Peasholm Park

Peasholm Park

Peasholm Park is a tranquil haven located in the seaside town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Known for its picturesque lake, stunning landscapes, and exquisite pagoda architecture, Peasholm Park is a breathtaking natural wonder that beckons visitors from all over the country.

The park is a popular destination for families looking to enjoy a day out in the fresh air, as well as avid horticulturists searching for rare and exotic flora. Whether you are looking for a peaceful stroll along the winding pathways, a serene boat ride on the tranquil waters of the lake, or a lively picnic with your loved ones, Peasholm Park has something for everyone.

As you wander through the idyllic scenery, the chirping birds and fragrant flowers will transport you to a world far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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Peasholm Park Naval Battle

As the summer approaches, many of us are looking for ways to spend our weekends -whether we’re visiting a nearby city or staying at home. If you’re someone who loves history or are just looking for a unique experience, Peasholm Park Naval Battle is an event you shouldn’t miss. This naval battle re-enactment takes place in Peasholm Park. Located in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England. It’s a perfect blend of history, entertainment, and fun that will offer you an experience of a lifetime!

The History

The history of Peasholm Park goes back to the early 20th century when the park first opened its gates. The fascination with naval battles was on a rise, and the Park’s directors quickly saw an opportunity to create an event that would attract visitors and offer entertainment at the same time. They created a lake in the middle of the park and built a miniature naval fleet that would re-enact the battles fought in World War I and II.

During The Battle

During the battle, you will see five different types of ships sailing on the lake, which includes destroyers, aircraft carriers, and submarines, each one trying to defeat the other by shooting water cannons. The battles are choreographed to perfection, following the actual battles’ historical accounts, making it an amazing show. The soldiers dressed in typical naval uniforms, and the soundtrack adds to the whole experience. Making it seem like you’re transported back in time.

The Experience

To enhance your experience, the park provides you with audio equipment that will help you understand the battle’s history and significance. They can be rented at the park gates. Visitors can also take a ride on the park’s boats, which offer an impressive view of the lake and the whole battle.

Travelling with children

If you’re traveling with children, Peasholm Park Naval Battle is an excellent opportunity to educate your children about the importance of WWI and WWII and the different types of ships used during the war. The Park features a play area that includes swings, slides, and a miniature train that takes you through the park. You can also pack a picnic and enjoy it in the park.

Peasholm Park Play Area

Tucked away in the charming seaside town of Scarborough lies a hidden gem that offers endless fun and excitement for children of all ages. Peasholm Park Play Area is a fantastic destination that boasts an array of play equipment for kids, including slides, swings, and climbing frames. But it’s not just about the play equipment. Peasholm Park Play Area is also a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space that’s perfect for family days out, picnics, and parties.

Variety of Play Equipment

At Peasholm Park Play Area, children can discover a world of fun through the vast range of play equipment on offer. From traditional swings and slides to modern climbing frames and obstacle courses, there’s something for every child to enjoy. The design and layout of the park are also perfect for kids to explore and challenge themselves to keep playing and having a good time.

Safe and Secure Environment

The safety of our children is paramount when it comes to outdoor play areas. At Peasholm Park Play Area, the play equipment is regularly maintained to ensure it’s in perfect condition. Plus, the grounds are fully fenced and secure so parents and guardians can relax knowing that their children are in a safe and secure space to play.

Inclusive Play for All

Peasholm Park Play Area caters to children of all ages and abilities, making it a great destination for inclusive play. The play equipment includes wheelchair accessible structures as well as sensory and imaginative play areas designed to stimulate the senses and encourage imaginative play for all age groups and abilities.

Picnic, Parties and Family Fun

Peasholm Park Play Area is also a great destination for family picnics and parties. There are plenty of benches and grassy areas dotted around the park, so families can relax and enjoy the sunshine with some delicious snacks and drinks from the nearby kiosks. If you are looking to celebrate a special occasion, the park also offers affordable party packages that include private use of the park for up to two hours.

Beautiful Surroundings

Finally, Peasholm Park Play Area is not just a play area, but it’s surrounded by one of the most beautiful parks in all of the UK. Peasholm Park features winding paths that follow large expanses of water. Which is the ideal setting for a family day out. Peasholm Park also hosts a range of events throughout the year, from outdoor cinema screenings to jazz festivals and more!

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Peasholm Park Events

Peasholm Park is a beautiful oasis located in the quaint town of Scarborough. It offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, with its serene lake, picturesque gardens, and charming bridges. But there’s more to this park than just natural beauty. Each year, Peasholm Park hosts a series of events that draw visitors from far and wide.

Oriental Festival

The Oriental Festival is a celebration of all things Asian, and it’s held each year in August. During this weekend-long event, Peasholm Park is transformed into a bustling marketplace where visitors can sample exotic foods, watch traditional dances and performances, and shop for unique crafts and souvenirs. There are also live demonstrations of martial arts and calligraphy. As well as activities for children and families.

