Owning a static caravan

Owning a static caravan

Are you looking at owning a static caravan? Buying a static caravan can be very exciting. There s lots to think about when owning static caravan. Where about s you would like to own a static caravan. Many holiday makers who go on a caravan site for a holiday. Buy a static caravan on that park because they have enjoyed a caravan holiday their. The children have enjoyed the facilities and the location of the static caravan is right for you. So many people buy spontaneously after spending time at the holiday location. Its a great idea, image having more and more caravan holidays in your very own static caravan. Going when you would like and leaving all the jobs at home for another day. Owning a static caravan is defiantly a positive to lifestyles.

Owning a static caravan can give so many positives to you and your family. The change to getaway when ever you want. Enjoy the surroundings when your static caravan for example a couple brought a static caravan in Norfolk near the Norfolk Broads, and enjoyed the whole surroundings of the Norfolk Broads national park. Other positives include families with children, the children have a variety of things to do on caravan parks. For example swimming pools, tennis, bike rides and joining in with the evening entertainment. For some family s they would not normally endure these activities unless they were on a caravan holiday. When you own your own static caravan things for the children to do are more frequent. Additionally on some caravan parks you can go to owner exclusive events and they put on pool partys for example when you own your own static caravan.

How much to does it cost to own a caravan

There are bills associated with owning your own static caravan, such as gas electric and water rates additionally the caravan site fees. The site fees are the most costly part and they differ depending which caravan park you buy a static caravan from. So its hard to be specific about caravan site fees. I do know caravan parks that charge two thousand eight hundred. Adversely there are caravan parks that can charge up-to seven thousand depending on your pitch and its location. For example site fees can be more expensive if you have a sea view or lake view. So you may want to choose your pitch carefully when buying a static caravan. For many caravan parks you can buy a static caravan and the site fees included for the first year of owning.

. Some caravan parks in the UK sell the static caravan and then go through the site fees and they are to be added on top. It all depends really on the caravan park itself. The electric and water bills are quite low and the gas will usually be based on what you have used whilst staying at your own static caravan. However some caravans for sale there pitches are on mains gas so no gas bottles will be needed. Obviously this may be billed on usage or on terms of the caravan park itself. Gas bottles vary you get two sized gas bottles on your static caravan and it dependents what pig tails you have on to what size gas bottle you should use. A large bottle currently will be approximately £60-£70 and smaller bottles around the £30 mark.

How much does it cost to insure a static caravan

Of course you will need static caravan insurance. You can get this through many caravan sites across the board. Additionally you can search online and by your static caravan insurance your self. I have used Coast insurance for all my static caravans. I have always found them very helpful and cost wise competitive. You may need to think about getting insurance if your renting out your caravan to cover this. I have insured my static caravans for just over a hundred and thirty pounds which includes malicious damage. Although some of my static caravans are older, hence why the premium of the static caravan insurance may be lower.

Its always worth calling Coast insurance and they have great customer service staff that are always happy to help discuss static caravan insurance. I have had to make a claim recently on my static caravan insurance and there customer service has been second to none. Currently static caravan insurance has not gone up. Which is always a worry when you claim on your static caravan insurance i know. As well as Coast insurance there are other insurers such as Naco. Naco is the national association of caravan owners. They are a great company and again very helpful. Additionally i am a member with them and they are a good go to for static caravan insurance and any questions about static caravans too.


Benefits of owning a caravan

There are many benefits of owning a caravan and obviously its kind of like having anything new. You can make your static caravan your own. For example you can add decking to your static caravan, to give you that outdoor space and a great idea if you have a dog. You can put a Xbox if you have children into your static caravan and any additionally anything the children would like. Some caravan owners even put there own WIFI in their own static caravans. Other benefits of owning a caravan is having a holiday whenever you choose and letting family members enjoy a caravan holiday too. Having breaks away in your own static caravan, can give so many memories and relax and refresh many owners during the summer months, ready for the week at work ahead.

