Holidays with dogs

Dog friendly holidays

You can book our dog friendly holidays on our website with twenty-five pounds deposit to secure your dog friendly accommodation. A good place for holidays in the UK with dogs is Carlton meres holiday park. The holiday park has a dog walking area on this beautiful dog friendly site. Many dog friendly holidays are set up for guests who book dog friendly accommodation. They provide bowls of water outside seating areas and dog bins too. Lots of dog friendly accommodation have areas where you can walk your dog and on dog friendly beaches. Sometimes there are different areas of the beach that are just for dogs.

If you’re a large family looking for holidays, we do have a 9 berth caravan that is perfect for dog friendly holidays. Also, we have two dog friendly accommodation that are next to each other on many of our parks. Therefore, it is brilliant if you need two dog friendly accommodation. We can certainly advise you of these caravans too.

It might be worth letting you know that we offer something unusual. This is that you can enjoy holidays with dogs for just two nights. Therefore, instead of the standard three night breaks, you can book just 2 nights on all the holidays with dogs we offer on our website. This is great so you can enjoy a weekend break.

Holidays in the UK with dogs

We do have guests wanting dog friendly holidays for a longer period of time. For instance, if they are moving house or if they have had a leak at their house and need a place to stay for a month. Alternatively, if there house has fell through or if they were moving. We have seen a real trend of this to take the stress out guests book a three week stay with their dog. So, if you do want a longer break for a reason, do call us and we will come up with the very best price we can. Especially in one of our dog friendly accommodation. With such a huge selection of Holidays in the UK with dogs, we would be able to find what you and your dog are looking for.

Dog friendly accommodation

Here at 2cHolidays, dog friendly holidays start from as little as a hundred pound for a short break. Dog friendly holidays start from two hundred and fifty and this includes the small charge for dog. Therefore, dog friendly accommodation gives you so much more space and give you a real luxury feel. Our dog friendly accommodation usually come with decking so your dog can have that outdoor space.

Given we have so much choice for Dog friendly holidays I can’t image you wouldn’t find what you were looking for. Especially, if you’re looking for holidays in the UK with dogs. If you are wanting to book holidays with dogs well in advance, we ask you to pay a twenty-five-pound deposit for any of the dog friendly accommodation which is a great price to pay and remember to apply your 15% discount.