to do, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to your family day out, and what better base to have your adventure this summer than Millfields Caravan Park?

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Millfields Caravan Park does not offer on-site entertainment and facilities. However, there are numerous off-site local attractions and places of interest nearby for you to enjoy, including the bustling seaside town of Skegness and coastal village Ingoldmells. Take time to look at the ‘nearby attractions’ page for more holiday inspiration.

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and head to the picturesque town of Skegness for a holiday filled with wildlife, thrill rides and arcade games. Start off your journey with a visit to the Natureland Seal Sanctuary, home to adorable seals, penguins, meerkats and more! Take a stroll through the grounds and get up close and personal with these cute creatures, or attend a feeding/talk session to learn more about their habits and lifestyle. Next, head over to Bottons Pleasure Beach for a dose of adrenaline and fun. Brace yourself for thrilling rides like the Jolly Roger and Twister, and embrace your inner child with classic carnival games like Hook-a-Duck and Skee-Ball. Finish off the day with a visit to Skegness Pier, where you can enjoy stunning views of the sea and the town, indulge in some doughnuts and candyfloss, and try your luck at the arcade games. With something for everyone, Skegness is the perfect destination for a fun-filled holiday.

Skegness Natureland

Natureland Seal Sanctuary

North Parade, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE25 1DB | View website

Here at Natureland, they are known worldwide for rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned and injured seal pups along the Lincolnshire coast. Visitors are able to see every step in their rehabilitation process, and hear about the rescue work when feeding the seal pups in the rearing pool!

Bottons Pleasure Beach

Bottons Pleasure Beach

Skegness Pleasure Beach, Grand Parade, Skegness, PE25 2UQ | View website

Bottons Pleasure Beach in Skegness is a vibrant and thrilling destination for anyone looking to have a fun time. The beachfront amusement park offers visitors a diverse range of attractions and rides suitable for all ages. From the exhilarating roller coaster to the classic bumper cars, there is something for everyone.

Skegness Pier

Skegness Pier

Grand Parade, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE25 2UE | View website

Skegness Pier, an emblem of British seaside heritage, stands proudly on the East Lincolnshire coastline, offering visitors a nostalgic blend of amusements and attractions. Having withstood the test of time and elements since its inception in 1881, the pier has become a cherished landmark.

Experience a quintessential Skegness Staycation

The allure of Skegness, a coastal gem in Lincolnshire, England, has long been a beacon for vacationers seeking sun, sand, and wholesome family fun. Just on the outskirts of this holiday retreat, lies Millfields Caravan Park, a destination brimming with nostalgia and modern comfort, tailored for those who love the open road but also relish the serenity of a shore-side stay.

A Picture-Perfect Past

Tucked away in the serene countryside of Ingoldmells, Millfields Caravan Park is steeped in a rich legacy dating back to the 1950s. What started as a modest caravan site has flourished into a beloved getaway for families and caravan enthusiasts alike. The park’s ethos remains rooted in timeless values of community, relaxation, and adventure.

Although Millfields Caravan park does not have any onsite amenities, it is in great distance to both Ingoldmells and Skegness which have endless attractions for the family.

Discover the Charm of Skegness: A Timeless British Seaside Escape

Skegness, affectionately known as ‘Skeggy’, is a town steeped in the traditions of the Great British getaway. What was once a mere outpost where fishermen cast their nets, Skegness has blossomed into a vibrant destination renowned for its entertainment, attractions, and, of course, its famous pier. It’s a town that captures the essence of the traditional seaside holiday, complete with amusement arcades, delicious fish and chips, and the iconic “Jolly Fisherman” mascot, who implores us to “Skegness is SO bracing!”

The History of Skegness

To truly appreciate Skegness, one must understand its past. The story of Skegness is one of transformation and reinvention. Originally, it was a fishing village, but in the 18th century, it began to develop as a resort, and the advent of the railway in the mid-1800s further catapulted its popularity among tourists. Today, remnants of its past can still be seen, alongside its modern attractions. The Skegness of today stands as a testament to its rich history and the enterprising spirit of its inhabitants who have preserved its legacy.

The Famous Skegness Beach

Undoubtedly, the main draw of Skegness is its magnificent beach. With miles of soft, golden sands and the invigorating waters of the North Sea, it’s the ideal setting for a leisurely stroll, a family picnic, or simply lazing under the sun. The beach is the epicentre of activity during the summer months, hosting beach volleyball tournaments, sandcastle competitions, and the much-anticipated “Skegness SO Festival“, a celebration of art, music, and culture.

