Original Cottages UK

Original Cottages UK

Original cottages UK are a treasure trove of character and charm. Steeped in history, these quaint properties offer a glimpse into the country’s past and a unique holiday experience. From thatched roofs to exposed beams, every detail begs to be admired.

Whether your heart longs for a cosy countryside retreat or a serene coastal escape, these original cottages have something to offer. There’s nothing quite like curling up by the fireplace or soaking in a claw-foot tub, surrounded by the beauty and simplicity of these rustic abodes. Book a stay in one of these delightful cottages and immerse yourself in the authentic British experience.

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Original Cottages Norfolk

Nestled in the heart of East Anglia, Norfolk is a county brimming with stunning landscapes, rich history, and quaint villages. When it comes to experiencing the best that this region has to offer, Original Cottages provides an array of charming and unique accommodations. Whether you’re looking for a coastal retreat, a countryside escape, or a historic hideaway, there’s a perfect cottage waiting for you.

Why Choose Original Cottages in Norfolk?

A Variety of Options

Original Cottages UK offers a diverse selection of properties, catering to different tastes and preferences. Here are some highlights:

Coastal Retreats

Enjoy the serene beauty of the Norfolk coast with cottages located in popular seaside towns like Cromer, Wells-next-the-Sea, and Hunstanton.

Countryside Escapes

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the Norfolk Broads or the rolling countryside with properties in picturesque villages such as Burnham Market and Holt.

Historic Hideaways

Experience a piece of Norfolk’s history with cottages that boast period features and unique charm in historic towns like Norwich and King’s Lynn.
Comfort and Quality

Each cottage is carefully selected and maintained to ensure a high standard of comfort and quality. From cosy fireplaces and modern amenities to pet-friendly options and spacious gardens, every detail is considered to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Local Expertise

Original Cottages prides itself on its local knowledge. Their team is passionate about Norfolk and is always on hand to provide recommendations for the best places to visit, eat, and explore. This insider perspective ensures that you get the most out of your holiday.

Top Attractions in Norfolk

The Norfolk Broads

A network of rivers and lakes, the Norfolk Broads is a haven for nature lovers and water enthusiasts. You can hire a boat, go fishing, or simply enjoy a peaceful walk along the waterways, taking in the abundant wildlife and scenic views.

Sandringham Estate

The private residence of the British Royal Family, Sandringham Estate offers beautiful gardens, a museum, and a country park. It’s a must-visit for anyone interested in history and royalty.


A historic city with a modern twist, Norwich boasts impressive architecture, vibrant markets, and a thriving arts scene. Don’t miss the stunning Norwich Cathedral and the bustling Norwich Lanes filled with independent shops and cafes.

Holkham Hall

A magnificent 18th-century country house, Holkham Hall is set within a vast estate that includes a deer park, walled garden, and a stunning beach. It’s a great spot for a family day out or a romantic picnic.

How to Make the Most of Your Norfolk Stay

Plan Your Itinerary

With so much to see and do, planning your itinerary can help you make the most of your time in Norfolk. Consider mixing coastal and countryside activities to experience the full diversity of the region.

Explore Local Cuisine

Norfolk is renowned for its seafood, particularly Cromer crab and Brancaster mussels. Be sure to visit local markets and restaurants to sample these delicacies, along with other regional specialties.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Events

From summer music festivals to Christmas markets, Norfolk hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Check local listings and plan your visit around these events to enhance your holiday experience.

Engage with the Community

One of the best ways to truly experience Norfolk is by engaging with the local community. Attend village fairs, chat with shop owners, and participate in local traditions to get a genuine feel for the area.

Cottage Breaks In The UK

In a world where hustle and bustle often reign supreme, the idea of escaping to a tranquil, picturesque cottage in the UK is nothing short of blissful. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family retreat, or a solo adventure, cottage breaks offer a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. Join us as we uncover the charm and allure of cottage breaks in the UK.

Why Choose a Cottage Break?

Unwind in Nature’s Lap

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for a cottage break is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the UK. From the rugged coastlines of Cornwall to the serene lakes of the Lake District, the UK boasts a diverse range of landscapes that cater to every traveller’s taste.

