Pentney lakes

Pentney lakes

Pentney lakes is a beautiful, stunning setting. If you are searching for a Log cabin in Norfolk, you can’t go wrong with this glorious location. Situated in North Norfolk Pentney lakes is only a short drive away from the royal Sandringham estate, the queen’s own country residence. Pentney lakes log cabin (see property) offers great time away in a rural surrounding where it could make you feel like you are in another part of the world, it will be hard to believe that you are actually in Norfolk.

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Pentney lakes log cabin will give the best time away, great for those who have a busy life and schedule and just need to get away from everything, a true throwback to some wonderful nature time away. The amount of flora and fauna that can be seen is just amazing, it’s a perfect choice if you fancy waking up to the sound of birds in the trees and the view of the lake and looking at the most wonderful views. It will certainly feel like fantastic time away at a cosy retreat with a luxurious air about it, the accommodation and settings are absolutely gorgeous. Pentney lakes is such a stunning place to visit and enjoy that you may decide not to venture from the area but if you did fancy some a day out then you could go to Hunstanton, a great seaside town just over half an hour away, perfect for a bag of chips and an ice cream along the coast and a wonderful chance to take in even more of the beautiful scenery and maybe go via Sandringham to see if the queen is in residence and have a walk around the estate.

Pentney lakes – Alpine lodge

Pentney lakes would be a lovely chance to show the younger generation back to basic activities such as fishing and cycling, away from all the technology modern day life has. Even though there are probably many Log cabins Norfolk has I don’t think you would find a more beautiful and serene place to stay than in the Pentney lakes log cabin. The time spent away with family and or friends in this location is perfect for all ages and interests. Pentney lakes alpine lodge is plenty big enough for a couple of families to go and stay in without being in each other’s pockets, you will still have your own space with in the Pentney lakes accommodation.

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This is definitely a great choice to make if looking for a break in one of the Log cabins Norfolk has in its beautiful areas and with the bonus of the beach being close by and the chance to have tea and scones in the café within the Sandringham estate and even take a guided tour before returning back to the lodge for a chilled out evening enjoying the different aspects of the view that the early evening will bring in the dusk, a cup of tea or a glass of wine outside can be had to round the day off.