Skegness Pier

Stretching elegantly into the sea, Skegness Pier is an icon that offers traditional seaside amusements, and it’s where you’ll find skeeball, carousel rides, and an arcade brimming with flashing lights and the sounds of excitement. The pier also boasts breath-taking views of the coastline, providing the perfect backdrop for a holiday photo opportunity.

Natureland Seal Sanctuary

Home to an array of adorable seals, as well as other marine life, Natureland Seal Sanctuary has been an integral part of Skegness tourism for over 50 years. Visitors can witness feeding sessions, learn about conservation, and get up close and personal with these majestic creatures. The sanctuary plays an active role in rehabilitating injured and orphaned seals, making it a feel-good destination for the whole family.

Skegness Aquarium

For those looking to immerse themselves in the wonders of the deep, Skegness Aquarium offers a fascinating underwater experience. From tropical fish to interactive rock pool encounters, the aquarium is an educational and entertaining outing, perfect for marine enthusiasts and families with young children.

Gunby Estate, Hall and Gardens

A short drive from the town center, the Gunby Estate, Hall, and Gardens stand as a testimony to Skegness’s grand heritage. This elegant country house is surrounded by meticulously maintained gardens and parklands, offering a tranquil escape. The estate is managed by the National Trust, ensuring that this slice of English heritage is preserved for generations to come.

The Skegness Nightlife

When the sun sets over the sea, Skegness comes alive with an array of evening entertainment options. The town boasts a lively nightlife scene, with a plethora of bars, pubs, and clubs catering to all tastes. From traditional English pubs serving local ales to modern cocktail lounges, there’s a spot for every mood. For those looking to keep the party going into the early hours, the town’s nightclubs offer a chance to dance the night away.

Explore Ingoldmells

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Lincolnshire, the seaside haven of Ingoldmells beckons holidaymakers with its blend of traditional British charm and modern entertainment. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of a vibrant amusement park, the tranquillity of sandy shores, or just a slice of paradise to unwind, this coastal gem has something for everyone. Families, couples, and local attractions enthusiasts alike will find an abundance of exciting adventures waiting to be explored in Ingoldmells.

Top Attractions in Ingoldmells

Immersed in a world of adventure, Ingoldmells is brimming with attractions that are perfect for family holidays. The thrills of Fantasy Island await you, with heart-pounding rides that cater to all ages. The Ingoldmells beach, with its inviting shoreline and gentle waves, is an idyllic spot for a day of seaside tranquillity. The bustling atmosphere of the East Coast Market provides a shopping experience unlike any other, while the tranquil surrounds of Church Farm Village offer a historical and cultural retreat.

Fantasy Island: A Fantasy Come True

Fantasy Island is more than an amusement park; it’s a behemoth of fun, lined with exhilarating rides, immersive arcades, and live entertainment. For thrill-seekers, names like The Odyssey and The Millennium will send shivers of excitement before your very first, breath-taking drop. Children can splish-splash the day away in The Little Explorer’s Beach or brave the handy rides geared towards junior enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the indoor Entertainment and Amusement Park is a hub of lively activities, providing a perfect retreat on those rare rainy days.

Ingoldmells Beach: Sands of Joy

The Ingoldmells beach is where memories are made. It’s an expansive stretch of coastline along the North Sea, offering powdery sands for sandcastle architects and watersports enthusiasts alike. The clear blue waves offer a refreshing dip or a chance to try your hand at paddle boarding or kite surfing. When the tides are low, don your explorer hat and venture into the rock pools— you might just find some marine treasures.

East Coast Market: Shop ’till You Drop

Amidst the vibrant beats of the local buskers and the inviting aromas of street food stalls, the East Coast Market is a sensory feast. Here, you can find everything from trinkets to traditional seaside fayre. The market boasts a melody of over 300 stalls, offering clothing, toys, and souvenirs that serve as delightful mementos of your holiday. The bustling atmosphere and diversity of items make it a shopping destination that’s at once exciting and utterly British.

Church Farm Village: Step Back in Time

Church Farm Village offers a unique day out that combines history, culture, and leisure. Wander the lanes of the Farmhouse and gardens, where you’ll encounter friendly folk demonstrating traditional crafts. The village hosts a variety of events throughout the year, taking visitors on a nostalgic journey with insightful glimpses into the region’s past. It’s a serene, educational experience that the whole family can enjoy.

Lovely Reviews of Millfields Caravan Park

We receive some lovely reviews from guests who have stayed at Millfields Caravan Park, for example one of our happy guests said; “This was a great caravan for us to stay over in when we did the Seaside marathon recently. Lovely and comfy and cosy. Nice location and lovely and peaceful. Would recommend”

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