I want to buy a static caravan

I want to buy a static caravan

Buying a static caravan is one of the biggest purchases a person will make. The good news is that finding a nice static caravan is surprisingly easy. The best way to buy a static caravan is firstly to find a location that you love. Finding the perfect Holiday Park is the best step forward when buying your perfect static caravan. Static caravans are the cheapest and easiest way to own a holiday home. It’s important to set aside a budget before choosing your caravans. There are always static caravans to suit every taste and budget. Make sure to consider your site fees too into your budget.

Best Place To Buy A Static Caravan 
Best Way To Buy A Static Caravan 

Buying a static caravan

There are also other annual costs including energy costs, administration, water rates and insurance. If you are thinking of getting static caravan insurance quotes you may want to try NACO. Not only can you find out about static caravan insurance, but NACO stands for the National Association of Caravan Owners. It’s a great place to get advice and support you may need when you want to buy a static caravan. You may even want to offset some of these costs through subletting your own caravan to generate revenue. Subletting during the weeks when you are not likely to use your static holiday can generate a significant income. This can be used to pay for the annual fees and even towards the cost of the caravan. Next comes the exciting steps!

Best way to buy a static caravan

Static caravan can be an excellent option for you. Thinking of taking the leap and investing in a static caravan? There certainly are some key benefits. Firstly, there is plenty of flexibility. You’re able to pick and choose when you go, the choice is completely yours! Over time you will find you can save money on your holidays! You won’t have to worry about budgeting for your accommodation, in time you will have paid it off completely. Don’t forget, you could gain a second income from your investment. Enjoy that second income too. If you’re happy to share your static caravan, you can reduce running costs by renting it out for some of the year. There are a few steps when it comes to buying our static home. Firstly, you must consider financing.

You are typically able to buy a static caravan through a range of competitive finance deals. Always check the comparisons sites though for any better deals. The caravan parks do offer some amazing deals when you say, ‘I want to buy a static caravan’.

Get prepared to buy your static caravan

Secondly, decide on your budget with annual costs in mind. Then it’s on to finding the perfect Holiday Park location. This is the exciting bit. It is more logical to start your journey by finding your location first. It is important to consider the location not only of the park but where exactly on the Holiday Park the caravan will be situated. Families may prefer being near to central amenities, close to playgrounds or pools. Whereas couples may prefer a view or quieter plot.

After deciding your location now, you can search for your perfect static caravan. It’s important to know what you require such as number of bedrooms, decking, modern, homely etc. Once you’ve found your dream home have an open and honest discussion with the Holiday Park or owner. Remember this is a big and exciting purchase so make sure to do your research! Find you’re perfect static caravan which awaits for your family adventure and memories.

Best place to buy a static caravan

Choosing your dream caravan. For many, the size of the caravan is primary importance. The larger the caravan, the greater the cost and the more space you have. It’s key to decide how many bedrooms you would like. For instance, if it was to primarily be used by a couple you may want to choose a 2-bedroom static caravan. But if you’re looking for a family static caravan for sale then you may want to go for a 3-bedroom which is an 8-berth static caravan. There are holiday homes to suit all families with all kinds of requirements. Whether you’re looking for a standard model or a luxurious static caravan. Final steps are to talk to the Holiday Parks. Discuss what you need and acknowledge what they want, it’s a two-way relationship that needs to last for the long term!

Harvey Longsons Caravan sales!

Another tip before making the big purchase is to try the owner lifestyle out. You can book a park visit and stay so you can get a feel for what life as an owner might be like. A website that sells static caravans that is useful is Harvey Longsons. On the website Harvey Longsons you can search all different makes and models of static caravans. There are static caravans for sale all over the UK. Additionally, there are park homes too. Looking at buying a static caravan to live in permanently? It is worth a look to get a feel. On our own website we have a tab for ‘Caravans for Sale‘. We have over a hundred static caravans for sale. Harvey Longsons has thousands of static caravans for sale at many caravan parks in the UK.

Buying A Static Caravan

How much is a static caravan to buy?

Prices can vary enormously. A new static caravan can cost anywhere between £8k to £95k. However, often you may be able to find a bargain with a second-hand caravan. To buy privately, you could get one for as little as 7k. Depending on your budget, your range of caravans too choose from varies. For instance, at a budget £10,000 you will be looking for an older, standard static caravan but with a £40k budget you’re looking at luxurious, prestige static caravans. Once you have bought your dream static caravan, you’ll need to pay site fees to keep it somewhere. Site fees can vary massively depending on the park facilities available and location of the site.

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For example, a Haven Holiday Park will cost around £5000 per year which covers park maintenance, security and use of park facilities. Whereas, if you choose to pitch up at one of the ParkDean Holiday Parks, site fees will typically range from £2707 to £6,940 per year and vary by location. These parks are all-action parks offering non-stop activities through the day into the evening. But if you’re after a smaller, peaceful park you will be looking at a £2000-£4000 site fees. One thing to note is that static caravans do not last forever but some sites require you to upgrade every 20 to 25 years. So, although the initial costs seem high, static caravans are a great purchase for a lifestyle investment.

Static van

Furthermore, we have a caravan for sale in Norfolk, caravans for sale in Suffolk and finally caravans for sale in Essex. We often advertise private caravans for sale for our owners. We have a caravan for sale at Kelling Heath Holiday Park. Kelling Heath is a stunning Holiday Park in Norfolk. We know owners who own caravans at Kelling Heath Holiday Park absolutely love it. The site fees are very competitive, and you get so much for your ground rent. Looking for a caravan for sale at Kelling Heath? Get in touch with us and we can arrange for you to look. The caravan we have for sale is a 6-berth static caravan and set in the woodlands in a prime location.

So, if you would like to view you can do that by calling us or emailing us and we can arrange the viewing.

Kelling Heath Static Caravans

A customer has just emailed us about the static caravan for sale at Kelling Heath.

“I want to buy a static caravan at Kelling Heath. It is a stunning North Norfolk Holiday Park set in acres of forest. I would like to view the static caravans for sale at Kelling Heath as I have never been to a Holiday Park like it.”

We are looking for new owners at Kelling Heath as this a popular location and rents very well. We are always fully booked at Kelling Heath Holiday Park. Looking for a letting agent to rent your caravan out? Email us and we will send you a letting pack. We can even grade your caravan and let you know how much we can rent your caravan for.

Rental Income

The rental income at Kelling Heath is expected to be high because of the popularity of the park. They are so sought after and in one of the nicest parts of North Norfolk. If you have purchased a static caravan at Kelling Heath and you want to let your caravan out, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

Reviews of buying a static caravan

“I wanted to buy a static caravan for a long time. My family had always owned static caravans in Suffolk and me and my sister had fond memories there. So finally, I made my static caravan purchase last September after seeing a static caravan for sale on the 2cHolidays website. We went to Suffolk and looked at over six static caravans. I knew the caravan site I wanted to purchase a static caravan so that part was easy. Since then, I decided to buy a second static caravan at the same caravan park in Suffolk. So, we now have two static caravans.

We have found the caravan experience brilliant, and I would recommend buying a static caravan to anyone that thinking about purchasing a static caravan. The caravan site has been brilliant in every way, and I think that helps a lot. It’s quite daunting at first, but we have no regrets in wanting to buy a static caravan” Greg who has two static caravans.