Private static caravans for sale

Private static caravans for sale

Buying your very own private static caravans for sale is the perfect opportunity for you to be able to take a holiday. When ever you like with little planning and preparation. Imagine being hard at work on a Wednesday and deciding to take a well earned break for the weekend at your very own private static caravan! Plus, you could also rent it out to others to help with any ongoing costs associated with owning your own caravan. We have a growing number of private caravans for sale which you can see on our for sale page on our website. Many owners who decide to sell their caravans privately, have outgrown them or moved areas.

Understandably things change but most caravan owners have fond memories of owning their own caravan. You can contact the caravan owner directly when thinking of buying a private caravan. You can discuss with the owner if they are leaving the contents of the static caravan for sale. Some owners choose to sell with contents. However some want to take the contents because they may be changing static caravans and need it all.

Thinking of buying a static

Static caravans for sale have come a long way from the cramped, basic accommodation they once were. Many static caravans offer luxurious and spacious accommodation with up to eight beds. So you can invite friends and family for a short break or a traditional week or 2 week holiday whenever you like. Are you thinking of buying a caravan privately or from the holiday park? If you are then on the UK holiday parks you will find staff very helpful.

Often than not, the staff will show you around the holiday park. If you are buying a static caravan from the holiday park you will find that you can sometimes pick your very own pitch. Following your visit to look at the caravan for sale look at location and think about the drive from your house and allow for traffic.

The first static caravan i purchased was just 50 minutes from my home. I found that i used the caravan so much more because on a Friday night i could be at the caravan at six thirty after finishing work at five. The drive back was so quick ready to get back into the swing on a Monday. It didn’t seem like a hassle just a seaside weekend break two times a month or more. The great thing about being at the caravan away from home is that you can just relax. When at home there is always something to do, and if there is you find something to do!

Static caravans for Sale

We offer static caravans for sale on our website. From all different holiday parks and the static caravans for sale are very competitive. On the adverts on the static caravans for sale you can contact the UK holiday park directly and speak to the sales team. More often than not the number of the sales team are on individual adds. Once you have contacted the sales team you can make a appointment to view the static caravan for sale. What happens next?

You may want to buy a static caravan and then you can talk to the sales team about the plans moving forward. I have seen a guest purchase a static caravan for sale whilst on holiday and then use it two weeks later for themselves. The process can be speedy depending on many different factors. Buying a static caravan can be so exciting for the whole family. have you ever thought about holidays when ever you want.

Owner exclusive

So we you go to the owner events there is always someone willing to talk about static caravans. You can also get benefits of being a static caravan owner on holiday parks such as owner exclusive swim slots. So you can enjoy swimming without the holiday makers, which is a nice idea. The owner exclusive Christmas events are very good too. Many caravan owners really look forward to the events put on by staff during the off peak season. You get access to a Haven owners account that’s full of useful information. You can see your accounts and book many things in the owners portal.

Our first static caravan experience was very positive and we embraced all the owner exclusive events and took advantage of owning your own caravan. Just one more thing i haven’t mentioned is quite important when buying a static caravan. That is that you will receive a number of passes so that you can use the holiday park facilities when ever you like. Usually you can have 10 privilege cards to add on family members so they can share the enjoyment. The privilege cards or members cards will allow you to enjoy owner exclusive rewards too. Furthermore there are discounts that owners can enjoy with the privilege’s cards too.

Static caravans

Some static caravans for sale are on holiday parks where there is no entertainment and just on a quiet site and just a beach. These sites are popular for people wanting to get away from all the hustle and bustle. There is such a wide choice when thinking of buying a static caravan. You can buy a private static caravan or buy from the Holiday park. You can have decking included on your static caravan, and in many cases choose your pitch. The choices of UK holiday parks are endless along the East Coast and there is something for everyone. Private caravans for sale come in all shapes and sizes and all costs too.

The great thing about buying a static caravan is that you can enjoy a getaway whenever you want. A huge lifestyle investment for most people who want to enjoy a caravan holiday when ever you want. Have a look at our caravan for sale page with the most affordable prices for caravans for sale in Norfolk, Suffolk and areas across the East coast.

Looking for a management company that are reasonable

If you have took the steps to buy a static caravan or thinking of buying a caravan for sale you may be thinking of subletting. The great thing about renting out your caravan is that you get revenue in to cover caravan site fees. All the caravan parks ask for some sort of ground rent when you purchase a pitch license and buy a static caravan on park. Some caravan fees are as low as a thousand but i have known them to be as high at seven thousand on a prime pitch on the caravan site. So renting is a great way to make sure you have covered costs. We are a private letting company that offers a great service to caravan owners to support and get them income back on there caravan.

Caravan owners who own a caravan love our interactive calendar, we have a great online calendar. The calendar provides caravan owners the ability to look for caravan bookings and owners can book their own caravan out for there preferred dates. Furthermore the calendar allows caravan owners to book their own static caravan for friends and family and even book a clean in. From start to finish we are here to assit caravan owners from bookings to cleaning. We don’t have our own cleaners to clean caravans but sub contact out the cleaning. By all means you can clean yourselves and we can just get the bookings for your caravan’s.


Caravan insurance when buying a caravan

When purchasing a private static caravans for sale there are things like caravan insurance and there is a great company we have used called Naco. Naco offers a great service to caravan owners for advice and guidance for owners. If you buying any private caravans for sale or off the park you should always buy caravan insurance to protect your caravan and the contents. Furthermore when buying any private caravans for sale you must adhere to health and safety regulations such as a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm. for a small fee as a owner you can join Naco. having used them myself they are very good and helpful.

Another company that are great on prices for caravan owners is Coast insurance. Many years i have used these to insure the caravans i have owned. Additionally thy offer extra insurance if you rent your caravan through them. Its called malicious damage insurance. It just gives peace of mind when you have purchased your caravan. Speak to Coast insurance and advise them which type of static caravans you have brought and they will give you a quote.

Review of a couple who brought private caravans for sale

This is a review of a couple who brought two private caravans for sale in Hunstanton.

“We were looking at buying private caravans for sale for some years and even looked for a lodge for sale in Hunstanton. After months of searching at looking at many static caravans, we were familiar with all the types of private caravans for sale. In particular we liked the Willerby Vogue and the Cosalt eclipse. After looking at many private caravans for sale in and around Hunstanton and Heacham. In the end we brought a 6 berth static caravan that was a Willerby vogue, which even had a full bath included. As we have a large family who love holidays in the UK we then brought another 6 berth caravan called a Cosalt Torbay which was a great bargain. So since buying private caravans for sale in Hunstanton we have had many great family breaks in both caravans.


We have been subletting our caravan and we were looking for a management company that is reasonable and proactive. That’s when we found 2cholidays and really enjoy them renting them out of caravans and have some great reviews from holiday makers. In fact we have thought about buying another static caravan because we enjoy using them by the Norfolk coast. Before this we spent hundred’s of pounds of Norfolk cottages, we would always come to Norfolk and stay in a holiday cottage in Hunstanton. We are saving money by using the private caravans for sale. I certainly would recommend buying private static caravans for sale.

Subletting your caravan is easy and and you can let it out as much as you like. providing we rent it out for a minimum of six weeks and some of those weeks and summer holidays. Email and we will send of subletting pack which including. So please get in touch if you have a caravan to rent.