Rent my caravan

Rent my caravan

Are you a caravan owner and looking to rent my caravan? We are a caravan letting agent who offers support for those looking to rent out their holiday home. Renting your caravan can feel very daunting and more often than not the reasons are financial. Let me tell you that we take renting out caravan owners caravans or cottage owners cottage out very seriously.

Did you know when we rent your caravan or holiday cottage we call all guests. When a guest bookings online many security questions are asked for example. Names ages, addresses and general details. However we call the lead Booker to make sure we know who s going into your holiday home. Furthermore its great customer service too. We like guests to know we are there to support them when they rent out a caravan.

Rent my caravan UK

We are happy to support new owners with their own bookings but primarily we rent out owners caravans and we are successful at doing so. When you rent your caravan with us we are flexible and if you take your own bookings through ukcaravansforhire . Aswell as ukcaravansforhire we advertise on many different platforms for example trip advisor and Airbnb. We simply advertise on many platforms to maximize renting your caravan in the UK.

From start to finish we can help with the whole booking process when asked to rent my caravan in the UK. Did i also mention that our website has a huge presence on google with around 16000 views a month. Furthermore so have some great social media pages where we can list you UK caravan for hire. So when asked can you rent my caravan? Yes we will and below in this blog you will find out about the process.

Rent my caravan out

Did you know when you ask us to rent my caravan out you get your own bookings too. We can fully support you with our online calendar which is perfect for caravan owners who want to take their own bookings too. Whilst renting out your caravan or holiday home you may not be able to organise your own cleaning. We will support you by offering to help you clean your caravan after your own booking has been in.

I know that is unusual that we are offering a service and are happy to assist you with the cleaning of your caravan after your guests have left. Its so we can support you as a caravan owner. The one thing we would ask is you give your guests your telephone number to contact you if they need your help during their stay at your caravan. For own caravan bookings our guests get a contact number for 24 hour support during their caravan holiday. Still thinking of renting my caravan out? Knowing how flexible and supportive we can be.


Rent my static caravan

Advertising your caravan with us, we have lots of customers that advertise with us and take their own bookings and advertise on ukcaravansforhire or ukcaravans4hire as discussed earlier and you now know we can do the cleaning of your holiday home too. Obviously there will be a charge for cleaning just as there would be normally. We often get asked when we get asked to rent my static caravan out. What about bed linen for my guests and yours.

When we rent out a caravan or your rent your caravan out we do supply bed linen to guests, again at a additionally cost. However we can help with this it doesn’t matter who is renting your static caravan. We have some reviews on owners who have praised us for renting tier static caravan out and the flexibility with caravan bookings they had made in there own caravan.

Caravan owners direct

When caravan owners take bookings directly. We would ask caravan owners that you would block caravan dates in your very own caravans. Many caravan owners directly taking bookings would also need to let us know if you would like us to clean your caravan. Further more caravan owners direct bookings we would need to know if we would make the beds for your direct bookings with the guests. Its really easy and simple to do and our system will help make life easier for caravan owners directly taking bookings.

Caravan owners direct bookings, we would suggest you do give your guests a number to contact you. Not because anything may go wrong with the caravan rental but so your guests booking directly have a go to if they do have any problems at all. For example in previous years guests have arrives and during there caravan stay there may be a leaky tap or a toilet seat that may need fixing in your caravan. As caravan owners directly taking bookings you would need to be on the other end of the phone to give the best customer service to your guest.

Caravan holidays owners direct.

When caravan holiday bookings are taken directly you may need to think about sending your guests who are going on a caravan holiday confirmation via email. Furthermore a caravan map is useful. Furthermore as you may like to use the key safe system you will need to tell your guests the four digit pin. Caravan holidays owners will usually want the very best for there guests using there caravan. Hopefully these tips may help you when renting your caravan out.

Of course we are happy to support you, and over the years have a great knowledge of guest expectations. Caravan holidays owners, directly booking there own caravan is very easy like everything once you know how. If you rent with us we will go through the caravan owner calendar and take it step by step. Did you know we also offer a £50 referral for our own owners who recommend to other caravan owners our services. So you can recommend us if you love the service we offer for renting your caravans and holiday homes out.


Owners caravans for hire

We have just had an owner from Caister holiday park that has referred us last week and received £50 into their account with us, which they were delighted with. Another Caister caravan coming on with us over the next few weeks at Caister holiday park.

We have a owner who owns two caravans at haven Hopton holiday village who has referred us three times at Hopton holiday village to three different owners at Hopton. The two owners caravans for hire have been renting very well and the caravan owner at Hopton holiday village has been thrilled with the whole process. Owners who have caravans for hire always want to walk back into there own caravan and think its not been rented. The cleaning of the caravan is paramount. Hence why we have a 55 point cleaning check for all owners caravans for hire.

Owners direct UK caravans

We have another caravan owner that is on Seashore caravan park in Great Yarmouth that referred a owner directly to us and we rent there UK caravan out now. The caravan referral was at another Norfolk holiday park  called Cherry tree caravan park so you can refer other caravan owners to us from other parks and still enjoy your £50 referral. Here is what the owner had to say about us. He was looking for someone to ‘rent my caravan’ and then we got recommended through a caravan owner.

“Here is a review about 2cholidays. As caravan owners we wanted to try to rent out caravan out. Firstly we wanted to get some rental income from our caravan. We had known other caravan owners caravans for hire to be on this site and thought we would contact them to see about renting our caravan out. After filling in the rental agreement and having our caravan photos. We were pleased we were online and would be able to block out our dates. Since then its been great and caravan holidays have been booked ever since. The service has been faultless and renting our caravan out has been very easy.”

Thinking of buying a caravan

If you would like to find out more about renting out your caravan, you can email us or phone us and we can go through the process.  Also send you a renting with us brochure, which you can browse on our website too. Our online rent with us brochure is very user friendly for our owners exclusively. Or anyone wanting to buy a caravan and who is thinking about renting your caravan out with a letting agency. We will cover most areas in East Anglia. After calling us we will make a appointment to come and visit you and your caravan and will take professional photos for free and then we will get your caravan on our website, free of charge.


There s a great website for new owners that i used when i purchased my first caravan. Its called Naco it stands for national association of caravan owners. With a small fee to join to receive exclusive membership benefits which include great ideas about owning a caravan. A great part of Naco is its community and there free advice line once you join Naco.