Renting out your holiday home

Renting out Your Holiday Home

Are you looking at Renting out Your Holiday Home? Are you a caravan owner that wants hassle free renting? You may want to earn rental income and don’t want the calls from the guests when the gas runs out. Or electric trips in your caravan? We can help rent your holiday home out. You wont have any set up fees. Also would you like to rent your caravan out and have free professional photos? You can rent your caravan out and have a great service. So you book your own guests in and get your caravan cleaned.

And would like to rent your holiday cottage out? You may want a letting agency who will vet every single customer that rents your holiday cottage. And would like a company to rent out your holiday cottage. We also send you money saving newsletters and support when you need it. You can rent out your lodge and know if you don’t want to rent your Lodge and say no pets then we will ensure no pets will book your lodge.

Renting out your home for holiday lets

If you are looking to Renting out your home for holiday lets then we can certainly help. We have a dedicated team to answer your queries and lend any advise you may need. We understand Renting out your home for holiday lets may be a daunting idea. But we can certainly help answer any worries you may have. Understandably we know you will want to use your own holiday home for holidaying aswell. Because of this our easy to use live booking calendar allows you to book your own dates from the comfort of your own home! The rest can then be rented out enabling you to earn some extra income when your not using your holiday home.

Our aim is to take away the stress and worry of renting out your home for holiday lets. We provide a fully managed rental service to our owners. You can expect advertising, to guest management, to the cleaning and dealing with maintenance. This leaves you to enjoy your holiday home when you want and it be taken care of the rest of the time you do not use it.

Lodges in Suffolk

We rent out Lodges in Suffolk, caravans in Norfolk. We also rent chalets in Norfolk and rent caravans in Lincolnshire. Also down to Essex renting out caravans on various Essex parks. We will give you the very best service from a rental agency. You can expect us to support you in owning your own holiday home. Sometimes guests ask us for Lodges in Suffolk and we have a great choice!

Rent your holiday cottage in Norfolk

When you rent your caravan with 2cholidays or rent your holiday cottage in Norfolk. You will have control of your own holiday calendar so you can book your owner dates when you want to. We also have a new referral card that we offer caravan owners who recommend us to other caravan owners. They will get a fifty pound referral and if you referred three caravan owners or cottage owners you can book a free deep clean. If you love our services at 2cholidays then please share our number and hopefully we can help other owners.

Rent Out Your Caravan

If you would like to rent out your holiday home before Easter holidays give us a call. Or we can send you a brochure and let us tell you what we can offer. you as a caravan owner or a cottage and Lodge owner. I didn’t mention that the guests staying in your holiday home will also have an out of hours number and just like caravan owners or cottage owners get a very cared for service and we have a slogan that defines us and that is
Big enough to count and small enough to care.

We are a letting holidays agent based in Norfolk and we will travel to neighbouring counties and we work with lots of caravan owners and lodge owners. If you are wanting help to cover site fees or thinking about buying a caravan and want to look at rental income you could receive, we have a price list we can send you as a Potential owner.

Renting your caravan out

If you’re thinking of renting your caravan out be assured that we will do our best to monitor who will be going in your caravan. Because we call all guests who go into your caravan we hire. The guests will also have a dedicated key safe code sent via email before they go. We provide an emergency number to call if they have any problems during their stay. If you’re thinking of renting your caravan out then we will come and spend time going through the process with you, We will also take photos and put your caravan listing on our website free of charge.

And what’s great for our caravan owners is that they have access to their caravan calendar. Meaning they can block out their dates for themselves or friends and family by a click of a button.  Giving full control to the caravan owner. We have a great “rent with us page” on our website. Also a rental agreement that you can download if you’re a caravan owner thinking of buying a caravan or renting your caravan out. We are in all different areas during the month and we will always try to fit around caravan owners. So if you own a caravan at Kelling Heath and want to find out more about renting your caravan out we are there this Tuesday and other dates throughout the year.

Cleaning services

We have a great cleaning team there too. And if you need help cleaning after your own guests or a bed making service we can help with that for you. It’s also worth to note that we pay our owners there rental monies three times a year with a full statement. We had a few years ago an owner that purchased caravan. And we rented the caravan out through the season and the owner was delighted. Because we exceeded her expectations in rental income. Just because the caravan was occupied constantly and she even continued taking private bookings in her caravan. But we filled dates she couldn’t fill. We would be very interested in anyone who wants more holiday caravan bookings in their privately owned caravan.

Find out more about our UK caravans for hire in  Norfolk Suffolk Essex and Lincolnshire

Caravan Owners

We are actively looking for owners who own a caravan at Kelling Heath who maybe be thinking of renting there caravan out. We are about to put some advertisements of owners wanting to rent out there caravan here because it is just so sought after and we are having to turn down guests down because the caravan we hire is booked so much.

The revenue we can make owners who rent out there caravans with us are often surprised because with the systems we have and the fact that guests can book a caravan on line means that we can often achieve a higher rental income than owners renting out there caravans themselves and of course we take the hassle out of renting your caravan for you. We can take the initial deposit for the booking, send confirmation and a welcome letter for the guests arriving. Take the balance via card and organise the holiday booking.

We are heading over to Kelling Heath caravan park in Norfolk this week. We have a caravan for hire here.

Kelling Heath is near The historic Georgian town of Holt. Holt is a charming rural north Norfolk town surrounded by parks. Close to the coast such as Sea palling. Sea palling is a stunning beach with a great fish and chip shop right near the beach.

Lots of guests staying at Kelling Heath go to this particular stretch of beach because it’s just a short drive from away and offers a great seaside feel. The caravan we rent is one of our most popular caravans as Kelling Heath is in Norfolk and it is a natural beautiful spot to stay with your family.