Photography Holidays

Photography Holidays

During the pandemic photography as a hobby has increased in popularity. Taking up a new hobby like photography was an ideal way to keep our brains active and protect our mental health. Importantly it allowed us to document this historic time and preserve images of empty streets, rainbow painted windows and lockdown life in general for generations to come. With retailers like Jessops, Wex and London Camera Exchange offering great deals on cameras what better time to start. In addition to equipment some of these retailers offer training and workshops to help you hone your skills. Without a doubt there is no better time to start capturing those memories.

The best camera is the one in your hand

No Camera? Not a problem. Unquestionably camera phones and the popularity of Instagram has meant we are now all photographers. In addition to being able to take photos we can now fully edit our images on the go. Furthermore iPhone as standard will take shots in HDR (High Dynamic Range) meaning photos of landscapes will visually stunning.

Bird Photography Holidays

Photography Holidays UK

Photography holidays UK have become increasingly popular. Besides learning new skills, they offer the chance to explore somewhere new, sometimes on your doorstep. The East of England is the ideal place for a photography holiday. It has so much to offer in terms of wildlife, dramatic coastlines, and the only part of the country where you can observe both the Sunrise and Sunset over the sea. From the striped cliffs of Hunstanton to the vast seascapes of Suffolk you will never be short of a stunning landscape shot. Famous for being flat landscapes, Norfolk and Suffolk offer you the chance to capture stunning big skies.

Photographing East Anglia

Looking for places to visit? Check out Justin Minns book, Photographing East Anglia. This is the ultimate photo location and visitor guidebook. Importantly the book features 150 locations, maps, Sun compass, seasonal highlights, and the best places to eat and drink. Justin feature’s locations all around the East ranging from North Norfolk down to Essex. With properties along the East coast, we have the ideal base for your photographic adventure. Book a stay at Manor Park or Lees in Hunstanton and you will be able to capture the sunset from the only place resort in East Anglia that is Westerly facing.

Sunset over the Wash

Grab your camera and tripod and head down to the beach for a stunning sunset over the sea. Alternatively spin around and capture the warm summer glow bouncing off the stunning red striped cliffs of Old Hunstanton. More of a morning person? Book a stay at England’s most Easterly Holiday Park, North Denes. Lowestoft is famous for being the first place in the country to see the sunrise. Head out to Ness Point and capture those glowing summer sunrises over the still North Sea.

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Wildlife Photography Holidays

Wildlife photography holidays are a perfect way to enjoy what the countryside has to offer and capture some stunning images. Without a doubt East Anglia is one of the best regions to capture a wide range of animal life. Pinewoods Holiday Park is located on the Holkham Estate in North Norfolk. Literally a minutes’ walk through the pine tree lined dunes and you are on the vast beach with miles of golden sand.

Holkham National Nature Reserve

Located in an area of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB), Holkham National Nature Reserve, stretches from Burnham Norton in the west to Blakney in the east. The main section of the reserve, from Wells to Holkham Bay is lined with paths allowing access through the pinewoods. The reserve is home to an enormous amount of wildlife. Visit in the autumn and experience the spectacle that is the Fallow Deer Rut. Early morning mists across the heath will help make stunning images of these majestic beasts.

Bugs, Minibeasts and Butterflies

In contrast to big wide landscapes, get closer to nature and try your hand at macro photography. With Holkham National Nature Reserve on the doorstep you are bound to find all sorts of mini beasts and bugs. Once thought to be specialist equipment Macro lenses are a lot more affordable. If you have an interest in the smaller beasts in nature then a macro lens is well worth the investment, it will allow you to focus a lot closer than a normal lens often replicating the size of the object on the image sensor. No matter what brand of camera you own there is a lens for you. For beginners try the Tamron 90mm f2.8.

Norfolk Broads

No trip to Norfolk is complete without a visit to the Broads National Park. Haven Wild Duck is situated on the edge of the Broads and is the perfect base to explore the surrounding area. Undoubtedly one of the natural gems of East Anglia the Broads offers countless opportunities for bird spotting. Keep a close eye on the shallow waters to spot Chinese Water Deer.