Armed Forces Day Parade

The Armed Forces Day Parade is a patriotic event that honours the brave men and women who have served in the British military. It’s held on the last weekend in June, and it features a procession of military vehicles, marching bands, and service organizations. The parade starts at Scarborough Castle and winds its way through town, ending at Peasholm Park. At the park, visitors can enjoy live music, air shows, and military displays.

Model Naval Warfare

One of the most unique and popular events at Peasholm Park is Model Naval Warfare. This event takes place every Sunday and Wednesday during the summer months, and it features miniature naval battles on the lake. The models are controlled by radio, and the battles are complete with pyrotechnics and special effects. It’s a fun and exciting event for all ages.

Jazz and Swing Music Festival

For music lovers, the Jazz and Swing Music Festival is a must-see event. This annual festival takes place in July, and it features live performances from some of the UK’s top jazz and swing bands. Visitors can bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the music on the lawn. They can purchase food and drinks from the park’s vendors. The festival also includes dance lessons and workshops for those who want to try their hand at swing dancing.

Firework Displays

Peasholm Park is known for its stunning firework displays, which light up the sky every summer. The displays are held on various dates throughout the season, and they are a treat for visitors of all ages. The fireworks are choreographed to music and are accompanied by special effects and lighting. Some of the displays are followed by live music performances or other entertainment.

Peasholm Park Boat Hire

Nestled away from the bustling noise of the city, you will find a serene haven in Peasholm Park, Scarborough. If you’re on a trip to the North Yorkshire coast, Peasholm park is a must-visit. The Park boasts stunning gardens, mini-golf. a pedestrian walkway and more. But one activity that captivates the imagination is exploring the park’s lake by hiring a boat.

Scenic Panoramic View

Peasholm Park is a picturesque, oriental-themed park. The boat ride is an excellent way to take in breath-taking views of the park’s beautiful surroundings. In a matter of minutes, you can travel the entire length of the lake and witness the mesmerizing views of the park and its landscapes. The lake has many fascinating features, including the striking island fortress. Which is a detailed replica of Galleon Ship. It is an ideal spot to capture stunning photographs and make the most of your visit.

Incredible Experience

Boat hire in Peasholm Park offers an incomparable experience, unlike any other. You can enjoy the tranquil flow of water and watch the ducks bobbing along as you navigate around the lake. The boats are comfortable, safe, and easy to manoeuvre. Making them the perfect way to explore the park and take in the beauty and tranquillity of the natural environment.

Variety of Boats

At Peasholm Park, you can choose from different types of boats to hire. The options include rowing boats, canoes, and pedal boats. They all have their charm and beauty that allow visitors to experience the lake in unique ways. The rowing boats and canoes are ideal for couples and small groups. while the pedal boats are more suited for families and large groups. No matter which boat you choose. you’re guaranteed an enjoyable and memorable time.


The cost of boat hire at Peasholm Park is unbelievably affordable. The park has a straightforward pricing structure that allows visitors to enjoy the boats without worrying about a hefty budget. The costs vary slightly depending on the type of vessel you choose. But it’s still cheaper compared to some other tourist attractions in the area.

Excellent for Kids

Peasholm Park boat hire is perfect for kids who love adventure and exploring. The experience of navigating a boat through the tranquil waters of the lake is an adventure that they won’t soon forget. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for parents to bond and share moments of laughter with their children. Parents can accompany younger children. They can take turns to row or paddle the boats.

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Unique Things To Do In Peasholm Park

Peasholm Park is a stunning public park situated in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Its beauty is undeniable, and it’s no surprise that it attracts thousands of visitors every year. But did you know that there are unique things to do in Peasholm Park that go beyond taking a leisurely stroll or having a picnic? From boat rides to secret gardens, we’ve compiled a list of the best hidden gems to explore during your visit.

Take a Boat Ride

One of the most unique things to do in Peasholm Park is taking a boat ride on the lake. You can rent electric or rowing boats from the boathouse and enjoy a peaceful cruise around the island in the center of the lake. The island has a pagoda-style building called ‘The Island House’ which hosts events throughout the year.

Visit The Jungle Trail

Another hidden gem in Peasholm Park is The Jungle Trail, located at the northern end of the park. It’s an interactive walkway through lush greenery with various animal sounds playing along the way. The trail even has animatronic animals like gorillas and tigers which move as you walk past them!

Discover The Japanese Gardens

Peasholm Park is known for its Oriental influence, and one of its most beautiful features is the Japanese Gardens tucked away near The Island House. This serene area features traditional Japanese landscaping elements such as waterfalls, bridges, rocks, and flora. It’s truly an oasis within an already picturesque setting.

Explore The Rose Garden

For all those who love flowers – don’t miss out on visiting The Rose Garden! It’s located towards the southern end of Peasholm Park near Alexandra Gardens Carpark entrance. There are over 100 varieties of roses and other flowers, making it a perfect spot for a photo-op or to simply enjoy the fragrance.

Watch The Naval Warfare Show

Lastly, if you’re looking for something unique and exciting, make sure to catch the Naval Warfare Show! This show has been running since the 1920s, and it features miniature boats reenacting battles set in various time periods. It’s a great family-friendly activity that is sure to keep everyone entertained.