Last minute caravan breaks

Last minute caravan breaks

Looking for  last minute caravan breaks? Caravan holidays are a great way to enjoy a last minute break with the whole family. Apart from being extremely affordable, caravan holidays are a great compact way to have a family fun break. Playing cards around the caravan table or walking to the beach just minutes from your caravan. Its all a adventure. Furthermore a great way to explore new places. With last minute caravan breaks available to book for a 2 night break. So many guests book so many last minute caravan breaks throughout the year.

We do offer last minute caravan breaks for as little as £80 for a family of six people. That is less than fifteen pound’s per person for a 2 night break. You can see why last minute caravan breaks are so very popular. In fact we had a customer who booked four last minute breaks in a month. Going somewhere new to explore somewhere new.  Every week the customer enjoyed a caravan holidays somewhere new along the East coast.

Last minute caravan holidays UK

Wondering whether you can afford a holiday this year? Can’t find time in the year to plan a holiday? With our last-minute caravan holidays in the UK, not only are they affordable but flexible too! Last-minute caravan holidays UK are the perfect opportunity to snap up some great deals. Enjoy a family break in all seasons and create some amazing memories? Traditional seaside breaks in the UK are so popular for all. With a quick pack of the bags, load the car and you can arrive at your last-minute caravan holiday in no time!

Caravan holidays are perfect for families they provide the perfect base to explore stunning scenery. Whether you’re after a relaxing break or a fun-filled seaside holiday, with our last-minute caravan holidays UK there is always something for everyone! Make sure to check out our social media pages where we advertise out last-minute caravan holidays in the UK. Create precious memories in a last-minute caravan holiday UK. Last minute caravan breaks are available to book in over 40 locations in the UK.

Last minute caravan holidays haven

Haven holidays are so popular in the UK, it’s a rarity that we get a last-minute caravan holiday pop up here. But when they do, they go so fast! Haven holidays are the perfect place to spend quality time with the family. Jam-packed with facilities there really is something for everyone at this family friendly holiday park. We have a great rang of haven caravan parks throughout East Anglia, they’re always so popular. You can expect to find fantastic facilities, superb entertainment and lots of laughs and giggles with family or friends. Treat yourself to a special holiday in one of our last-minute caravan holidays in Haven.

And what’s better than a family holiday with the whole family, dogs included! All the Haven holiday parks welcome dogs with open arms just as we do with our dog friendly accommodation. They can run around on the beach or explore woodland trails with new scents and smells they can thoroughly enjoy themselves. Whether young or old, you will find something for everyone to enjoy. With a last-minute caravan holiday in Haven you’ll be pushed hard to think you’re not abroad! Last minute caravan breaks at Haven holiday parks are available to book now and enjoy the online discount too.

Norfolk caravan holidays

Norfolk is undoubtedly one of many holiday makers favorite place to visit. Why not book a last-minute caravan holiday in Norfolk? It has so much to offer for everyone, for the oldies, for the kids, the entertainment is non-stop. Enjoy a spontaneous last-minute Norfolk caravan holiday, just pack the bags, load the cars tell the kids on the way and set off on your magical adventure. So many of us have such fond memories of a caravan holiday. Why not reignite those memories? With last-minute Norfolk caravan holiday’s it’s the perfect opportunity to make a quick escape with the family.

Why not explore our collection of last-minute Norfolk caravan holidays, whether you’re after a relaxing break or seaside holiday we’ve got you covered! Endure a last-minute Norfolk caravan holiday situated amongst the woodlands on top of the cliffs with stunning sea views. Or how about a last-minute get away to the sandy beaches of Norfolk with fun-filled facilities entertainment and the rest. Last-minute Norfolk caravan holidays are the perfect opportunity to secure great deals and create special memories. Last minute caravan breaks in Norfolk are on our late deals page for this weekend if your looking.

Last minute breaks

Once the festive season is over, comes the ‘winter blues’ and everybody is waiting for payday. For most people, booking a holiday in January seems almost impossible. But, with last minute caravan holidays UK it is more than doable. Last minute breaks are brilliant. It means you don’t need to put yourself under any pressure to save for a holiday. You can book a last-minute caravan to go away when it is convenient and affordable. Here at 2cHolidays you are guaranteed to find last minute caravan holidays UK. Even better, we have some fantastic deals.

