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You know what they say, “Trust memberships make the perfect Christmas gift!” Well, we beg to differ. We think that Trust memberships make the perfect gift for any time of year! Here’s why: The National Trust is a membership organization that works to protect historic places and spaces in the United Kingdom. So whether you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion or simply want to show your loved ones how much you care about preserving history, a Trust membership is the way to go! Plus, it’s an affordable gift that keeps on giving – annual membership starts at just £54.00. Join now.

Why not give the gift of National Trust today? Your friends and family will thank you for it!

Preseved History

Trust sites in the United Kingdom are some of the best-preserved places across the country. The Trust works continuously to preserve and share these incredible sites with people all over the world, which include grand historic houses, ancient monuments, rolling countryside, distinctive coastline and gardens full of beautiful flowers. These Trust properties are open to everyone who wants to learn more about history and appreciate the work that goes into keeping these amazing places alive. Join now.

The Trust also continually adds new National Trust sites and works hard to preserve as many of its properties as possible. Joining the National Trust is easier than ever! Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or simply want to show your appreciation for preserving history, becoming a member of the Trust is an affordable and rewarding experience.

Which National Trust Membership

The first step in joining the Trust is to decide what type of membership is right for you. There are three different types of memberships available: Annual, Joint and Life. Annual memberships start at just £54 and include free entry to over 500 places across England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as discounts on special events and activities. Joint memberships are ideal for couples or families who want to take advantage of all the benefits associated with being a member. Finally, life membership allows you access to all sites and events throughout your lifetime and can be purchased in installments or as a one-off payment. Go explore today.

Easy to join

Once you have decided which type of membership is right for you, it’s time to join online. Go to the Trust website and fill out a simple form with your details. Once complete, you will be sent a confirmation email along with a digital copy of your membership card that can be used at any National Trust site. You’ll also receive exclusive offers, previews of upcoming events and access to exclusive content such as e-books, audio tours and more!

National Trust Benefits

Along with the great benefits that come with being a Trust member, there are also plenty of opportunities to get involved in local conservation projects or lobbying efforts which help protect historic sites around the UK. As part of the membership community, you can participate in public forums where people discuss important topics related to heritage preservation or even volunteer at one of our many properties around England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Your contribution helps keep these amazing places alive for future generations!

So whether it’s providing financial support to conserve monuments or taking part in local initiatives that help preserve our past; joining the National Trust is an incredible way to show your love for our collective heritage and contribute to its sustainability! Join Now.

Nation Trust Suffolk
National Trust Kent

National Trust Walks

National Trust Walks are a great way to get out and explore some of the most beautiful and historical sites in the UK. Whether you’re interested in taking a leisurely stroll or a more rigorous trek,  Trust Walks offer a great variety of options for discovering Britain’s scenic landscapes. You can choose from coastal paths, mountainous hikes or woodland groves, each with its own unique charm. Get out now.

The walks are also tailored for different lengths of time, from simple mini-walks to more lengthy routes lasting up to several days. Not only can Trust Walks be enjoyed by those looking to exercise outdoors, but they also provide an opportunity to learn about our nation’s culture and history – all while being surrounded by nature!

National Trust

The Trust has some of the most beautiful and historically significant walking routes in the United Kingdom, offering a wide selection of trails for all levels of fitness. From coastal paths and mountainous hikes to woodland groves, there is something to explore for everyone. One of the best National Trust walks is the Glyndŵr’s Way, a 135-mile trail that passes through some of Wales’ most breathtaking scenery. The path brings walkers through medieval castles, Iron Age fortifications and rolling hills with views stretching out over valleys and beyond. For those looking for a shorter route, there are plenty of options available such as sections along Offa’s Dyke Path or stunning mountain trails in Snowdonia National Park.

Urban Landmarks

For those who prefer to stick close to home, there are also several urban walks available through city landmarks or historical districts. Some local favourites include exploring the historic cobbled streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town or tracing London’s ancient Roman walls around Tower Hill and its surrounding parks.

No matter what type of walking route you choose, a Trust Walk will always be educational and inspiring. Every step brings you closer to discovering Britain’s culture and history – from ancient ruins to modern masterpieces like St Pancras Station or Blenheim Palace. The walks are carefully designed with both novice and experienced hikers in mind; offering shorter routes for day trips as well as longer multi-day treks for more adventurous travellers.

In addition to their scenic beauty, Trust Walks also offer an invaluable opportunity to learn about conservation efforts taking place in these areas. Many of the trails are supported by local initiatives aimed at preserving nature while supporting regional businesses; helping make sure that future generations can continue enjoying these amazing sites long into the future! Sign up now.

National Trust Suffolk

Trust Suffolk is a stunning region filled with beautiful properties and views. Trust membership allows you to explore five National Trust owned estates located in Suffolk, offering an unrivalled insight into rich history, culture and heritage of the county. From the ancient Ickworth estate, built in 1795, to the quiet comfort of highbury Barn, National Trust Suffolk has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing stroll or a full day’s adventure filled with sights and memories to last a lifetime, National Trust Suffolk is the perfect destination. Explore now.

National Trust Norfolk

Trust Norfolk is home to a variety of National Trust-protected properties, from majestic stately homes to secret woodland reserves. Take a walk around the magnificent Trust Holkham Estate and marvel at its beautiful beach and surrounding countryside; or spend an afternoon in Oxburgh Hall, a 15th century moated manor house surrounded by gardens. Explore tranquil spots like Blickling National Nature Reserve, or take a peek into the grand interiors of National Trust National Trust Felbrigg Hall with its dazzling collections of historic artwork and furniture. Whatever your preference may be, Trust Norfolk has something for everyone to discover. Explore now.

National Trust
National Trust Holidays

National Trust Kent and Yorkshire

National Trust Kent and Yorkshire are two National Trust locations that offer a range of visitor experiences that combine culture, countryside, and history. With National Trust Kent, there’s plenty to discover around the historic estates of Knole, Scotney Castle, and many more.

National Trust Yorkshire is home to National Trust sites like Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal Water Garden, Hardcastle Crags and Malham Tarn Estate – perfect for exploring the beautiful outdoors. Each of these National Trust places invite you to learn more about their history while enjoying the scenery at these stunning destinations. Plan your trip today with National Trust Kent or Yorkshire for a unique experience you won’t soon forget. Sign up today.

Castles and Rolling Hills

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular member of the National Trust, there’s something for everyone. From the magnificent castles to rolling hills and coastal beaches, you will be able to get back in touch with nature and experience the best England has to offer. As you explore picturesque countryside and learn more about National Trust sites, remember to keep your eyes open for the beautiful wildlife. The National Trust is here to preserve our culture and give us unique opportunities to live out history with our own eyes. Sign up now.

Do you have an upcoming trip planned around any of these English counties? Are you considering becoming a member? Do you have National Trust membership already? Despite where you’re from and what your plans are, experience all that the National Trust has to offer and embark on an adventure of memorable contrasts! Join now