Pet friendly caravans

Caravan Holidays With dogs

Here at 2cHoldays we have been advertising our pet friendly caravans in lots of the leading magazines in the UK such as the cruft’s magazine also we have been advertising dog friendly holiday parks and the writing about caravan holidays with dogs in the dog life magazine which is again extremely popular. We have been adverting with some of these companies for a while and we have found that dog owners around the UK really do enjoy taking there dogs on a caravan holiday.

Dog friendly Holiday parks

Most of the parks we offer caravan holidays with dogs are dog friendly holiday parks, if you want a list of all the dog friendly holiday parks please don’t hesitate to email or call us and we will be able to talk you through the caravan holidays with dogs, we have late caravan deals for dog friendly caravans too even this time of year its always good to wrap up and go to a dog friendly beach for a brisk walk.

We also have pet friendly caravans in the Great Yarmouth area available for a Christmas break and new year. We have also been giving away a dog friendly lodge for free on our face book competition the lodge at North denes is stunning and just a thirty minute walk there is a dog friendly beach.

Late deal caravan holidays

We currently have some late deal caravan holidays in Hunstanton that are on our late deals page and a short break up until Christmas including Christmas breaks in Hunstanton and the new year.

Hopton Holiday village

We also have a free holiday giveaway at Hopton haven holiday park every few months this 8 berth caravan that we run as a face book competition is a dog friendly caravan. Please let me know if you want to find out more about our pet friendly caravan holidays and face book giveaways.

On our face book page we have late deal caravan holidays on our face book page too as well as on our website.

On our website look out for the dog symbol on any property and you can see all of the pet friendly caravans that are available. Currently we have 4 caravans for hire on each holiday park on most dog friendly holiday parks and in total there is over a hundred dog friendly caravans that we have in Norfolk Suffolk Essex and Lincolnshire. We have pet friendly caravans that will take up to 4 dogs which is great if you are a dog owner with more than one dog.

We do have a list of dogs the parks wont accept by all means let us know if you would like this information. Our friendly team at 2cholidays is only too happy to help give you any assistant and if your looking for a dog friendly and  wheelchair friendly caravan