Who are Netmums and what do they do?

Welcome to Netmums! They are the UK’s largest online parenting community, with over 1.5 million members. Their site is packed with advice and support for mums (and dads) of all ages, from first-time parents to grandparents. Whether you’re looking for pregnancy advice, or want to chat about the latest celebrity baby names, they have got you covered. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea, and join the conversation!

Info, Support and Advice

Netmums is an organisation that seeks to provide information, support and advice for new parents. Founded in 2000, Netmums has been striving to facilitate relationships between parents and professionals since its inception. Netmums provides a variety of services to new parents seeking information on topics such as pregnancy, childcare and parenting. They also publishes essential guides including “Guide to Pregnancy”, “Help with Sleep Issues” and many more topics. Netmums provides access to its website to allow users exclusive content.


Netmums also hosts local women’s meet-ups where communities are created among the members enabling them connect directly with other mums in their surrounding areas. Together with its volunteers is committed to helping mums get through this joyous but difficult period at ease! Netmums is a UK-based organisation that was founded in 2000 by Siobhan Freegard, a mother of three who wanted to create an online network for parents. It was created to provide support and advice to new parents, and since then it has grown into one of the most popular parenting websites in the UK.

Currently, Netmums is run by a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to helping mothers through their pregnancy and early parenting years.

Netmums – UK Based

The main office of Netmums is located in London, but they have offices all around the country which provide local services such as meet-ups and discussion groups for mums in their area. The organisation also offers a great range of resources including guides on pregnancy and childcare, a forum section for parents to connect with each other and ask questions, expert Q&As with midwives and health professionals, as well as discounts on products perfect for parents.

1.5 Million members

Since its launch in 2000, Netmums has helped over 1.5 million members find information, support and advice on navigating the world of parenting. It remains one of the largest communities for parents in the UK today and continues to grow with more members joining every day. With its commitment to help mothers everywhere make informed decisions about their pregnancies, childcare options and parenting journey, Netmums has become an invaluable resource for millions of mums across the country.

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How can Netmums help you with your parenting journey?

Mums looking for support and advice along their parenting journey should look no further than Netmums. It’s a fantastic place to chat other mums. You can also learn from professionals such as midwives, Paediatricians and Maternal Mental Health Specialists. All who are available through the online community every day.

Netmums Knoweldge

The wealth of knowledge on the site is vast and covers everything from feeding, development to bedtimes! With helpful forums, advice articles, fun activities and groups. There’s no doubt that Netmums is an invaluable source of help throughout your parenting journey.Netmums is an incredible online platform for parents looking to connect and learn more about parenting and raising their children.

Who Founded Netmums?

Founded in 2000 by Siobhan Freegard. Netmums has grown from a small community of mums seeking advice to one of the largest parenting websites in the UK. Netmums now supports over 1.5 million members across the country. With offices located all around the country providing local services including meet-ups and discussion groups.

The website provides a wealth of resources and guides on pregnancy, childcare, expert Q&As with midwives and health professionals. As well as discounts on products perfect for parents. It is also home to one of the most active online communities for mums – with forums covering topics from breastfeeding to sleep issues and parenting tips. Through these conversations users can find support from people going through similar experiences as well as learn invaluable knowledge from experts in the field.

Netmums – Online Socialisation

Netmums doesn’t just provide advice either – it also offers a fun way for mums to socialise with one another through its meet-up groups. These groups are carefully moderated by experienced volunteers who are there to help create an environment where mums can connect directly with other mums in their local area or even further afield! Whether you’re looking to exchange tips on parenting techniques or just chat about celebrities’ latest baby names, Netmums is there to support you every step of the way!

Helping Mumsnet

With its commitment to helping mothers everywhere make informed decisions about their pregnancies, childcare options and parenting journey. Netmums has become an invaluable resource for millions of parents across the UK – making it easy for them to access accurate information while connecting with others throughout this joyous but difficult period at ease!

What resources does Netmums have to offer parents-to-be and new parents?

Netmums is a great resource for new and expecting parents in the UK. Mumsnet, as it is now known, provides a wide range of services from pregnancy advice to parenting tools. It connects mums across England who are facing the same challenges. It helps them find easy solutions. Mums can join parenting forums and chat with other mums to get tips for looking after their children or learn about helpful products that have worked well for others.

Mumsnet also offers videos, calendars, shopping lists, expert advice, games and audio articles.. If you’re expecting or have young kids, Mumsnet is an invaluable resource that could make your life easier! Log on now.

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Mumsnet Invaluable Resource

In conclusion, Netmums is an invaluable resource and community for parents. Not only do they provide parenting education and advice. But they also have an active supportive group that can provide support during your parenting journey. They offer plenty of resources to parents-to-be, as well as new parents. Both in the form of physical materials such as books and magazines, as well as helpful online articles. Check out today.

Vibrant Fun

Netmums also has a vibrant forum where you can post questions or discuss a variety of topics related to parenting. If you’re feeling alone in your parenting journey. Then don’t be afraid to reach out to the Netmums community; you’ll be sure to find someone who can relate and help. Have you joined Netmums? Doing so will open up yourself up to endless possibilities. Advice and support from other users that can really help make your experience something wonderful and unforgettable. Log on now.