Additionally if you have a dog there are many coastal walks and dog friendly beaches around caravan parks, you dog will sure to benefit too. Another benefit of owning your own caravan is the caravan parks sometime put on free events. For example at Hopton there are wine tasting evenings and pool party’s. Exclusive to caravan owners only. Furthermore on some caravan parks you will receive a privilege card saving you money on practically everything at your caravan park. Including food and drink. One of the main benefits of owning a caravan is lifestyle. Its such a lifestyle enhancement, to go away and recharge your batteries is almost priceless. When you way up the costs of monies that would of been spent on going abroad or other UK holidays, the caravan could almost pay for itself.

Buy a Caravan at this park

If you’re thinking of buying a caravan for example at Hopton caravan park in Norfolk. We do have Hopton caravans for sale on our for sale page online. They are usually for sale privately at Hopton, we advertise caravans for owners through circumstances when they want to sell there caravan. We know there is a great sales team for the owners exclusively. We are also happy to pass on your deatils or get them to call you. If you wish to buy a caravan at Hopton please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I can give you impartial advice about purchasing a caravan. I own a caravan at Hopton holiday village and have always loved every minute of owning it. There is so much more to purchasing a caravan that you may know.

The sales team at Hopton like many caravan parks are only to happy to help. They will assist in showing you round the caravan park and look at pitches to put your static caravan if you buy. Then they will sit with you and make sure owning a static caravan is right for you and your family. Owning a static caravan can be a big thing for anyone and like many caravan parks you will have questions about owning a caravan and they will support you, by answering any questions you might have. If you buy a static caravan and become a caravan owner you will be excited about the prospect of owning your very own holiday home. Additionally you may need to look at finance options which the caravan park can help with too. So lots to think about!

Enjoy many years of owning a caravan

Last week at Hopton on sea caravan park I visited a lovely young lady in her 20s who had just brought her very first static caravan.  She was thrilled we were also delighted. She had asked us would will to be able to take it on for private lets. We rent caravans out at Hopton very well. Of course we said we would be delighted too. Hopefully she will enjoy many years of owning a caravan and enjoy all the owner exclusive events throughout the year. We have availability in this caravan at Hopton for Easter holidays now. The caravan is listed on the website for our guests to book a holiday. So it you have purchased a static caravan and want to rent your holiday home out, get in touch.

We offer a great service to caravan owners and one of the newest things for caravan owners we have to offer. Is our interactive calendar. You can block out dates when ever you want to stay in your caravan and we will work around your dates. Giving so much flexibility to caravan owners wanting to rent out their holiday home. I will add, there must not be a caravan booking in the calendar to make this effective. Which i am sure you would understand.

Haven Hopton

Haven Hopton is a great example of a caravan park you might like to think about owning a static caravan on. This five star caravan park is amazing for caravan owners. At Haven Hopton they even have a owners lounge, where you can enjoy meeting other caravan owners. Drinking tea coffee or wine depending on whats on. At Haven Hopton you do get ten privilege cards to use yourself and extended family members, which save you 10% off purchases around the caravan park.

Haven Hopton holiday village is just 8 miles from Great Yarmouth and 5 miles from Lowestoft. We have a huge amount of guests that re visit this five star holiday park. It s is very well loved and certainly cared for by the company Bourne leisure. Owners at Hopton are always delighted to go to all the owner exclusive events at Hopton. Throughout the year they certainly offer so much for Owners at Hopton, this year like many others there is a full calendar of things to do for Hopton Owners.

Owner services at Hopton

I wanted to do a bit of a  blog on Sue. Sue works at Haven Hopton.  She is one of the many faces of Haven Hopton in Norfolk and has a very important role with the owners there. Below is a picture of Sue in her usual desk looking rather festive which incidentally has just been awarding a five star holiday park. Haven Hopton is very popular with all our regular customers who book a holiday there.  For many years Sue’s main job has been to help owners when they own a caravan at Hopton. With any queries or questions to make owning a static caravan as seamless as it can be.

Through my time of renting static caravans and lodges. Sue has always done above and beyond for everyone and continues to do everything with a smile. I’ve had many caravan owners always compliment Sue’s commitment to owner services. So if you are thinking of buying a caravan you will really benefit in getting to know Sue on the main desk. The team who work with Sue are second to none including the sales team. Remember it doesn’t hurt to explore the idea of owning a static caravan. You never know it could be the best thing you have ever done for you and your family.