A Home Away from Home

Unlike hotels or resorts, cottages provide a homely atmosphere that allows you to truly relax and unwind. With fully equipped kitchens, cosy living areas, and private gardens, cottages offer the comfort and convenience of home, making your stay even more enjoyable.

Unique and Quaint Accommodations

Each cottage has its own unique character and charm. Whether it’s a historic stone cottage in the Cotswolds or a modern beachfront house in Scotland, you’ll find a variety of options that suit your style and preferences.

Top Destinations for Cottage Breaks

The Cotswolds

Known for its rolling hills, charming villages, and honey-coloured stone cottages, the Cotswolds is a quintessentially English destination. Explore the picturesque towns of Bourton-on-the-Water, Stow-on-the-Wold, and Bibury, and soak in the serene countryside views.

The Lake District

A haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers, the Lake District offers stunning lakes, lush forests, and dramatic mountains. Stay in a cosy cottage by Lake Windermere or Ullswater and enjoy activities like hiking, boating, and wildlife spotting.


Cornwall’s rugged coastline, sandy beaches, and quaint fishing villages make it a popular choice for cottage breaks. Visit the iconic St. Michael’s Mount, explore the charming town of St Ives, or simply relax on the beach with a Cornish pasty in hand.


From the Highlands to the Isle of Skye, Scotland’s diverse landscapes and rich history provide a magical backdrop for a cottage holiday. Discover ancient castles, scenic lochs, and vibrant cities while staying in a charming Scottish cottage.

Planning Your Cottage Break

Choosing the Right Cottage

When selecting a cottage, consider factors such as location, amenities, and the size of the property. Websites like Airbnb, Sykes Cottages, and Holidaycottages.co.uk offer a wide range of options to suit every budget and preference.

Packing Essentials

Pack comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities, as well as any personal items you may need during your stay. Don’t forget to bring groceries and supplies if you plan to cook meals in your cottage’s kitchen.

Activities and Attractions

Research local attractions and activities to make the most of your cottage break. Whether it’s visiting historic sites, exploring nature trails, or indulging in local cuisine, there’s always something to do.

Benefits of a Cottage Break

Quality Time with Loved Ones

Cottage breaks provide an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. Enjoy leisurely breakfasts, cosy evenings by the fireplace, and fun outdoor activities together.

Escape the Daily Grind

Escape the stresses of everyday life and recharge your batteries in a peaceful and serene environment. A cottage break allows you to slow down, relax, and reconnect with nature.

Support Local Economies

By choosing to stay in a cottage, you contribute to the local economy and support small businesses. From local shops to family-run restaurants, your visit helps sustain the vibrant communities that make the UK so special.

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British Cottages

Nestled amid babbling brooks, undulating hills, and meadows dotted with sheep, British cottages are a quintessential part of the UK’s charming countryside. These humble abodes, with their thick stone walls, steeply pitched roofs, and thatched or slated exteriors, exude a sense of warmth and welcome that is hard to resist.

Whether you opt for a bucolic dwelling with an inglenook fireplace and beams hewn from ancient oaks, or a chic modernist cottage with all the mod cons, one thing is for sure – you’ll be treated to breathtaking views, fresh air, and the sound of silence that is becoming increasingly rare in our frenzied lives.

So why not switch off, unplug, and succumb to the allure of a British cottage holiday? You won’t regret it!

Come Stay With Us!

Here at 2cHolidays we rent out over 650 properties across the UK, ranging from budget friendly caravans, luxury lodges and extravagant cottages. Therefore, we have something to suit everyone’s needs and keep the whole family entertained. If you are interested in booking one of our lovely accommodations please call our friendly bookings team on 01362 470888, Monday – Saturday, 9am – 5pm.

Scotgate Cottage – The Perfect Unique Holiday Cottage

Bring together family and Friends at Scotgate Cottage, a lovely restored former 1950’s cottage in the heart of Norfolk countryside. You’ll be drawn to the games room, indoor swimming pool, vast acreages and hot tub, the crackling logs in the living room and the beauty of the Norfolk countryside.

The cottage is set in over five acres of parkland and idyllic gardens, which include classic borders, colourful roses and orchards of fruit trees.