Here at 2cHolidays, if you visit our ‘late deals’ page you will find our discounted last-minute breaks away. All of our last-minute caravan holidays UK are based across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. If you follow our Facebook page, we regularly promote last minute caravan availability with up to 30% off! You do not want to miss our latest deals. There are four last minute caravan breaks starting from £80 on our late deals page.

Last minute caravan holidays

Last minute caravan holidays are great if you’re looking for a cheap deal during the half term holidays. Deciding what to do with your family during half term can be difficult, but sunny days at the beach are always fun. It can be tricky finding activities to entertain children of all ages but last minute caravan holidays are ideal. There is just so much to do on site for kids. Hopton holiday village located in Norfolk is an extremely popular site. Last minute caravan breaks at Hopton holiday village can be booked from 2 nights.

The holiday park is just incredible! It has fantastic swimming facilities for children of all ages with flumes and slides. Throughout the day, the children’s entertainment staff host games and sports activities. Furthermore, the site has amusement arcades, bowling alley and multiple food and drink venues.At Hopton we always have last minute break deals advertised on our website with a 15% discount off! You can get a last-minute deal during the peak summer holidays for as cheap as £204.00. This is an unbeatable price.

Last minute caravan

Booking a last-minute caravan doesn’t mean it has to or will be a budget accommodation. We have some stunning accommodation which is perfect if you’re looking for a luxury last minute caravan holiday in the UK. If you want to surprise your family with a deluxe last-minute caravan holiday, I would definitely recommend to book number 4 in the Horizons area. The property reference number is ‘80004H’ and I’m sure you’ll agree that it is gorgeous throughout!

The accommodation is on a spectacular pitch. If you’re looking for last minute breaks with beautiful sea views, this is the mobile home for you. Horizons 4 has a large decking area overlooking Hopton beach. Our guests have described the view ‘a breath-taking’! Moreover, its not just the location which makes this accommodation sought after.  It is also the lovely interior and modern design which attracts guests to book. I cannot recommend this holiday home enough. Especially if you’re looking to book a last minute caravan holiday. You can check in any day when you book a last minute caravan breaks on our website.

Caravans 4 u

Another marketing site I used was Caravans 4 u and the listing process was fairly easy and I just to get again lots of enquiries and Caravans 4 u you could add lots of photos on the advert which is handy and you could also put last minute caravan breaks on the website Caravans 4 u and this certainly helped with getting enquiries and I did have the odd call as I put my number on the add on Caravans 4 u. If you are thinking of buying a caravan and want to know where to advertise it’s worth having a shop around and see what works for you.

If you’re looking at letting your privately owned caravan get in touch and we can act as a letting agent for you and we take professional photos of your caravan free of charge and we will endeavor to get you as many bookings as we possibly can. Take look at our website 2cholidays and it gives you choice to advertise your static caravan.



This guest booked four last minute caravan breaks in a month and ventured to place different places on her caravan holidays.

“I love caravan holidays and the East coast. I was having some building work at my house so i decided to book four last minute caravan breaks. Firstly i went to Norfolk at Hopton holiday village in a caravan with a full sea view. I booked from just Friday to Monday in all the caravan holidays i had. Secondly i went to Suffolk and traveled to Carlton meres holiday park in Suffolk which was a very peaceful caravan park. On the way home i enjoyed afternoon tea in Suffolk too.

The third last minute caravan break was at Highfield grange in Essex. A great little Essex caravan park and the caravan was very luxurious. Last but not least I stayed at another at Southview holiday park near Skegness. The caravan i had hired had a lake view overlooking the lake at Southview. All the caravan holidays were wonderful in their own right. So many picturesque places to visit and some great places to visit too. I took my granddaughter to the break in Norfolk and we had a great day out in the Zoo. Africa alive zoo in Suffolk i would recommend. So thanks so much for great caravan holidays i had a terrific month of last minute caravan breaks. I will book and do the same thing soon.

More reviews

“I booked a last minute caravan break because me and my family were visiting Colchester Zoo with the children. So we wanted to make a bit of a caravan holiday out of it. So we managed to get a great deal online and book a 8 berth caravan at Martello beach holiday park in Essex. The caravan was clean and tidy and the facilities at Martello beach were fantastic for kiddies. We spent Saturday at Colchester zoo which all the family absolutely loved. The Sunday and the Monday we enjoyed swimming and the leisure activities at Martello beach. Thanks for a great caravan break we would defiantly recommend it.