Seawick holiday park clacton

Dog friendly caravans

New dog friendly caravans are always exciting as all of us in our 2cholidays are dog lovers and appreciate when owners of caravans want their caravans for hire to be dog friendly caravans.

Dogs are such a big part of lives now and there are more and more places to enjoy whilst on holiday with your dog, if you’re looking for a dog friendly caravans then you have come to the right place we have over 100 caravans for hire that are dog friendly and some caravans will allow 2 or 3 dogs.

Dog Friendly Caravans

Seawick holiday park Clacton

We have a caravan for rent at Seawick holiday park Clacton and we have a caravan for rent at Seawick that the owner is fine with allowing 3 dogs in the private caravan for hire. Which if you have more than one dog that you want to take on holiday then you will want a dog friendly caravans that will accept 2 or 3 dogs. The 8 berth caravan to rent at Seawick allows 3 dogs are even has decking with a gate which is brilliant to enjoy a dog friendly holiday.

Seawick holiday park Clacton is near a great dog friendly beach and if you want a short ride to a major seaside resort then Clacton on sea is just a short drive away. If you want we book dog friendly caravans you can book a caravan a Seawick with just a very small deposit of £25 and you can book a Seawick holiday online or call us to book on 01362 470888 and we are open to take bookings at Seawick holiday park Clacton 6 days a week so get your dog friendly caravans booked for 2019 soon and feel assured your beloved dogs will have a great seaside holiday.

Haven seashore Great Yarmouth

Another holiday park we have a new caravan for rent that will be happy to rent out their private owned caravan to more than one dog is Haven seashore Great Yarmouth. Haven Seashore is actually situated in Great Yarmouth the popular British seaside resort and Great Yarmouth holds some amazing events throughout the year such as American and classic car shows and the Air show has been held in Great Yarmouth.

Dog friendly caravans at Haven seashore as very much required by holiday makers who love Haven seashore Great Yarmouth for everything this holiday park offers. Haven seashore has such a fantastic reputation with all the facilities I have as the Mash and Barrel and the indoor pools and entertainment program.

Haven seashore

The 8 berth caravan for hire that is available for holidays at Haven Seashore is available to book now with a £25 deposit for Easter 2018 and these Dog friendly caravans available at Seashore Haven are available to book for 2 nights and the dog friendly caravans get booked at Haven Seashore very quickly so don’t miss out on your very own dog friendly caravans to rent.