Kessingland beach Cancellation Holidays

Cancellation Holidays

One of our most popular caravan sites in East Anglia is Kessingland beach. We have recently had a real luxury caravan for hire at Kessingland beach but unfortunately the customer couldn’t make the holiday and the luxury caravan for hire which was dog friendly. We put the UK caravan on our Cancellation holidays page and this is where we sometimes add UK caravans that are cancellation holidays and also cheap dog friendly holidays UK which are soon snapped up.

UK Caravans

Within hours of us putting the uk caravan on the page Cancellation holidays a customer booked Kessingland beach one of the most popular caravan sites in East Anglia. So if you love caravan sites in East Anglia and like a cancellation holiday and like self-catering accommodation and especially UK caravans you may want to keep an eye open.

Cheap Dog Friendly Holidays UK

We have a caravan for hire available for bookings in 2019 and have thirty percent off which makes for a great cheap dog friendly holidays UK.

Kessingland Beach

The 8 berth caravan at Kessingland beach is ideal being so close to a dog friendly long stretch of beach. We have over a hundred guests book the Seaview caravan at Kessingland beach and with thirty percent off can give you a saving of over a hundred pound so a perfect Christmas present if you want to book cheap dog friendly holidays UK for a family member or your wife!

Caravan Sites East Anglia

Kessingland beach is a great caravan sites east Anglia because it’s close to some places of interest in Suffolk such as pleasure wood hills and Africa alive the amazing zoo. You can go for the weekend and book just a two night stay at Kessingland beach and enjoy one of the best family attractions in Suffolk. I have been several times to both Africa Alive zoo and Pleasure wood hills theme park and Kessingland is the closet caravan site in East Anglia to both amazing attractions.