Renting out a static caravan

Thinking About renting out Your caravan?

Do you own a caravan? Or have you thought about renting out your static caravan? If you are thinking of renting out a static caravan we can give you free advice and guidance and even make an appointment for us to come and meet you and grade your caravan and try to get as much rental income as we can for your privately owned caravan. Renting out a static caravan for us is quite a easy process and for owners who ask us to ‘rent my caravan’ enjoy looking at the free professional photos we take of your holiday home.

As long as your holiday home is in a good standard with a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm and current gas safety certificate we will grade your static caravan. We have many grades of caravans and always act in your interest.  According to our grading system and we don’t always grade on age but on the condition of your privately owned caravan. If this is the first time you’ve rented out your static caravan, or you’re considering purchasing a holiday home for furnished holiday let purposes, you will no doubt have a few questions. We are here to help answer any questions and of course we have our guide to renting your holiday home online.

Buying a static caravan

is a big commitment and you have a lot to consider before making your purchase. Do you want to buy new or second hand? What size property is right for you and your family? The quality of the static caravan and budget can you afford? What type of static caravan will suit your family needs. Do you want to buy a static caravan near the beach or by fishing lakes? Thinking about how many bedrooms you may need in case external family members visit. Would you like two bathrooms in your static caravan? Furthermore what about heating?

Many starter caravans do not have central heating however is this something that’s important to you? If your going to be using your static caravan from march until October it may not be essential to your caravan purchase. Other people who buy a static caravan want to spend more time in there static caravan and central heating and double glazing would be essential. With so many things to think about when buying a static caravan and these things are just the basics. Additionally we have many caravans for sale on our website. For a great range of UK caravans for sale, just click here caravans for sale

Renting your static caravan as a holiday home

To earn some extra income and help with the cost of ownership of a static caravan, renting out your static caravan as a holiday home can make perfect sense. With fewer holidaymakers willing or able to travel abroad. A British break, especially a caravan holiday is likely to be viewed by many as an attractive staycation in the UK. We market your caravan on all major advertising platforms. Additionally with a great website where many guests return to book on our very own website. With thousands of views on our 2cHolidays website each month we handle many inquiries that leads to bookings in your holiday home.

Renting out your static caravan as a holiday home. Is easier than you think. You will need the correct insurance, more often than not many caravan owners use Coast insurance. Or Naco insurance is another great company to get static caravan insurance from when renting your static caravan out. Furthermore Naco stands for national association of caravan owners. So if you are a caravan owner, joining Naco is a great idea to get help and support when needed and of course to get a insurance quite for caravan insurance.

Carlton meres holiday park

We have just taken on a new owner for example at Carlton Meres holiday park and had asked and called to rent my caravan please! After visiting this particular caravan owner at Carlton meres holiday park and she wants to use her static caravan during the year but wants us to rent her static caravan during peak times and offer it to guests for short caravan breaks as she likes to use her static caravan during weekends.

We are very flexible and with the owner at Carlton meres holiday park  is using her static caravan at weekends. This particular caravan owner wants 2cholidays to rent her static caravan at Carlton Meres during the week. With our online calendar owners can block dates in their holiday homes when they choose. Providing there isn’t already a booking. The great thing about renting your static caravan out with us is that you have flexibility and we can rent your caravan around the dates you don’t want.

We have just put this private caravan hire on our website at Carlton meres country park and we have four weekend caravan breaks occupied already which the owner at Carlton meres country park is thrilled about and of course it will be perfectly cleaned for when she arrives back in her static caravan so for this customer  her renting out her static caravan works very well and she can enjoy the rental income back from her static caravan when she’s not using it.

Dog Friendly Caravans

When thinking about renting out your caravan. Many caravan owners wonder if their static caravan should be a pet friendly caravan. Private caravan hire for pet friendly caravans seems to be very popular. Especially as many dog owners view their dogs like part of the family. You can select on our website if you want private caravan hire that is dog friendly. With many caravan owners choosing to let dogs in their caravan because more often than not, dogs can make less mess than children! So have a think about what you want your holiday home to allows well behaved dogs. If you decide you would rather not allow your caravan to be dog friendly we can list it so no dogs are permitted. Which ever you choose is perfectly fine with us. After all it is your holiday home.

On our website you will see on each and every static caravan listing that some static caravans do not allow dogs. If the static caravans allow dogs then you will see a dog logo next to the caravan listing. Making it clear for anyone who books a UK caravan that that particular holiday home allows dogs.

Can you advertise your static caravan?

If your renting your holiday home through us. Yes you can still take your bookings privately. Just be aware that we would ask you to be careful of double bookings.  We have caravan owners at Carlton meres country park who also advertise there own caravan and they use ukcaravans4hire where they pop there listing on and they get enquiries. UKcaravans4hire is a platform where some owners list there holiday homes. At 2cholidays we call all guests that book your holiday home, collect the payment and give out details of the holiday home.

You can enjoy a huge range of private caravan hire on our website 2cholidays for a two night minimum break. More often than not weekend caravan breaks are hugely popular. So if you own your own a static caravan and you take some of your bookings but would like more bookings please get in touch with us. and we can send you our renting out with us brochure and send out to you our literature called  rent my caravan. Find out how easy it is to rent your static caravan out with us really is. For our brochure go to our website or call us to help with any questions you may have.