Bird Photography Holidays

 The East of England offers so much for those wanting to capture birdlife both native and visiting. Absolutely one of the best places to visit is Pensthorpe near Fakenham. A former orchard and fruit farm Pensthorpe has transformed into a beautiful natural park. Home to species such as Avocet, Nuthatch, Sand Martin, Kingfisher and many more, makes Pensthorpe the ideal place to visit with your camera. For three years, Pensthorpe was host to BBC Springwatch. The series producer described the reserve “like a jewel. A microcosm of habitats – from lakes, wader scrapes, wetland and wildflower meadows to Breckland, wildlife-rich farmland and ancient woodland”

RSPB Reserves

Holidays in Hunstanton and Heacham are great for visits to two of the regions best RSPB Reserves. Snettisham and Titchwell both offer fantastic opportunities for observing both native species and also migrating birds from abroad.  During the autumn months witness the spectacle that is the whirling waders. Watch as thousands of birds take flight at the same time, filling the sky in front of you. This is caused by the high tides pushing the birds from the mudflats to the lagoons of the reserve.

Wildlife Photography Holidays
Holiday Photography Tips

Holiday Photography Tips

My best tip for any photography is to make sure you enjoy your photo. There are many ‘Golden Rules’ to photography but much like art it is all down to personal interpretation. Nevertheless here is our top tips for making sure your holiday photos give David Bailey a run for his money.

Top Tips

Landscapes: To make your landscapes standout ideally you will want the sun lower in the sky and off to the side. This creates softer light and longer shadows which are far more pleasing. Head out earlier or later than you would normally to get these shots.

Portraits: Same rules apply for the position of the sun, have the sun behind you and your subject will be squinting conversely have the sun behind your subject and they will be in shadow. Overcast days often provide the best light for portraits.

Kids: When capturing those special moments with the little ones make sure to get down on their level. Looking down rarely has a pleasing outcome. Try catching natural expressions rather than false smiles.

Wildlife: Pre focus, if you are waiting for auto focus to kick in you may miss that moment. Use a tripod to ensure that all your levels are straight. Sit back and wait, wildlife is unpredictable.

Composition: Try where possible to place your subject off centre, this will give a more pleasing image.

Try using these tips to make sure your holiday photos are more than snaps.

Nature Photography Holidays UK

 The east of England offers an abundance of nature to photograph. Ranging from birdlife to Seals. Undoubtedly you will never be short of something to capture. How about capturing something a bit more exotic? The east of England has many wildlife parks offering opportunities to photograph animals from the Amazon and beyond.

Amazona Zoo, Cromer: One of the counties most unique days out where you can discover South American wildlife. Home to over 200 tropical animals including Monkeys, Snakes, Pumas and Tapirs. The zoo is committed to providing visitors with opportunities to learn more about conservation issues. Without a doubt some of the highlights include a Feline Forest with Ocelot, a Tropical house with spectacled caiman, anaconda, and iguanas. In addition, discover birdlife such as Amazon parrots and macaws.

Endangered Species – Bengal Tiger

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, Near Skegness: The Park is the UK’s largest collection of parrots, covering over 100 different species. They also dedicate their time looking after many mammals and reptiles. The Park is also a sanctuary for any bird or animal needing a forever home. This commitment to rehousing has taken them from meerkats, lemurs and kookaburras to otters, tapir, tortoises and even one of the most endangered species in the world, the Bengal Tiger.

What better way to spend a day than getting up close and personal with some of the world’s most beautiful creatures.

Holiday Photography Near Me

 Live in the east? Stay closer to home and still enjoy a break away. Head up to the coast and use it as a base to explore. A stay in Great Yarmouth is an excellent base to explore the both the Broads for wildlife and Norwich for some street photography. Explore the colourful lanes of Norwich Market and capture life as it happens. Head to the Cathedral area of the city and capture stunning Elm hill. With its cobbled streets and medieval architecture this area of the city looks amazing year-round.

Paint with light

Try something new and paint with light. Wait for the sun to go down and capture the city in a new ‘light’. Stick your camera on a tripod and try some long exposure. The trails of light from cars and buses will give you exciting images. The city transforms at night with buildings looking completely different with neon shop signs and great reflections from puddles on the ground.