Over 50’s holidays

Start planning your over 50's holidays, we've got plenty of ideas for you...

Over 50 and thinking about treating yourself to a holiday? Don’t worry, we’ve got a whole range of over 50’s holidays lined up for you. Now that your children are adults; your free time is your own. With this time, have you thought about what you want from a holiday? Do you want to discover hidden gems amongst the British Isles. Or take a trip down memory lane holidaying at your favourite childhood destination. Are you looking for a peaceful escape? Whatever your desires from a holiday, we’ve got them all!

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Where to begin your search for your over 50's holidays

Planning your over 50’s holiday doesn’t have to be a daunting process. In fact, with the help of technology booking your holiday has never been easier. However, here at 2cHolidays we are aware that technology isn’t for everyone. That’s why we keep our phone lines open 6 days a week from 9am-5pm. Simply give us a call with your holiday wishes and we will try our very best to accommodate.

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Alternatively, for those who are rather tech savvy, you can browse at a great range of holiday destinations as well as accommodation. Take your pick from a nostalgic caravan holiday, live up the lavish lifestyle with a luxurious lodge holiday or even a cosy cottage break. Moreover, we have 400 properties for you to choose from. Although it’s important to have good accommodation, picking the right holiday destination is equally as important. Especially for those of you looking to get out and explore the best of Britain. With holiday homes along the east Anglian coastline including Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Essex as well as in Yorkshire and Kent. Without a doubt, there’s a holiday perfectly suited for you over 50’s holiday!

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Stay closer to home with an over 50's holidays in the UK

Thinking about booking an over 50s holidays in the UK? Undoubtedly, holidaying within the UK comes with many perks!  Many people associate holidays with going abroad, sunbathing on the beach yet most of us don’t realise that you can have just as good a holiday much closer to home.

One of the great things with a UK holiday is that you immediately remove language barrier problems. Often, it can be difficult to get past the language barrier. In fact, it can be a real stress, especially when out embracing the local culture. As lovely as it is to embrace another culture, life is a lot simpler if you stay in the UK.

Enjoy the benefits of UK holidays

What’s more, you’ll greatly reduce travel time! You can soon forget the chaos of airports and all the stresses that come with it. Travelling long distances are time consuming and can make you restless. With a UK holiday simply jump in the car or even catch a train and you’ll be there in a few short hours. Without a doubt, the UK boasts some of the most picturesque landscapes, so there really is no need to travel great distances when it’s right on your doorstep.

Over 50’s holidays

Any shopaholics can shop to your hearts content. Besides shopping centres, you’ll find an array of boutiques, craft stalls and quirky independent stores in the UK. A UK holiday means you won’t have to constantly do the sums in you head to convert between currencies.  Speaking of which, a UK break saves you a trip to your local post office to change your money over. Not to forget, saving you from paying extra for exchange rates and commission.

Why not start your search for over 50’s holidays UK?

Holiday parks for over 50's
Holidays For Over 50 Year Olds

Holidays for over 50 year olds

Trying to plan a holiday for over 50-year-olds? Rest assured, we’ve got a whole list of holiday ideas. We know the struggle of planning a holiday, especially when you’re not quite sure where to holiday, what you’re looking for or the type of break you’re after. That’s why we keep our phone lines open 6 days a week, so we offer holiday guidance and ideas.

When booking holidays for over 50-year-olds, we always recommend caravan parks. Here me out. Although caravan parks typically provide family fun, they make for a really relaxing base for over 50s. Moreover, there are holiday parks in great coastal locations across the UK. You’ll never be stuck for somewhere new to explore. Most of our caravans are just a stone throw away from glorious beaches. You’re never too far from the seaside!

Over 50’s caravan holidays

Furthermore, you’ll get that nostalgic feeling as you arrive at your caravan holiday. After all, they’re that classic destination! For many, your parents holidayed in caravans when they were younger – iconic seaside towns with fish and chips on the pier, Punch and Judy shows and whopping great beaches take pride of place.

In addition, holiday parks are extremely social. There are always lots of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. If you hate the idea of being cooped up in a hotel room or remote cottage and would rather invite your neighbours’ round to share a bottle of wine, a holiday park is perfect for you!

Caravan holidays for over 50's

Don’t think for one minute that you’ll have to sacrifice comfort when it comes to a caravan holiday. Once you’ve reached your 50’s you want to feel comfortable. Modern statistic caravans don’t skimp on comfort! You can expect soft beds, spacious living room and even en-suites. In fact, in brand new caravan models you’ll find washer/dryer machines followed by dishwashers and even some with a full-size bath! Not to forget the option to live up the lavish lifestyle in one of our luxurious lodges where you’ll be spoilt for space.

Holiday parks for over 50’s

Moreover, you can share your holiday with you pet in much of our accommodation. You can explore the best if the local countryside and beaches without leaving your beloved pooch! Besides, we all need to move more to stay health and what could be more enjoyable that exploring Britain’s great outdoors. Many of our holiday parks are never further than a short drive to a sweeping beach, wonderful woodland or captivating countryside. It’s the perfect excuse to wear-in those walking boots.

Relax this holiday

Ultimately, holidays are all about relaxing and enjoying life at a slower pace. Outside of the summer holidays, life on the park goes by at a tranquil pace. You can simply laze around your holiday home. Enjoy a drink or two on the decking. Spend you days soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach. Moreover, when you’re self-catering everything is suited to your pace. No early rising for breakfast or getting out for cleaners. In fact, you have the choice to dine in or out as much as you like! Caravan holidays ae so suited for those holidays for over 50’s. Why not start browsing now!

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