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Why book self-catering holidays UK...

In a nutshell, self-catering breaks UK refers to accommodation which provides the necessary facilities to allow guest to cater for themselves. However, have you ever thought about this way of holidaying as luxury. Luxury in the sense of freedom and total privacy to oodles of space. Without a doubt, it offers so much more than your average hotel room…

One reason why we love our self-catering breaks so much is because of the freedom it gives ours guests. There are no set or restricted mealtimes, dress codes etc so you can eat whenever you want do whatever you like. You can truly take things at your own pace. That’s just what you want on holiday, right? If you fancy a lie in and eat breakfast at the middle of the day, you can!

Home from home experience…

Moreover, self-catering breaks in the UK is certainly not new. However, the quality and choice has improved tremendously. It was once viewed as a cheap holiday option where you might expect to find mismatched crockery and dated interior that was only used for a few weeks in the year. However, today self-catering holiday homes aim to provide a true ‘home from home’ experience.

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Discover cheap self-catering holidays UK

Unquestionably, self-catering breaks provide all holiday guests with the ultimate freedom. This means you have plenty of choices on ways to spend your holiday. This is perfect for those searching for a budget break. Without a doubt, self-catering breaks offer you freedom which you just can’t get with a hotel!

It also means that you can spend less money on food if you wish to. Undoubtedly, by cooking and eating in you can save huge amounts of pennies. Especially for those holidaying with big families and friends. Moreover, you can cater for all members of the family, even the fussy ones! Not to mention, eating in may well be preferable over dining in a crowded restaurant anyway, costs aside.

Save your pennies with cheap self-catering breaks!

Furthermore, you can pocket plenty of extra pounds by avoiding peak times. Peak times equals peak prices. If you can, travel outside of the school holidays, avoid bank holidays, you can bag yourself great value self-catering accommodation.

Not to mention, the UK boast plenty of free activities. From countryside walks to beach trips, walking tours, woodland adventures, museum visits, towns and festivals and carnivals. Not only can you check yourself into cheap self-catering accommodation but there are always plenty of free activities nearby.

Besides, you can divvy the cost of the cheap self-catering breaks UK with groups of family and friends. This makes it even cheaper! Adults can enjoy a bit of TV or socialise in the evenings. Meanwhile the kids are asleep in the bedrooms or hanging out in their own space.

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Giving yourself something to look forward to with self-catering holidays UK 2022

Get ahead of yourself this year and book your self-catering holidays 2022. Without a doubt, holiday makers seem to be making the most of the UK’s hidden gems. Especially this year! There has been a dramatic rise in those choosing to stay closer to home with self-catering holidays UK.

Unquestionably, self-catering breaks offer great value. More so y for families and larger groups. Moreover, self-catering holidays offers real living spaces, instead of just a place to sleep. You can truly enjoy the best of both worlds, a fantastic holiday in a homely setting.

Find your perfect self-catering breaks

You don’t have the worry of fitting with restaurant mealtimes, or the worry of disturbing other guests or worse them disturbing you! Furthermore, it is also ideal for couples, families and groups who just want to be left alone to enjoy their holiday together. In fact, self-catering suits just about everybody!

Why not start searching for your perfect self-catering holidays UK 2022? With self-catering accommodation in rural Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Lincolnshire Yorkshire, and Kent – there’s plenty of locations that you’re bound to love! Besides, there’s no better feeling than counting down the days to your next holiday!

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Be spontaneous and check out our late booking self-catering holidays UK!

Feeing spontaneous? The why not treat yourself and your loved ones to late booking self-catering holidays UK. It’s often said that self-catering holidays provide great value for money. This, combined with our late deals, you can guarantee that you’ll have bagged yourself a bargain break!

Undoubtedly, self-catering breaks gives guests complete freedom! Not only does a self-catering holiday mean that you don’t feel tied to a hotel restaurant, but it also makes you get out and about and explore! Especially when it comes to food. Whether you stumble across a quirky café on the cliffs as you discover rugged coastlines. Alternatively, you can get dressed up and treat yourself to a fine dining experience at a Michelin restaurant. You’re guaranteed to make holiday memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Last minute self-catering accommodation

Moreover, you want to have to stress about finding a last-minute sitter or worse the dreaded kennels. Instead, you can bring your fury friend with you to our pet friendly late booking self-catering holidays UK. After all, holidays just aren’t the same without our faithful four-legged friends. Plus, taking them along with you will save you money spent on kennels or a dog sitter. Besides, they’re bound to love exploring all the new scents and smells as they explore a new place!

Start planning your self-catering holidays 2022

If you’re looking for flexibility and great value for money, self-catering accommodation could be just the thing for your next trip. After all, there’s no greater feeling than booking a holiday in advance, knowing you’ve secured yourself a great value holiday!

Spend your self-catering holidays in Norfolk

Treat yourself and the family to self-catering holidays 2022 in Norfolk. Spend your days in this diverse county discovering something new every day! Not only will you and the family love this county, but so will your four-legged friend. Many of our self-catering accommodation welcome both you and the beloved family dog! There is no greater place to holiday with the entire family than in Norfolk.

Without a doubt, you pooch will love running wild of golden sands, rushing back and forth into shallow waters. Meanwhile, the kids can be kept entertained on the beach building the ultimate sand castles, on golden sands.  Whilst the family pet and the kids are kept entertained, you parents can finally sit back and relax! Simply lay back and top up on that tan or enjoy a relaxing drink on golden sands appreciate the stunning scenery surrounding you. Afterwards, head home where you and your pooch can cosy up on the sofa.

Holidays in Suffolk

Conversely, book your self-catering breaks UK in Suffolk for 2022. Unquestionably, Suffolk is a great place to escape to! If you want beautiful countryside, coastal escapes, quality food and award-winning attractions look no further than the broad skies and wild shores off Suffolk in the East of England. Without a doubt, Suffolk self-catering holidays should be on your holiday hitlist.

Places to visit…

There are simply too many wonderful places to visit in Suffolk. Visit beautiful Bury St Edmunds for its quirky, independent shops and clutch of award-winning restaurants. Take a trip to the medieval town of Lavenham and discover its links to harry potter. Southwold is a must see where you can discover plentiful seaside fun including ‘whack a banker’ on the traditional pier. Enjoy a day boating at Shotley Peninsula. Discover the Constable County in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The list is endless!

Without a doubt, there’s self-catering holidays in 2022 perfectly suited for you and your families. Take your pick from comfortable caravans, luxury lodges and cosy cottages in an array of picturesque locations across East Anglia and more!

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Holiday Cottages In Norfolk And Suffolk
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