Seaside breaks UK

Seaside breaks UK

Family seaside breaks in the UK are more than popular. With families wanting to spend to spend quality time together. Getting away from it all is one of the best ways to relax and have fun together. We have Weekend breaks in the UK on over forty different locations. From Essex at Martello beach Holiday Park all the way up to Yorkshire at Skipsea sands Holiday Park. In between all these great Holiday Parks in the UK, we have holiday cottages and log cabins for hire. So, we cover a great range of Seaside weekend breaks in the UK. We have Seaside breaks in the UK from as little as £80. You can book a Seaside weekend breaks from 2 nights and check in any day you choose.

Cheap Last Minute Uk Seaside Breaks

Family seaside breaks UK

Enjoy a sensational value short break to some of the most popular seaside resorts. We have seaside breaks available to book in Great Yarmouth to Clacton on sea. These seaside resorts offer all the hustle and bustle of a busy Seaside break in large Seaside towns. UK Seaside breaks have always been popular here. From these large seaside resorts you can find UK Holiday Parks close by with their own.
Beaches and just a short drive to these large UK Seaside resorts. Last minute seaside breaks are very popular especially in the summer months. You can find last minute seaside breaks on our website under our late deals page.

Luxury Seaside Breaks UK

Nothing is more refreshing than a Seaside break in the UK. We have caravans, lodges and cottages for hire by the seaside. Whether you’re looking for a fun family holiday or a romantic break for two. We have many Seaside breaks in the UK to suit your needs. There’s no need for the doggo to miss out. There’s a wide selection of dog friendly caravans, lodges and cottages for hire. Discover good times by the sea with our variety of coastal holidays along East Anglia. Seaside breaks in the UK are easily bookable on our fantastic website. We make seaside breaks easy to book online and we even call you once you have booked. It should be noted we do need to take details of your party when you book a seaside break.

Short Seaside Breaks UK

2-night seaside breaks are very popular, and we do find guests book 2 night seaside breaks throughout the year. Many years ago, we traditionally had a fortnights holiday but now we are seeing guests book up to on average 4 holidays a year. These may be short breaks as well as a weeklong holidays. We encourage returning guests. After you have stayed on holiday with us we send you, via email, a fifty pound voucher to come back to us and use on another break. You do not have to book the same holiday home. Try another seaside break somewhere else in the UK. So, if you’re thinking of booking a UK seaside break or a weekend break get in touch and we will help you find your perfect break.

Clacton on Sea

Clacton on Sea is a great example of one of the most popular UK seaside holiday destinations. You can enjoy a UK seaside break at many different UK Holiday Parks like Martello beach, Seawick Holiday Park, Highfield Grange Holiday Park near Clacton on sea. For this reason, Clacton beach has been popular with families looking for a UK seaside break for many years. Seaside breaks near Clacton on Sea are available to book throughout the year. You can book a UK seaside break for 2024 with a low deposit of £25. You can book your 2024 seaside break and choose from six Holiday Parks around the Clacton on sea area.

On Clacton-on-Sea’s promenade and bustling streets, you’ll discover theatres, arcades, golf courses, water sports and a selection of old-fashioned shops and cafes. Selling ice-creams, buckets and spades, everything you need for your Seaside Breaks in the UK. One of the most popular attractions in Clacton on sea is Princess Theatre which puts on an exciting  shows including magic, comedy, music and more. There is just so much to do and see in this Seaside resort you certainly won’t get bored.

Short Seaside Breaks UK

UK seaside breaks for couples are very popular here too, it’s not just for families. We have lots of caravan seaside breaks booked by many couples wanting to exploring the area. Everyone loves to be by the beach and watch the sun set over the beach. Without doubt seaside breaks are a great way to get away from the stresses of life and give yourself a much needed break by the sea.

Family Seaside Breaks Uk
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Cheap Seaside Holidays UK

If you’re looking to travel just down the road for a UK seaside break, then give us a call and we will see if we can get you a Seaside break close to you. If you’re looking for Seaside breaks near you, we have maps on every Holiday Park page. It’s a great feeling when you do not have to spend hours in the car stuck in traffic when you’re travelling to your Seaside break in the UK. We have had guests in the past book a seaside break as near as five miles. Just outside their village to be at a Holiday Park and on the beach in no time at all. We have an abundance of guests asking, ‘do you have any seaside breaks near me’ and we more than often find them a Seaside break close by.

Cheap Last Minute UK Seaside Breaks

You can book a seaside break on the day of arrival up until about 4pm. When booking your last-minute UK seaside break you will need to pay in full and if you are booking your seaside break on the day, you may need to bring your own bed linen. We would usually ask for twenty-four hours to make beds up. Last minute seaside breaks are very popular, when the sun comes out lots of guests like to be on the beach with their bucket and spade. Or take their dog for a stroll on the beach. Luckily, we have several dog friendly holiday homes to offer guests. We have not only dog friendly caravans but dog friendly cottages too. So, if you’re looking for a Seaside break near you, give us a call and we will find you a great holiday deal on a UK seaside break.

Weekend Seaside Breaks UK

Not only do we offer cheap short breaks we do adversely offer luxury seaside breaks. Luxury caravans for hire, Luxury lodges and not forgetting the Luxury cottages for hire for a wide selection of luxury seaside breaks. For the Luxury seaside break we ask you to book a minimum of 2 nights. For a 2-night minimum seaside breaks they start at very affordable prices. We also have many dog-friendly Luxury holiday homes when booking a seaside break by the coast. We rate our luxury holiday homes on our website as a diamond or platinum. So, you may see a caravan platinum caravan for hire. This is a sure way to know you are booking a luxury caravan, lodge, or cottage.

Review of cheap Seaside short Breaks UK

This review was from a customer that enjoyed a multitude of cheap seaside short breaks in the UK.

We love family seaside breaks in the UK, especially the East coast. One of our favourite caravan parks in the UK is Skipsea sands in Yorkshire. With last minute caravan hire we can monitor the weather so that’s what we did when we booked our caravan holidays this year at Skipsea sands. The caravan we hired was spacious and a clean caravan for sure. The last-minute caravan deal we had was great too. Skipsea sands we are very familiar with now and the children know there way to Skipsea sands complex and where everything is on park. Our cheap seaside break in the UK in Yorkshire was a great family holiday and one we won’t forget.

The reason we won’t forget it is because the weather was scorching hot and we won at the bingo too! The second and third holiday we had at Skipsea was brilliant too. Having been to many UK seaside resorts previously we have a good idea of how everything works and really enjoy caravan holidays. For us cheap last minute short breaks work. As we prefer caravan holidays when the sun is shining, and we only need a day or two to get organized for any seaside short break. As my husband is self-employed and I don’t work we can have holiday anytime when we wish. We have booked to go to Skipsea sands holiday park in August 2023 for a week as the weather should be great and we wanted a longer holiday. No doubt we will still have other seaside short breaks around this too.

Short Seaside Breaks Uk